Wolftyla – Candy 사탕 (Official Music Video)

Wolftyla – Candy 사탕 (Official Music Video)

I’m gon’ keep up until the morning. Ooo, ooo Feenin’ for attention in the open. Ooo, ooo All caught up in emotions. Ooo, ooo, ooo Got a sweet tooth for me, ain’t no talkin’. Make you feel a way about it cause, I give you a rush, every time we touch, ooo. You can’t get enough, cause my love is just like Candy You know my love sweet just like Candy. (And it’s like that, and it’s like that.) Candy You know my love sweet just like Candy. (And it’s like that, and it’s like that.) So addicted, (addicted) to the way that I’m making you feel. I make you listen. (Listen) Your friends say that you actin’ different I don’t blame ’em, I got you trippin’ on a high, just a little. Thought I told you, I told you that my love sweet just like Candy Oooo I give you a rush, every time we touch. You can’t get enough, cause my love is just like Candy You know my love sweet just like Candy. (And it’s like that, and it’s like that.) Candy You know my love sweet just like Candy. (And it’s like that, and it’s like that.) Candy You know my love sweet just like Candy. Candy You know my love sweet just like Candy.

100 thoughts on “Wolftyla – Candy 사탕 (Official Music Video)

  1. 🍭🍬

  2. I luv her ❤️

  3. love the music video but the song just sounds basic

  4. Jay park should definitely be in the remix if there is one ☝️

  5. Look at little Zoe Meeks! 😭

  6. @ 1:51 her dancers hat fell off 😂❤️

  7. Shout out to the asian girls 😍

  8. Im sorry, I love her. What is this though? It doesn’t sound like her at all. I just hope she’s genuinely happy about it.

  9. The ammount of diversity in this video makes me so happy!! Love you

  10. This aint bad. Very catchy. Loving the part at 1:25 ooooh


  12. 사탕🍭🍬🥰

  13. She’s doing new things here 😍😍😍

  14. Can we get a collab with ceraadi?

  15. I'm here for it.

  16. This is soo cute 🥰

  17. Cant Believe It's Jenny Patel. Lol Naw But I Been Following Her Up And Down Since Vine And Music. She Evolving Better.

  18. My Love is like a Kit Kat

  19. Ehhh imma hve to pass

  20. girlll finallyyy

  21. ima say it since no one else is since .. absolutely no one asked … anyway girl!!! you got everything besides the song to make it big! Stunna, got the style, got the voice if they gave u the right track, and I know you listen to fire songs and can make fire beats. I wanna see u make it big bro. Not trynna be a bitch. Constructive criticism ig but anyways congrats on doing big things dawg

  22. Wolf My Baby😊🥰

  23. Whoaaaa her voice is 😍😍😍 why is her name so familiar??

  24. Someone help a sista out why I can’t find this song on any streaming platforms not on Apple Music nor spotify 🙁

  25. 😍😍😍😍Love your music videos !!!!!

  26. Zoe Meeks too cute 💓🎁

  27. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  28. This song is so catchy !!

  29. Had a lot of fun watching this ! 💙💙💙

  30. Lmfaooooo you could tell my sis don’t want kids 😭😩

  31. okaaaay!! you’ve grown so much !! 🥰♥️

  32. Jenny patel

  33. genre: fancy whispering

  34. 나는이 노래를 정말 좋아한다 btw im american 나는 진짜 한국어를 말하지 마❤💗

  35. 👏😊

  36. Clean

  37. God Bless 🙏🏽💜

  38. I love it

  39. 👌

  40. iTunes???? Waiting to have this on repeat like 😩

  41. This slaps 💪🏾🔥

  42. What is baby Zoe doing in this video !!!

  43. Sooo underrated 💞💞😤😤

  44. Doesn’t she look like iamprettyvee

  45. omg this is so cute

  46. This is a vibe for sure.

  47. Came here expecting trash
    Came out a wolftyla fan
    Keep it up with yo cute ass

  48. The coldest artist out right now ❄️

  49. This is what I call diversity

  50. Rosé brought me here anyone else 😍

  51. 😳🍭

  52. Beautiful song, dancing, video💯

  53. Come to asia pls

  54. Been watching since the beginning and honestly, a natural born artist. 🔥 Ever since vine. Music just keeps getting better. I know you have so many blessings to come Tyla. ❤️ God wrote it. ❤️

  55. She sound like Jhené Aiko, fye song doe

  56. another banger !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. مساء الرؤعه و الجمال .

  58. this will be on tik tok wait and see

  59. 🔥🍬💖😻🍭🎤🍭😻💖🍬🔥

  60. i thought she was gonna sing in korean bc she wrote candy in korean in the title

  61. Here to support the girl we all know from vine😍

  62. i love how she incorporates her roots and bringing back the 2000 vibes , watch when she blows

  63. I kinda dont want people to discover you lol

  64. Wooowww, just to think I’ve been watching you since those vine days 😂😭😭 This is a bop fasho 😍

  65. She favors Lay Lay just a lil

  66. Okay this one it

  67. Pretty

  68. Candyy

  69. Damn that Asian guy cute asf

  70. oh this a cute little bop lol

  71. So cute reminds me of early 2000's

  72. Fye🔥

  73. Anybody else think her and iamprettyvee look alike??

  74. Zendaya lil cuzn👏👏👏😎

  75. the vibes in this thoooo

  76. I don’t understand how people can dislike videos😒

  77. billy 😳❤️❤️

  78. Cannndyyyy💝❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋🤗


  80. Keep it up with the dancing moves and visuals that will definitely help and bring attraction to your videos.

  81. 🐺🖤✨

  82. Is that pretty v??

  83. She sounds horrible

  84. 언닝 ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

  85. 0:24 I thought I was trippin but her earing actually flew off ☠️

  86. 1:14 @8illy on da gram🥺

  87. Love this song she’s blowing up yess love her

  88. heavies baby girlll!! TYLAAAAA this vid is amazing i can feel alllll the energy and all your REAL artistic vibes and happiness shine through mamma!

  89. You doing amazing girl 🥳🤪

  90. One question is she half korean just want to know more about her.

  91. I hope she does a song with Yoon Mi Rae..even Ameriie!

  92. so who's gonna do the mash up of both candies

  93. This gives me Bruno Mars treasure vibes .. sounds similar

  94. And of course the title is in Hangul to piggy back on the Korean influence train that broke into America. She might as well have wrote candy in Ebonics too just to continue to play and wring out her race. Her chorus is also really expected. I lowkey knew it before even listening to the song. I was like “her chorus is gonna have something basic like sweet like candy.”

  95. I used to follow her on Twitter bc I loved her tweets and knew she did music but never heard her stuff before. As soon as I saw this I had to click and check it out. It’s dope to see her in action. The song is cute, like an early 2000s vibe and the visuals are clean. Hope she goes far with it. 🍭

  96. Still ain’t forget that weird ass shit you pulled on kehlanis friend but we do allow people to grow, do your thing wolftyla

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