Cadell eyes and Joe and welcome to draw with Jan so I'm Jessa and today I'm going to be redrawing your kids art who using the hashtag redrawn my kids art I think that's what it is basically if you or your child is 11 ish and younger and you post you out with that tag then I may very well in a future video redraw you or your kids art last time we did this here are a couple of a couple of pictures the purple matters one of my favorites and also before that we had a few cool ones too but the first round I did I did simpler like colorless sketches and in the second round I did sort of more comprehensive colored pictures and I asked you guys Maya's video which I should do in future videos this was the pole color or no look at that 89% asked for full color pieces even if I draw less so there you go that's good gonna start off today with a piece by Ryan I have to give a massive shout out to this guy I'll link to his Facebook in the description he is a young guy with a lot of creativity and he's shared a lot of his out here and I just thought it'd be really fun to recreate one of his pieces but I love seeing young people being creative and I love that he's really putting his work out there so we have a creature here there wait what's that what what does that say the fluff Toula we're gonna figure this out flaw for fluff fluff there's two F's fluff a lot the flop will are there was not colored in so that's good that gives me room to sort of figure out my own little interpretation of what the color scheme of this character might be this is obviously a character that likes swinging from the trees let's give him a bit of a wide mouth in the face here I'm gonna make this character suit extra cartoony I might make him like a little more ma petite he's got like a really wide mouth I'm gonna expand the nose a little bit now should be disclaimed again that I am NOT attempting to fix anyone's artwork I think the artworks that are submitted through this tag are just amazing as they are but I enjoy reinterpreting them and I feel like and I think that you guys feel like it's sort of fun to see someone who's been illustrating and animating for decade decades I'm 29 it's that count over a decade to sort of reinterpret it with a little bit more of an experience hand and just sort of see how it might be conveyed but really that being said it's just about sharing out our mutual love the creative process and their ideas and enjoying each other's creativity time to move on to the line of work for a fluffa la like that name I'm gonna keep him nice and cute I know he sort of had like sharp teeth but I'm gonna go like I'm gonna blunt the teeth a bit and go more like little little pokey gnomes maybe that could be as nickname his creature name is fluff a lot but people call him pokey mugs now it's it's ready for a bit of colour but the thing is because my reference doesn't have colours I can go a little crazy if I want to and I want to I'm gonna test a few colour bases just see what works for me pink Oh Oh too much blue bit Cookie Monster green little goop orange hmm little stale purple not bad okay that's not as Cookie Monster ish I think that's a pretty cool base colour so let's let's play with our secondary colours here I'm feeling the blue I'm feeling like the light blue and then for the hands and stuff yeah sort of works yeah so like a secondary pinky purple I've made a terrible mistake the feet are backwards yeah it's a little better and I'll do the same I suck like that that feels right I think our fluffle our base colors are pretty set now now to try and get through more pieces I'm gonna go somewhere in the middle I'm not gonna like do super super refine color I will do full color but I'm just gonna like very much rough in the shading and just otherwise do flat colors just with the shading like this and I think that'll that'll mean we can get through hopefully a few more with of course our first one of this video being our friendly little fluffle ah there we go so that's my reinterpretation but Ryan your piece is awesome keep up the awesome creative work and let's see what else we have to play with today alright so this one was sent in with the message on Twitter I'm only nine and I drew that and almost my birthday so please Jezza well it is nearly your birthday young man and that is a very gnarly picture of death you morbid child I used to draw stuff like this all the time so I'm gonna I'm gonna do a throwback and draw something like this a right now that almost looks like it would be like a logo or something so I'm gonna logo a fire I can tell that my audience are very much like me because a lot of it image is said to know like you know superheroes or death or like you know fight scenes and stuff like a tracks like I guess you guys are all a bunch of goofy Gumbo's as well pretty happy with this I think deaths head is a little too big though so I'm just gonna bring this down and then I think we're ready to move on to my work now because when I saw this I pictured something much more like an insignia or like a logo or something I'm gonna go with a really sort of thick edges sharp look I got something in my eye it's really annoying me ah goddamn it that's not how you get things out of your eye you don't just slap your eye for some reason I thought that would work didn't work didn't work Oh No order mine now just as I've been crying cuz I'm drunk death and I feel sad I think that looks pretty cool I'm pretty happy with that do I know the anatomy of a hand burn no but I can make it up the finger bones connect to the other finger bone the hand burns connected to the other earth other finger bone is that how that's supposed to go no what do you think this is an education channel fact probably just because it's a hand and I'm selecting there we go perfect I am pretty wrapped with that representation but of course it comes from a source of awesome inspiration really love your submission there this was really fun to do and hey if I was a skateboard dude I will put either of those on the bottom of my skateboard because that's what cool kids do right they ride skateboards did I still do that what the cool kids do now is it segways do cool kids ride segways I would stamp either of those bad boys on the bottom of my Segway okay very gorgeous entry by Connors daughter who drew a vampire girl and I would love to do a reader picture of your vampire girl we've got a few details here that we can follow first we need to inspect this image and sort of see what we have to work with you there is a dog so I think that should be somewhere in the piece obviously she looks so like a high school student so maybe we'll sort of do the teen a jury age don't know why but just go a hands on her hips cuz I feel like that's that's conveying attitude the fashion is a core pilot's because we have a layered skirt hair of the girl is gently hanging over this right left shoulder that's flipped her left shoulder I feel like we're getting the attitude the rude dude attitude across such a dad and this is a proper vampire no no that Twilight bulldust I'm gonna go for like elegant thin and for this if I can looks like a bit like a Bratz character you know those Bratz dolls Bratz with a Z I'm alright with that I think of stylistically suits there's a red dot there was that blood maybe it's a brand of clothing that she rocks or invented I don't know but it's a brand of clothing where the logo of the clothes is a red blood drop or even better maybe it's the insignia for the high school she goes to and this is all set in a high school where the people of vampires and I don't know why I'm talking like there's vampire hi yeah oh yeah I'm gonna sell this TV series idea it was my idea all along and because you submitted with my hashtag I own the intellectual property forgot to read the Terms and Conditions didn't you that's pretty cool pretty happy with that except it's missing a one of these what is it maybe it's like a wolf puppy it's gonna be a cute little puppy wolf what I'm doing right now looks like Doge is a Doge of don't don't don't I think it's Doge oh I don't to be like sitting down with like he's his feet up boy he's got like flappy feet was like scooting his bum and how do I make him look like a wolf they're just like hairier that Wolfie that's Wolfie his name is Wolfie by the way okay he does look Wolfie I'm pretty happy with that he definitely looks like he's good like he's got a bit of wolf fame that's what we want slowly come together a few details in the face color up her eyes I feel like we can go vampire II and just go something a little different because it's sort of hard to tell any original so if we go like a yellow yeah that looks cool yeah now we have the wolf which seems to be brown but I feel like a wolfy color it's maybe more like a grey so I'm gonna go with like a maybe a mix of both let's do a base of a warm grey I think that's a good wolf color and then we'll just get a bit of a brown and we'll just stare we'll just put patches shall we it's given my color I think it's only feeling though that's red and just like that there we go I feel like stylistically these characters seem to sort of fit in like an animation like world gets an animated cartoon so I'm just gonna actually just an add a thicker outline around the characters get stroke and just make it nice and thick just like that and I feel like they're ready for television they they're ready to star in vampire hi starring I don't know who this character's name is Vic Vicki zelicah vamp vampire girl character name and wolf Wolfie Wolfie Vicki and Wolfie perfect Erica they look really fun and I really love the source material really awesome heart entry thank you so much for sending it in I think we did a great job on those go team yay us about five over the Internet moving on alright lucky last we have this piece which is of a character called quick chart and by the way the superhero named quick charge is really cool like that as a legit like epic superhero name quick charge alright let's get our constructions going we've done very cartoony pieces so far so I'm gonna go much more comic book with this one he's got the superhero power stance he's ready to fight so now is where I start to incorporate elements of the original costume design now the supercharged lightning bolt goes over the torso like this and I think somehow must be incorporated into the armor so let me try to figure this out this is actually a really cool outfit design feel like a bulk of the armor look can be that sort of like the cable x-men look you know you get there the metallic bands I'm really loving how this is looking so far he's got that cool rough hair maybe from like an electric shock or something it's wild because quick-charge cannot be tamed feel like my version looks a little I'm just gonna tweak the hair I think that sort of works so he's got some hair hanging in front of his face and then most of its sort of pushed back it's got a bit of the electric shock look and a bit of a super sweet look and the other thing was the direction of these lines down the arms so we've got these shoulder pads feel like we could have that flow down the arm I'm liking the direction this is going in I'm gonna do the armor plates first and then I'll do the more organic looking areas after so for this bit I'll do a little bit a layered sort of um where you call it metal band armor what are you raking in the accent so right I'm taking you know we need an insignia so let's do that yeah now I know I flipped the original image so technically the insignia should be like that but I think I might keep it having been drawn in this direction because then it looks like an S supercharged weight it's a supercharged quick charge Oh IRA I'm an idiot it's not supercharged as quick charge doesn't work but if I flip it I could do a circle in here and it could sort of look like a Q for quick charge and that sort of works sort of like a Q for quick charge sort of like did I've no shape of a plug and I think we're ready for color boom okay fill in some of the court armor areas that looks pretty cool it's coming together so just as like the flat colors coming together this is looking really cool okay there have the flat colour so for the shading I'm gonna do something different and shade in blue to get sort of that electric look alright so got some basic shading in I'm gonna start to fan safai things a bit and a double layer this and do some color burn bring down the multiply layer try and find a cool balance where the colour mix is right and I'm gonna do another layer this time set to screen and I'm just gonna go Edge's and this side of the character just pile I get really carried away with this one but it's really fun sort of seeing it evolve alright so there's some basic colors in and in the original design we have these blue colors that are a bit richer flowing down the arms so I'm just gonna fill in some areas of the armor and arms just like this doesn't have to be super fancy and then last but not least we have a few areas of the character that are glowing so I'm just gonna grab that and they go that is my quick charge in putting imprint what's the word my brain is not working interpretation that's the word I was thinking oh I really love the way that this is turned oh wait ha perfect I've done nothing but follow the original designs in all of these artworks and they're just so fun such cool designs that you guys have sent him and it's just been a lot of fun going through them and interpreting them in my own style I hope you guys enjoy the results thank you so much for submitting them and of course for watching this video make sure to hit that like button if you enjoyed it and if you want to submit your art to a future redraw my kids aren't use that hash tag that i mentioned it's in the description I check them on Twitter so that's where I recommend you send them in because that's where I'll see them and potentially put one in a future video otherwise that that's it for now let's go and thank you so much for watching and until next time I'll see you later make sure to subscribe to my channel to see more of my videos and while you're at it check out my shop where I sell ebooks brushes photo references video courses and more there's another video you might enjoy from my channel over there and you can also check out my behind-the-scenes daily vlog channel daily Jazza that's it for now and until next time I'll see you later

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  1. Submit your art (if you're under 11) or your kids art with #RedrawMyKidsArt to Twitter! – must be in the picture to verify age, but can be pixelated/disguised, and I'll be keeping visual identity private in future videos as I have in this video 🙂

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