we're just sitting around just waiting and then finally the door opens and we find out that Katherine is the one that got sent home from the motion challenge the entire thing is brutal with Katherine you mean she was like crying Sarah your work of art didn't work for us it's time for you to go they love phytase peace congratulations Viet a you're the winner of this challenge and you will receive immunity next week it feels really great to go from being on the bottom to being on the top they appreciated the fact that I responded to their criticism last lap bottom the critique of my piece didn't really go very well so you think it's a successful piece ooh yeah Wow maybe there's something I'm not seeing going to the next challenge I need to get back to my roots which is street art why every day is a battle you know at stake for the winner a solo show at the world-famous brooklyn museum a cover story in bluecanvas magazine and $100,000 furnished by the 2012 fiat 500 this is work of art the next great artist you it's just a physical challenge and we have to compete being in the top for a second challenge makes me really worried I know at some point I'm not gonna do well and it's gonna be like you know it's terrible nosedive ready you bums time to go get out of here this morning are heading to Simone's gallery Phillips de Pury is one of the world's leading auction houses it's weird going to some Owens place it definitely feels like we're I don't know dining with royalty I mean he's kind of you know like up there in the art world I think we're supposed to follow these cans guys oh yeah we get out of the elevator and there's this line of tin cans Hansel and Gretel style breadcrumbs come on Tuesday's the trail I think we're all a little afraid of what's at the end of the road if you enjoyed your trip following the tin-can road cuz here is your reward perhaps where the most famous works of pop art ever Andy Warhol's Campbell's Soup can I can't believe it to see it in person it's incredible I've had the privilege over the years of selling many extraordinary master works by any wall and every time you see an image by Andy Warhol it's so invigorating I am a huge Andy Warhol fan he inspires some of my artworks as well one of my recent performances was based on a series of screen prints that he done of camouflage patterns so I hope that's gonna be an advantage even an item as completely insignificant as a soup can became the ultimate cultural phenomenon of its time for your challenge we would like you to create your own piece of pop art we want to know what you have to say about your moment in history pop is bold pop is brave pop is sex life pop is fun pop is brash pop is political so make it pop you have until midnight tonight and only one hour tomorrow to create your work I will see you at the gallery stop till you drop I am as far from pop art as you could get I was raised a hippie and I didn't grow up with a television I didn't know what was on the commercials what I was supposed to own so this challenge is gonna be difficult for me where's the store guy so much of pop art deals with celebrity worship so I'm going to make this sort of fictitious product line called the winning collection based on Charlie Sheen's ramblings I'm going to have bottles of tiger blood a few jars of warlock dust and then the centerpiece is gonna be these dolls of action goddesses I need some naked modeling can I talk you into that I don't know I need a sexy girl for my thing and you're my first choice yeah yeah okay okay I'll call the sucklord he's one of those boys that shouldn't be attractive but I don't know I just think he's cool do you mind if I just slither past well I'm trying to fly there – all right well grease it up what's your definition of pop art pop is all about mass communication it's all about what everyone experiences together the whole idea of the Campbell Soup can and you know coke is that you know everyone from the Queen of England to like everyday Street kids drink it see and that's what I thought and I thought that like I'm kind of dealing with that I definitely think that I could be a contender to win I grew up on Nintendo and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so pop culture's a big part of me my ideas to make this FedEx truck except for I want it to be titled bad X I'm gonna make the entire back end of the truck and then plus the tag it's like a delivering pop right in a way we're going for more like an advertisement look but commentary on the position and like this mass-produced everyday object which is the water bottle I catch is huge pop art me is about art that reels you in and tries to sell you something but has also a message within the piece my concept is the plastic water bottle it's an environmental piece highlighting this object that is supposed to distribute clean water but it actually ends up looting it in the end the nudity and the peace is very important because it's supposed to insinuate sex trying to sell you a product what do you build it you know like a little swivel your tray yeah yes yeah since thank you on the front yeah changing it's gonna say how could you fast foods always a popular culture topic and it's kind of a personal subject because my father's had heart attack more than once and so his health situation reminds me that I've got a new baby and you know I need to be around for her so I need to take care of myself it's gonna be brightly colored or what not really it's gonna be kind of neutral just stand by that wall I'm definitely attracted to Lola you know I have a girlfriend and she's gonna watch this and if I say the dumbest something wrong she's literally gonna cut my balls off what do you have under that about oh you can take your shirt off yes I'm single and lonely I'm good thank you when we get the challenge for pop art I immediately think of American owned companies like Starbucks Facebook I get the idea to put these companies logos on pieces of glass with images of the American flag all over the canvas those companies show the kinds of obsessions that are on our minds grin at me like in a really like yes when I think of celebrity and pop culture the first thing that pops to my mind is this image of Britney Spears grimacing while the paparazzi swarms around I'm basing it off of this series of Marilyn portraits that Warhol dit I'm gonna contrast that with this one image of what I wish Britney Spears would do I just wish she would I have like a secret tattoo what does it say fight me my little sister Asia has epic as tattooed on the inside of her bottom lip and I decided that in solidarity with Asia I was also gonna get a tattoo on the inside of my lip that's the statement that I wish Britney Spears had the power to make so that's what I'm doing if the printer work haha hey dusty I marry your camera I don't know how to use this camera I want to keep doing well in the competition but pop art is something that I don't work with ever my art is not really flashy or sexy and trying to get to that place is really hard for me I like that it's kind of a neat picture so I'd landed on the idea of taking a coca-cola zero care because it speaks about the Warhol theme of taking a product of today I'm hoping that that'll work I don't know do you guys think that this is too derivitive of Andy Warhol yeah it doesn't make any sense to update Andy Warhol I mean that's what I'm sayin yeah I know I don't know Michelle's been on the top place but it's not a good idea to just rip something off I mean we know that it's referring to Andy Warhol so I think she could be going home coming up on work of art audits the bad news is wow it's like a ton of bricks just like landed all over artists can I ask you all to gather round here Simone's got somebody with him so I know something's going on it makes me nervous I would like to introduce you to Jess Cagle editor of Entertainment Weekly magazine hello Entertainment Weekly is all about what's happening in pop culture right now so I'm very excited to see your take on pop art I'm also excited to tell you because exposure is so important for any emerging artist that the winner of this challenge is gonna receive a two-page spread in Entertainment Weekly macca and we're gonna get you and your work in front of 11 million readers Wow that's truly amazing I'm a Fame whore and exposure especially on that level it's very big that's 11 million potential customers now as so often is the case in life often the good news sometimes comes the bad news there will be no immunity for the winner of this challenge that's not so bad and there's one more bit of news this is going to be a double elimination Wow double elimination it's like a ton of bricks I landed all over all of us and good luck to you all I can't wait to see it thank you I will be back later on tonight to check in on your progress on my studio visit good luck getting nerve-racking I'm so freaked out like after two people going home things like I'm a very nervous person when I was younger I was diagnosed with severe social anxiety disorder and panic disorder I'm gonna freak out maybe I'm awfully completely and it got a lot worse when I was 15 my father passed away in a jet skiing accident I find him in the water just like face up and you know what to think he had passed away already but then I just waited there just like next to him forever it seemed like it was just the most intense experience of my life I just always wonder if there was something I could have done he was artistic as well so like yet he can be extremely excited than happy to know that I followed like my dreams I feel like he's sort of watching over me Sarah what are you trying to do I'm trying to make it look like this is a computer screen my idea is online dating because I feel like that's a new trend in pop culture I personally have never done it I've been dating my boyfriend for about a year and a half now but I have a lot of friends who have had success on it you don't have your remote do you I do why do I start taking pictures of myself and I want to go through every emotion I've ever experienced in a relationship worry anxiety happy lust and the really sad was got any big ideas mr. safe from elimination I'm thinking of popular portraiture and portraiture of celebrities I have immunity but I'm not really approaching it like oh I have immunity I can slack off the exposure is a great prize having a win under my belt I feel like is giving me some good mental you know people will say blasian of someone's black major no I haven't heard that really I tend to work with the theme of identity life and being multi-ethnic that's something that's really heavily emphasized in pop culture right now my idea is taking a picture of Sarah J who's part Asian and ki Mia was part Iranian and also Russian and combining their image into one face like a celebrity headshot that we often see in a magazine I'm kind of surprised that Kimia was willing to you know put her boobs out there like that she doesn't seem like the type but I give her credit for doing it and they're nice-looking you know who I wish would do it is Sarah Kay she's uh got something going over there if you need any help let me know I was thinking that maybe I would have like my text message Oh because the two phones are talking to each other through the tag okay cool I'm feeling good about my piece because I'm tackling one of the biggest aspects of pop culture the way that we communicate I'm gonna make a sculpture of personal communication devices social networking sites and communication via technology is allowing people all over the world to change their lives and overthrow their dictators just really excited okay I'm touching on the foreclosure crisis in my piece I live in Cleveland is a foreclosure crisis has just devastated a lot of my community my idea is actually to create kind of a fake sign that's gonna say sorry we're closed this is something that's contemporary pop because it's dealing with a contemporary issue it's a huge problem so what your piece is gonna be I made kind of this very poppy advertisement for prop 8 but not making a specific comment one way or the other about like you know repeal it or keep it prop 8 is basically a proposition in California that was proposed to ban gay marriage and being a gay man myself I'm completely opposed to this idea I know with this challenge I want to do a billboard I've had my artwork turned into a billboard before so I feel like I can use that idea now and I'm hoping to encourage people to interact with it by writing on the back of it kind of funny how like top 4 a lot of people automatically equated to like political hopefully it's not too dry and boring I was trying to figure out how to from memory paint the American flag two's yo dude no the American flag yeah they have 13 stripes yes how many are on the top half and how many on the bottom half that's a good question I'm puzzled they're all artists who live in the United States looks like a question nobody knew exactly the number I don't know that it was astounding how long has he lived in the United States don't they make you take a test yeah this is just one half of my file Jung's piece I'm not into it art about prop 8 is something that's everywhere in California so it's kind of like oh yeah and hello everyone and now I'm ready for my studio visit nice to see you great to see you so what are you up to I am creating this studio add my everyday object I chose was the water bottle I'm sort of making environmental commentary about pollution and insects trying to solve the product what's in the bottle because there's garbage did you notice that the water was dirty oh I didn't know first if it was a Pimm's number one you know there is this cocktail that's the English drink during Wimbledon and which has all sorts of stuff in it I've never done photography before so this was really weird for me I think you're to be commended for having taken risks it was a bold move to photograph yourself and it is something that you could see possibly in a subway station so that's a good thing okay okay so what's your opinion your design I'm working on this bin that you see at a fast-food restaurant and it's supposed to reference like making trash and also the idea of the fast-food that you're putting in your body and what does it make it pop just that it's references fast-food and recycling which is a hot topic right now I don't see it completely as being popped quite frankly and I don't think we look good in Entertainment Weekly I find it a bit simplistic oh I see what you mean okay I would be a little worried if I were you all right well I appreciate it good luck there's a double-elimination it's not a good feeling I'm not gonna have enough time to change ideas I'd switched from having a great day to a terrible day really quick coming up on work of art oh my god dude oh my god I'm so sorry hey sucklord how are you doing good sir I am doing the winning collection which is based on Charlie Sheen's very public meltdown and have the goddess action figure that's Sara that's Jasmine that's Lola they have to act as stand-ins for the actual goddesses as these bottles are gonna be filled with tiger blood and then these little vials are going to be filled with a warlock duck toy Hobbes is very much pop and inducing it's corrupt from my point of view you are on the right track well I feel good thank you sir sir what are you doing when I think of celebrity I think of this face that Britney Spears get where she's like so I photographed myself and what I consider to be that expression I saw Warhol's Marilyn okay and I'm making a template so that I can do them over and over again I'm gonna cut out this one what does it say on your lips it says bite me and that's what you really have really Wow quite something but when I look at these three pictures I find it unbelievably boring just very empty before Teddy warded with Marilyn one Hawk whereas the minute you showed me that photograph I got excited that's much more like something that could look good okay in Entertainment Weekly this was going straight to elimination great yeah it is pretty ugly okay good luck Simone says that I should absolutely cease and desist and I decide to use just the two photographs hey Leon how are you great to see you well I'm making a canvas I'm gonna do an American flag with the many images copied around and there will be glass pieces with parts of the logos have grown wide companies and they will be laying on top black was effect American flag I think has been used so extensively in terms of originality you're not scoring high about that font I think the American flag goes with it because their logos of this country's biggest well keep it simple it's a more complicated you make it visually the less compelling it will work thank you so much I'm not really thinking are the judges going to criticize I'm not making art just to make judges happy so tubby what are you doing I wanted to do a coca-cola cans isn't coca-cola subject matter that was used already in the 60s by Andy Warhol but now it's zero that's what makes it more current in your eyes we all know as a fabulous works that Andy Warhol did of the coca-cola bottles it's too derivative I think you should just think and you actually may have a better chance of not risking elimination okay thanks okay there is very little time left and I have to have a finished piece I'm so worried artists some of you still have a long way to go use your time left and make it pop thanks I'm on that's cool growing up I spent most of my time writing cookie about six years ago I got arrested for write my name on a highway sign I wanted to cook out in jail they put me in maximum security I was able to survive by using art I'm the guy that you can go to to get letters drawn for your girlfriend art sort of like basically saved my ass literally yeah I gotta make this work I can understand why he said cocktail cuz it looks like there's lemons and like mint leaves yeah yeah so it's not obvious maybe not try taking more photos after smoothly I'm a little nervous about this polluted water bottles I didn't mean for just gonna haul beverage just for sure so I'm trying to recreate it I just wanted to be perfect ten minutes y'all oh my god dude there's an accident and I spilled paint all over Jasmine's photographs I like it I think it's like it yeah I think it's perfect okay Jasmine seems to think it adds something to her work thank God for that because to me it looks like a madman made it I'm thank you for not cutting my balls off it's sort of chance I'm gonna leave a painting is about forces that are beyond control so I'm gonna sleep on the white paint splotch my attention artists today you have to finish your piece with one hand choose and then will be chosen at random yeah it's okay I masturbate when I was handsome really why so I'm right-handed the writer I generally don't get along that well with men who were hyper masculine but everyone's pretty open-minded here being gay in the beginning was pretty tough because you feel like an outsider I came up to my parents when I was 18 my mom had the whole trying fit and now 10 years later she has dinner with me and my boyfriend all the time which means the world to me there's other people losing now it's like oh my boy – are you leaving tomorrow and here's this ginormous prize added on to it surprise no immunity and double elimination that's not it No I'm get back to the studio and I look at my crazy sucklord pink splatter and I just decide that it's beautiful I could never make as lovely of a paint splatter as he made I worked out I think it's perfect cool it was meant to be wasn't he Hajis I don't know what the deal is with the thought process that light pink spill ain't looking too great my god you feel that during the gallery show people will be able to go behind there just like scroll drawn it whatever right I've kind of started off the piece by doing some things on the back of it including my name with my boyfriend's initials it's almost like a tourist site where you can leave your name I was here I don't really like the way my piece looks I'm just I'm just trying to figure out how to make it complete and make it more pop least you're safe don't use all of it just yet okay fine Leon's piece I'm not totally sure about that one just throwing logos on an American flag doesn't really tie it together stretch it stretch it stretches they come done artists your time is time is call and I'm looking around it's pieces of art and can see they are not even in the style of pop so I'm happy and confident coming up on work of art I was going so what are you really went wrong is bad storytelling I take a couple pictures of you if you let me take some of you sure okay what do you want me to do I used to be a washout girls nerds are cool now okay I'll be wet nerds get laid all the time and all those old stereotypes are kind of irrelevant give me a couple sexy goddess sexy just give me a kissy face I have a girlfriend now and I've had a lot of weird sex adventures what girl doesn't want to be a suck another girl it was the one I became a supervillain I got better getting girls I'm a little offended that you didn't ask me to take a photo please welcome back your judges critic Jerry Saltz all right gallery owner Bill powers hey and your guest judge this week acclaimed pop artist Rob Pruitt Rob Pruitt is a huge visual artist he created this mirrored sculpture of Andy Warhol in Union Square it's pretty awesome that he's our guest judge let's open up the gallery and see how you guys did I think that I would like to see some pop techniques I designed to install my piece where people can look around from different perspectives it's mass marketing obsessions of the moment I'm very happy with it have a lot of questions about this I don't think it's as poppy as some of the others but I feel like my piece is solid hey really don't like his name extra there's probably the one piece I've made in my life that I hate it's not conceptually sound our pop enough so it just fails to deliver all right of words for this room yeah this is very smart yes my piece is conveying pop because I'm using coffee colors very bright and I like that it kind of changes as you move around it to winning get it now you couldn't go anywhere without hearing about Charlie Sheen's ramblings it's relatable it's funny and I think I have a good shot at being at the top I think it's a brilliant idea that's really clever it's make aliyah but it done which ones are the codes one my keys looks slick enough but I am just crossing my fingers the judges will like it she's using repetition whoo whoo whoo but I feel like it doesn't add up to much like the reality check it gives you that moment when you're throwing boys what would it be really doing here I wanted to kind of say that it consumerism continues to dominate popular culture eventually it's gonna destroy the planet I love the tag Wow my piece is about how technology is helping us to change our world I think it's pretty clear it's a pop art you know conceptually it's tight I didn't want my piece to turn off viewers by telling them what to think but rather start discussion this is really interesting they haven't decided I feel really good about my piece looking at it on the wall advertising boom its selling selling China and Jerry spent like two seconds looking at my piece on Connelly that can't be good I think the judges are gonna like this piece I think I personally convey the idea of online dating and it's definitely poppy are you trying to emot– the emoticon yeah that's what she's doing now that my piece is in the gallery space and I'm seeing it I'm happy with the piece I think it looks nice and clean it looks like I bought it doesn't look like I've made it of things so what'd you guys think of tonight's show I did like that it ran the gamut from political to personal so Jess do you think you've got a favorite here I do have a favorite there's one piece I think is really really good and I think that it will actually translate well in a magazine photograph Jess thank you so much for coming this is really an incredible opportunity thank you it was a lot of fun thank you for a very interesting show one artist will win a two-page spread and Entertainment Weekly and two of you will be going home we would like to speak to the following artists for the crit Leon Jazmin young dusty Michelle and Kay Mia if I didn't call your name you are safe and can say good night to your peers Miette a you're very lucky you have immunity this week oh that's cold I knew they're gonna say that young you had one of our favorite pieces in the show let's start with you I knew I wanted to do something that was about a current and recent topic but I also wanted there to be an interactive element I just loved its presence its intensity it is an amazing advertisement for what it wants to be about I love that there's a place for people to put down their ideas this is such a political social issue right now you freshened pop up by making it political and this is something that means a lot to me as a gay man thank you thank you very much young our other favorite piece of pop art tonight ischemia let's start your crit I wanted to create something that felt like an advertisement but instead it would make you think about a deeper topic it's almost like product displacement yes I think that that's what made it pretty good as opposed to just being a gratuitous piece of nudity it's an advertisement for advertising I think it's just very beautiful it's very exciting for me because I've never worked with photography to try that out and have it become a successful piece is a really big deal for me so thank you thank you very much Camille you can join young one of you will be the winner of this challenge congratulations Jess Cagle thought that your piece would look amazing on the pages of Entertainment Weekly thank you so much I'm sorry for an artist visibility is life having my spread seen by a readership of 11 million people that's insane you can both head up to the studio thank you very much you had the least successful work in tonight's show and two of you will be going home Leon we'd like to talk to you first I grew up in Malaysia and most of the advertisements are American the mass marketing has become globe and we're obsessed with it if you had been able to incorporate a little bit of your personal story I think it would have been much stronger I would imagine being deaf that something like Facebook really enables the level of communication that was previously unavailable and I was surprised that you didn't speak to it everything I've read about pop art there wasn't so much of a personal experience when Warhol was asked why he painted the soup can he answered because it's what he ate for lunch every day I think that it is personal enough to relate universally I'm not really here to change your point of view but just to reveal my experience it's not a bad story to tell it's just bad storyteller Thank You Leon the next artist we'd like to speak to is dusty I came up with this idea for this fast-food trash receptacle it's kind of a piece about guilt where if this object is familiar to you then maybe you eat too much fast food it's kind of asking that question how could you do this to yourself they explained it well but I was a little confused it was a little too open-ended for me to open and I'm surprised to hear that I don't think this is pop art I think it's more of a minimalist piece of sculpture people just walked right by this thing I mean I still think it's a good idea dusty did you ever consider using bright poppy colors for this I want to keep it universal which is why I ended up making it more neutral colors Thank You dusty Jasmine we'd like to talk to you next about your piece the first thing that pops into my head is that Britney Spears dare where she's like this and she's not happy without you to speak of Britney Spears the piece fails I think for the viewer because we can't decipher the meaning I just thought there were two different portraits of two different women that is not the same person as that that's the whole point I was going good girl bad girl so what what's up with the white paint of the white paint I felt like this piece was about forces that you can't control but isn't that photograph about sort of not being in control and having to put on the fake smile and then this one more of you taking control yeah so then the paint splatter wouldn't make sense on that panel thank you very much Jasmine the final artist up for elimination is Michelle I'm a huge fan of Warhol and I like the idea of taking a symbol that he took to a whole different level I like the idea of including it but including the modern version why the repetition of the top of the cans you know I'm a huge fan of wallpaper and the way that Warhol did it you're just shoveling every single pop idea that you can get your hands on and then making a piece of realist painting out of them I think that if you take the painting off of this wall just the laser prints of the can tops are beautiful enough but the combination of the two is just too or whole you've done so well in the last couple of weeks but this feels more like a a lodge and an original worthy of the pop art challenge thank you all very much please head up to the studio and we will call you back shortly how did it go where the critiques kind of even-keeled well I told him I felt not good about my face I love your work as an artist but this particular piece was totally derivative and you know and I were like I need better work poor artists are up for elimination and two of them are going home where do you think they went wrong with pop art good pop art takes our collective experience and filters it through a personal lens and they all miss the mark let's talk about Jasmine's piece it was disengaged it didn't suck you in it was the opposite of everything that pop art is supposed to be the surface of a great work of pop art is a million miles deep and in her work I'm afraid I saw it all like that Dusty's garbage can I found it hard to remember what it said ten minutes after leaving up it's a big conceptual sort of minimal it's a complete model Michelle Chowk this week and I was so disappointed how bad she was off on the right foot but then the subject matter fell apart Michelle gave herself over to this war wholly an impulse and it was so derivative that nothing could really save it Leigha couldn't connect to the work a piece of pop art should be startling but the most startling thing about this piece is how uninteresting it is that's because Leon use Facebook and Twitter doesn't make it contemporary you've got to bring something new to it so we've decided which two are going home the only rule in art is what works and none of your pieces did Leon pop messages and your work were all too familiar and took us nowhere Michelle you painted every pop cliche and it just looked like a bad knockoff dusty Lee asked you for a pop statement and you gave us a throw jasmine we saw none of the empowerment you talked about in the crit and your photos didn't pop two of you were leaving us tonight Michelle you're safe you can head up to the studio thanks for sparing me only one of you is moving on in the competition jasmin your work of art didn't work for us it's time for you to go Thank You jasmine I feel sad I feel disappointed I'm just going to work through whatever the block is that's keeping me from making really strong work best of luck you guys Leon and dusty one of you is going home dusty you're safe that means Leon your work of art didn't work for us it's time for you to go thank you Thank You Leon my work was very related to pop art so I don't know in the future I feel like I can take this experience and digest it and I think that it will change my process you're bigger than this competition I want people to see that deaf people can succeed especially in the art world I don't have any skill in hearing but certainly in seeing I have some skin and from the eyes comes heart next on work of art I knew I knew it I'm the sucklord you want me to write it down through I have until midnight tonight I like the kids piece better I think this is a bad SP if I see it again I'm gonna get it evil on to learn more about work of art the next great artist visit

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  28. … I don´t fucking understand their concept of PoP Art. I saw some of that pop artist work and they don´t show any story to me unless he actually explains, but Leon´s work was realated to PoP symbols as they are rulling over america and even the rest of the world, and the composition with the broken glass was really good… So how dafuq did Leon go home but no Dusty. And also here´s the stupid part of this show (or most shows), you are an artist, you have your own style, do good in one project and you are safe, make a mistake in the next and then you are out and the past projects don´t even matter at all. Like in the ep2 with the movement thingy, the freaking 360º spinning guy won, why did he win if it´s not even original and it didnt take any effort and thinking at all, while Leon´s work was based on a story and the light movement gave it an amazing sense of being a true story, that it actually happened, and all this with garbage, so how didnt he win? What´s wrong with this guys?

  29. It makes me so angry leon went home i think he has much better vision then dusty. I mean it's really obvious from the previous challenges. His techniques are impecable and the fact that he is deaf makes me respect him so much more. I feel like dusty has just barely been making the cut.

  30. wow this is horrific

  31. The FadEx piece was genius, and would have looked great in that magazine spread.

  32. The fact that they scramble the vision of the female nipple at 6:53 and do not at the final art- piece is a perfect example of the twisemorals in cencorship.

  33. Their reflections on art are really simple. "This is about capitalism, and yeeeah, you know, the american flag and the logos and then there is like, polution, which is a hot topic right now, and yeeah just like.."

    I'm sorry for being grumpy.

  34. SuckLord is 42? Bull crap, he looks like 22

  35. people need better art history on this show , contestants and judges

  36. the trash can is super postmodern hot right now , ' people walked by it ' – hmm yeh do u know the art world at all?

  37. Leon should have stayed longer. He has a strong vision

  38. For Fuck sake black man get original, stop making 'art' about being black or asian or whatever. Just make some art and stop being so fucking hung up on race as it's just self perpetuating further racial stereotyping.
    Lets move forward and stop going on about it!!

  39. lol. pretty obvious winner. ET can't but a topless pic i the magazine, since its america and ppl freak out about nudity

  40. I wish Leon could stay longer, I think he has interesting ideas and very good technique.

  41. I don't know how you got all those episodes Adrian but A Big Thank you!

  42. definitely think tews' piece deserved some recognition

  43. The guy in the suit looks like Jeff Koons

  44. The Sucklord is 42 and Lola is 24…

  45. As much as i love Dusty, i would have prefer him to go home, not Leon 🙁

  46. o m gaga i love her Nails

  47. Is that Hippie girl's dad Charles Manson?

  48. Dusty's work made me laugh so I like it.  I'm surprised it wasn't obvious what he was going for to the guest judge though I get the criticism of it not resembling pop art.  

  49. Sorry art world, I don't see Andy Warhol's work as great.  I do think he lived an interesting life.

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