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  1. I love this competition!!! It really celebrates all kinds of artistry!!

  2. "A cover story on bluecanvas magazine" in this era i bet the would give something more like a shout out and feature on instagram.

  3. Lord's art sucks is that his name?.😂😃😄

  4. man, the sucklord kinda sucks, huh?

  5. I think it was brave of them to critique the black mans piece. “It’s a button that’s pressed too often”. Bravo to the European sense.

  6. In third grade, I made my mom a necklace with painted macaroni. Sure wish I had held onto that thing.

  7. If a kid starts spraying a canvas with paint they call that art and I hate that.

  8. Es ist alles nur noch Kommerz.

  9. I'm still mad at Ugo's clear kind of rip off of Keith Haring.

  10. "It felt sloppy and disjointed to me." Translation: I don't really want to understand your art because it's a statement that makes me feel uncomfortable. "You have to say more than just the one thing over and over again." Translation: We hate hearing how racist we are. Please stop making art that makes us feel uncomfortable. "What are you going to tell me that I don't know?" Translation: Fuck, we know we're prejudiced and racist. Tell us something else. "Just because your topic is complex, doesn't mean your piece is complex." Translation: Yes, Black Man, we know you're talented and deep, but stay on your level. Which in our delusional racist minds, your level is below us. And there you have it…

  11. i wish this had more seasons

  12. How did they manage to get two guys with rat-tail mullets?

  13. 1st season was better

  14. this jerry saltz man is a real piece of work .

  15. When are they gonna bring this show back?


  17. 29:49 where's the cat?

  18. Sucklords actually a pretty cool guy.

  19. I should be hear come for me am in Kenya pls

  20. Their immediate disgust at what they consider inferior art is exactly why I cant stand the "fine" art community. "If its not just like my favorite thing, then it must be bad." Simply shameful.

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