YBN Cordae Says Cockroaches From Music Video Went In Places He ‘Doesn’t Want To Say On TV’

YBN Cordae Says Cockroaches From Music Video Went In Places He ‘Doesn’t Want To Say On TV’

– Alright so tell me
about the music video. Are those real cockroaches? ‘Cause I’m from Texas. I don’t do cockroaches, I hate cockroaches. (audience yelling) Tell me those aren’t real. – What? What? – Those are 100%. (Kelly groans) – [Kaley] What? Why? Okay look, look, look first. – [Kelly] Oh my god. – Okay so, one this was not my idea. It was my brother Cole Bennett. – Did one go in your mouth? – No it didn’t, – [Kelly] Okay. – But it went elsewhere that
I don’t want to say on TV. (audience laughing) (Kelly and Kaley scream) – Yeah it was crazy. – I feel violated just hearing it, okay. – Alright, so… – Does someone hate you? (laughter) – No! – [Kelly] Why would they make you do this? – This is actually my
homie who shot this video. Shout out Cole Bennett. So, he sent the treatment and it had the roaches on the treatment, but I’m just assumin’ it’s CGI, so by the time we get there and he’s like, “Yo you gotta put these roaches on you.” I’m like, “Absolutely not. “I’m not doin’ this.” – You’re insane. – Yeah but he knows I’m always like, you know how somebody hits
you with your own sayings? I’m always like, “Mind over matter” you know, “Anything for the art.” So he’s like, “Bro what
happened to mind over matter?” (laughter) “It’s all for the art.” And I’m like, “Oh man!” (laughter) (applause) – That’s awesome. – The crazy thing, the song is about like three
minutes and 30 seconds, and I had to rap that
with the roaches on me like five different times. – Nope. – That’s like 15 minutes worth of roaches. – No. You know what, I would
have gone back to serving. – For real. – Would have done it. – Alright man I had roaches in the house sometimes growing up just to come back-
– Me too! – Then I had to do it
and put them all over me. – I know! I grew up with that too. Reach into the popcorn bag and a damn roach is sittin’ there. – Nah it wasn’t- – Yeah I didn’t grow up in the bricks. I grew up in the sticks so yeah. It was not good. Are you manifestin’ some Grammys? – Oh absolutely. – [Kelly] You should – They’re on their way, absolutely. – You deserve it man. It’s good what you’re doing.

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  1. First!

    And I am a cat.

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  4. Lobsters are in the same family as Roaches. Then again, Lobsters were prison food back in the day.

  5. Hecks to the no

  6. something tells me kellys show will blow other tv shows very soon

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  8. I loove how relatable Kelly is ! "I grew up in the sticks not the bricks" love her

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