Wishfart Top Cartoon For Kids & Children Episode 44 – Owen Mason

Wishfart Top Cartoon For Kids & Children Episode 44 – Owen Mason

Octo eyes last heist movie ever. I love heist movies putting a ragtag team. So low a Storage locker. Oh The other jeopardy, we’re super smooth criminals with amnesia We didn’t steal just any coal. We stole my parents gold Wow perfect heist Okay, this is what we must have used in the original heist zipline Construction. Helmets tarp, fake peak You can’t just poltergeist all this gold back quits get it back inside We have the master sent the big things wet Disgusting hazardous materials sweat socks from a pixie dance studio. You look pretty young to be a hazardous materials, man Once your uncle gets the gold in his nose, he’s impossible to shake Okay, we gotta get the gold any past Janus and onto the elevator Straight your business trespassers. Oh, hey Dad Oh, yeah, right just being vigilant des. Don’t worry G. We got your back We’ll keep our eyes open for suspicious activity cool. I’ve gotta keep my eyes on the scope What that’s here Wait dad. I’m coming down Yeah, we have to get this gold and me upstairs before my dad gets there or Phil sniffs us out You only come in living gotta maximize space. You’d know that if you ever did the laundry fine Akiko, can you hover the goal through the vent brick-by-brick? Hey mister dad’s just going up as he does with a bag of patrols strange kids Hey, it wasn’t me it’s a key for another storage locker, oh man the rest of the gold better be in their Glove a guilty guilty glove. Ah, would you look at that? This stuff is all mine Possess Don’t believe it These green onions and clean out my beautiful Pisa Now your brother gets he thought there was mischief with our gold but it’s all there but the gold can’t be there. I Sent it out to be cleaned yesterday. Oh, it was covered in cow. I never wanted to steal the gold. It wasn’t my idea They forced the puffit. Oh, yeah

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  1. Wishfart Top Cartoon For Kids & Children Episode 44 – Owen Mason
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