Why People Are Freaking Out On Gina Rodriguez, Mia Khalifa, Mormon Church Outrage & Trump on Turkey

Why People Are Freaking Out On Gina Rodriguez, Mia Khalifa, Mormon Church Outrage & Trump on Turkey

100 thoughts on “Why People Are Freaking Out On Gina Rodriguez, Mia Khalifa, Mormon Church Outrage & Trump on Turkey

  1. i feel like if i hired mia khalifa to shoot something with me and it wasnt porn, id prob regret it later in life

  2. If you or a friend or struggling with Morminism, the CES Letter book is a good resource to help. Shout out to the r/exmormon subreddit.

  3. First story: Can we conform to the herotic of what this society is becoming. How can someone not be allowed to sing a song? If the lyrics are in the songs, let them sing them. They aren't saying what they said toward anyone, they are only repeating the sung lyrics.

    I think we should boycott all music that slurs the N word so this doesn't happen to anyone else. It's such a tragedy.

  4. Love the glasses…my mother owns them too…see my pic. Lol.

  5. 🤣☝️ wait hold up, what what! Mia! Lol

  6. If I repeat, parrot or mimic something you say and you find it to be offensive, bigoted or racist, then maybe you shouldn’t have said it yourself. But trust me, I get it. I’m not “allowed.” It’s not my word to use. My hair to wear or my culture, right?
    And we walk around wondering why there is still racism and segregation in our world.
    I had a childhood filled with so much diversity that I never knew that there were boundaries. Differences. I had to learn those as an adult and honestly it breaks my heart.

  7. Recently heard a man's story on conversation camp it was terrible…

  8. The way I see it
    anyone who claims to be or feel attacked when a cruel or degenerate practice is criticized or banned is just revealing to the world that they have personally invested themselves in that cruelty

    and as a result I just disregard them as human beings

  9. In my opinion I don’t think artist should use that word if they do not accept any listener from singing along the whole song lyrics. 90% of the time the artist can use another word that is appropriate.
    That said, I try to avoid songs or artist with that word because singing along can caused lash back or anger.

  10. I think the n-word shouldn't be said by black, white, or Mexican. Fellow black people if you are not willing to lead by example stop bit****, it was a song lyric to a song if you make a song using that word you are willing opening your self up to someone singing along. I think the fact she got in trouble for a word no one should say (even you) is stupid.

  11. how low can you get philip? used to enjoy your channel, now it's polluted by a fucking cumbucket? wonder how many stds she spread all over your office.

  12. Super disappointed mr. Defranco…mia kalifa??

  13. if the apology was sincere there wouldnt be a need for a second one.

  14. All this Turkey, USA etc just reminds me that I should rewatch Babylon 5.

  15. Who in the zog is Mia Khalifa?

  16. geeeez trump is dumb! now even the house disagree. LOL

  17. Are we all enjoying watching WW3 start?

  18. bahahaha I personally dont care if people are offended by words regardless of race or gender. no one cares I'm offended by stupid people  so fair imo

  19. Let Russia fund the dumb war in Syria. US has wasted enough tax dollars in that region.

  20. You Americans, your idiots most of you

  21. Those people getting “outraged” on twitter know that millions of non black people sing along to songs with the n word in them in private right? Or even in public at a rap concert for example?

  22. Not the first time Mia has 'jumped right into it'

  23. 3:10 if blacks dont want non black folk to use the word nigger. They should stop to use it themselves specially in art like songs. That people will want to sing along to… what are we supposed to do censor ourselves cuz we werent born the right skin tone? Cuz i can garantee the people who are outraged have never suffered once over that word. Slavery is long over and the word is used as slang if anything not as a slur. Like really get overurselves people are dying and u rather be outraged at a fucking word in a song being sang by some one of the wrong color… u sure u aint racist urselves? Why is no 1 outraged with siria's child killing? Oh right naughty words in songs are the more pertinent issue… they wouldnt be an issue if the girl was black… but here we fuxking are… like rlly just spare me.

  24. She was singing the lyrics to a song that had a word that is offensive to many people. So what. Get on with your day, or do you look for these things to make you proud? She was not singing lyrics about killing anyone, committing genocide, or how evil a particular group may be.
    The people who get riled up over these things are the type who do not want a unified society. They are simply far right ideologues who want to keep cultures and identities separate from others. Stop apologizing. This only gives that group more power. It is not like she was bragging about drugging and mugging people. Which is worse?

    Erdogan and ISIS have a common enemy…the Kurds. This is a betrayal of all betrayals. If you support Trump, then fine. But, when ISIS comes back to bite the world in the ass, and that includes the US, you have no one to blame except…Donald Trump. He owns this one. ISIS was all but defeated until this massive screw up. No leader in the history of the planet has ever screwed up this badly. He has purposely and willingly put his own people in danger. Cool.

    If Russia, or anyone attacks Turkey, as a member of NATO, that would by treaty be an attack on all of NATO and NATO is obliged to respond.

  25. I love watching PC culture folks eat each other alive.

  26. These Twitter non-stories are so annoying, don't really care that people get outraged for no valid reason.

  27. Remember when Erdogan's bodyguards came here and beat the shit out of US citizens on US soil?

  28. Conversion therapy is torture. Plain and simple. The fact that the Mormon church feels threatened by a ban on torture says a lot about them 🤷

  29. My skin is not black, not even brown. My grandmother was black. Hearing the n word broke her heart each time, even when said by a black person ( and we are not Americans). The word meant so much that she would be upset when used. She married a white man by the way, my grandfather who was wonderful but I never met him, died when my mom was 16.
    My mom never used the n word, never in my life used it. My father a white man, never heard him use the n word, not even joke about it or as a "joke" and he is always making boring dad joke, like a 100 times a day.
    Me and my brothers, once we said the n word and my parent sat down with us explaining why that word was so heavy, so strong and I think I was like 7 years old. Learning about black history around the world, not just in the USA taught me why my grama is upset, why it hurts her.

    So here it is simple, if you are NOT of black descent, which means your origins are from AFRICA, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT SAYING THAT WORD. Even if you are brown, even if you have a tan, even if you have a black friend, even if you grew up in a "black" neighborhood. No just stop! There is so much history in that simple word, don't pretend you have a free pass saying it, just because it's a song

  30. Seriously, all these severance packages Phil has to pay out to these people he keeps firing has to be killing him by now.

  31. Naw Phil lets be reall you got between them titties lol that why you tired XD

  32. I'm so tired of this Offended Society that I find it offensive. I'm tired of your Words that you feel are offensive because you hang on to something horrible from the past. No one can do anything, say anything, or create anything without some poor soul somewhere being offended and having to talk about their word demons.

  33. Trump betrays allies….. so it's a day that ends in Y

  34. Gina has a pass

  35. If it is part of the song then it is open to sing. As long as it is not freestyled in. Music is art, it should and can be loved by all. Lyrics an all.

  36. 100% conversion is wrong but giving people under 21 to 25 hormones to change sex is aswell

  37. Meanwhile… Cardi B, who does NOT view herself as black, gets to drop "nigga" several times in a single song, but y'all ain't got shit to say. Many non-blacks actually covet a lot of "black" things, including culture, physical features and ebonics, yet they are silent when it comes to the history, the racism and the struggle. Everyone's okay with niggas until it's actually time to be a nigga. ☕

  38. I mean Gina should know better.

  39. The N word controversy in modern America is stupid. Yes it is a word that was used as a slur towards as slaves back in the day and that's a history we can't forget, but in saying that no one other than a certain group of people can say it is inherently racist itself. It should have the same weight as a slur yes, but people get outraged when it is used in any capacity at all. People no matter the color of their skin should be able to sing along to a goddamn song without the need to censor themselves, or be able to say the word if it is in a capacity of thoughtful conversation.

  40. It baffles me how this is still an issue. Just dont say it… that's all you gotta do. If you're not black just don't say it. Black people will always have different opinions, my mom doesnt like black people using it, I don't like when black people say it around or to other races, we all are different, but bottom line is majority of black people definitely dont want to hear it from another race, so don't. I'm not even that mad at her, but she's really stupid, use your brain.

  41. "Non-black people of color" God, I hate 2019.

  42. Are you mocking me because I wear glasses wow Phil that’s fucked….

  43. Conversion therapy is just as wrong as giving kids hormones and Puberty blockers. Once adults either group should be free to do what they feel necessary to make themselves whole.

  44. America has possibly to many allies than it needs. America is fighting in a war thats been going on for hundreds if not thousands of years with no end in sight. Americans are dying, so if American troops are coming back to America, Americans should be happy!

  45. People are acting like she’s moonman or something the moonman songs should be the bar for racism song it’s like the idiots who throw paint on Christopher Columbus statues it’s shows how uneducated these black lives matter people are Christopher Columbus killed South Americans and the Spanish not you who told you he killed native Americans or Africans your dumb that’s it

  46. Stop putting words in songs if you don't want people to sing along…..

  47. If one can’t use the word no one can use it. I don’t think it should be continue being used in music regardless of the effect of what’s trying to happen I think Rodriguez handled that really responsibly and with maturity, this world is so quick to cancel someone but can’t even look in the damn mirror

  48. Soooo i dont like the gina controversy. She was singing a song that said that word. Also it wasnt the old version of that word. No wonder this word is so offensive, people are making it a bigger deal than it needs to be.

  49. as a black man I've always found it strange that people like cardi, takashi, and Kevin gates can say the n word. none of them are black and takashi doesn't even look black. if im being honest, the community needs to take a look in the rule book because these mfs just making shit up as we go.

  50. you will never be able to convince me that a word that people use so frequently to describe themselves that they "claim" to "reclaim" is still so offensive even when theres obvious context that its not being used in the way that is offensive is still "that offensive" its pathetic. Nobody should use the word, I like that. You cannot claim a word is SUPER offensive in any context yet gladly use it to describe yourself and also say that you "reclaimed" it.

  51. See I’m not a conservative but this is why I could never be a liberal either…. the whole cancel culture is such bullshit

  52. We're in a world of the perpetually offended, if your worried that you might have offended someone whenever you say shit, the whole world ends up walking on eggshells. Words only have power when you let them have power. They are only words and cant hurt you. People need to stop caring if they offended someone online. Its a big world, and alot of people to offend.

  53. a reclaimed slur is still a slur. that goes for both sides.

  54. Word policing is ridiculous. Ignoring the context of a word used is just ignorant. If there is no intent of racism, then she isn't racist, and nobody was hurt or impacted by the use of the N word while singing along to a song. If saying the N word is inherently racist then people shouldn't be able to put it in songs regardless of your skin colour.

  55. The only question you need for Mia Kalifa is when she is going back to porn.

  56. Just another story of whiney bitches crying imagined racism. You can't "reclaim" a word that implies ownership and you can't own a word.

  57. I was raised to believe that words can never do you physically harm. We should be glad that we have freedom of speech. All the SJWS should catch a ass beating so they can tell the difference and understand you can walk away from or ignore someone's words it is much harder to ignore an ass whipping

  58. Lmao after I heard the mormons were against the ban of sexuality conversation therapy all I thought of was "Turn it off" from the book of mormons

  59. I grew up in a neighborhood where it was a good mix of PR, White, and Black folks. It was pretty common for all the PR kids to use the n-word w/o repercussion in school. It was accepted by the black kids and it really was a non issue. It was just like some sort unspoken agreement.

  60. I thought Phil was gonna talk about Move-In Martha, the lady who called the police on people moving INTO their home, then blocked the entryway so they couldn't continue moving in

  61. Hopefully they don't ban conversion therapy until they find a better method of fixing sexual deviance

  62. The only question needed for Mia is when she's going back to porn

  63. Really? She was singing the song 😂🤣 yall acting’s like she ran up on some random guy and called him a nigga

  64. Wow. I feel so embarrassed for you in USA that that is your president. F.

    First off USA only helped the SDA as a human shield. The Kurds knew the Turks would not openly attack the US. Other than the push on Raaqa US has done nothing useful in the fight, and other than Raaqa have never fought Isis, and that's why they have just a token force in the area. The Us congress funded Isis or "moderates" as they liked to spin it, so it made no sense to attack their own assets. They still do work with Isis forces on the Syrian side of the border of Iraq to slow Iran's movements in reinforcing Lebanon.

    2 key pieces of the puzzle are USA absolutely NEEDS Turkey, for its airbases. That's why they turn a blind eye on the daily Turkish raids over Cyprus and Greece, who are also NATO allies. No Turkey, no US power in the north of the middle east. Petrodollar is over in a year or two.

    Russia NEEDS Syria largely for the same reason. Their seaports are priceless to Russia. They will push Turkey if they have to, and Turkey is well aware that Russia, unlike the US, does not abandon its allies. Also Russia has a history of spending lives to prove a point, a higher price than Turkey is willing to pay. The second they stop fighting the Kurds and start losing men and hardware to Russia popular opinion will turn on Turkey.

    So now what was always going to happen happened. Syria was happy to have the Kurds hold most of the north, even with US forces loosely involved because it knew Turkey couldn't push on "US" forces. It's very unlikely the and US soldiers were ever in harm's way because the would start a very dangerous chain reaction. Now US is gone and Syria has had time to close the gap around Idlib they can rush in and take over the Kurdish held areas. At the same time Turkey is also trying to take what ground it can because it knows it can never hold it long term. These are just the final acts of the war before they all end up at the bargaining table.

  65. Jeezus f***king christ, everyone is getting upset over some bull. As a man of color, I cant fault you for saying a word that is in the lyrics of a song. For instance, I want to an ezoo concert with juicy j and I have never seen a field of white folks say the N word with such enthusiasm but then again in their defense juicy j encouraged it. I cant get mad at that, simply laugh, and keep it moving.

  66. We should remove troops from Syria, let them take care of their own nation unless they are able to pay us for help.

  67. If the uttering of the slur by non-black people offends you, no matter the context, then the slur has not been reclaimed.

  68. If you don't want people to say the N word, then don't say it yourself. Don't make, listen, or support that music. I don't blame her for signing along with a song.

  69. Nobody should be forced to sit down with terrorists.

  70. Gina Rodriguez is black though🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ All puerto ricans are of African and European descent does no one know their history!?? If people want the world to stop using a mispronounced Spanish word then quit putting it in rap songs seriously. Where do you draw the line? Like only rappers can say it? Only people with supeeeeeeer dark color??? I get it's a messed up word but quit throwing it in songs then. Quit normalizing it.

  71. Is that the new casting couch in the background lmao

  72. Solid clickbait.

  73. Mia classic

  74. Conversion therapy is dangerous and shouldn't be used but if you want to chop your balls off, that's your choice. – Philip DeFranco

  75. Because. They. Are. Our. Allies.
    You stupid orange twit. You know what happens when you have no allies? Ya get fucked. Because everyone else is allying up/conquering and here we are, with a president who thinks semi-isolationism is the way to go.

  76. 13:02 that’s the face you make when that guy who never speaks in class gives the teacher a fire come back

  77. Wait, the tweet at 1:45 literally states that the n-word is "reclaimed", doesnt that mean its not a slur anymore? So its ok to be used, no??

  78. So you mean to tell me that Gina Rodriguez got backlash for quote-singing a song that she likes, that happens to use the N word in it? Are non-black people supposed to now censor the controversial lyrics in a song while singing songs that contain the controversial words in them? Don't get me wrong, I'm against racism and respect the "you can only joke about it if you're in it" unwritten social rule thing, but in my opinion that's just stupid. Regardless of your color or race or ethnicity, if you are creating a song that uses forbidden words and people outside your ethnic group are going to hear it and love it, then you shouldn't be surprised when they sing the lyrics exactly as you wrote them!
    That's like saying "repeat after me word-to-word to get 100%", and then ban the person from using a word that you've just used in the sentence. It doesn't make sense, does it? That's my opinion.

  79. My reaction to the intro tho

  80. Pretty sure Chris Rock specially said the word it has to be in the song and you get a slide there. And he’s the king of dropping the n word. Gotta give Gina the slide on this.

  81. I don't believe in humanizing/ celebrating pornstars so aggressively who have no talent. Why all the hate for Kim Kay who made one sex tape but praise for Mia. I know unpopular opinion, don't give a shit.

  82. That was one of the most half added apology’s I’ve ever seen. Not even half asses. Like quarter assed.

  83. Nobody should say the N-Word. Black people included… however, we started saying it to try to take power away from the word. We tried to make it unoffensive by overuse….it didn't work. We still have leftovers from that phase and that includes some black folk using it in lyrics. That is a problem for us as black people to solve. Not an allowance for people who want to use the word to say it freely under the guise of just repeating lyrics. She could have recorded herself singing ANY OTHER part of that song and chose to record THAT part. It was on purpose…and I hate cancel culture. But how many times do you have to be forgiven and forgotten before you DESERVE to be cancelled??? I won't be watching any of her movies or shows and will be Informing all my friends and family to do so as well. I'll check back in 10 years to see if she learned anything….I'm doubtful.

  84. If only some people get to do something, and that some people just happens to be based on skin color, well there you have blatant racism.

    If you don't like something then you shouldn't be doing it yourself, don't be hypocritical. If you are reclaiming a term then you either do it for everyone and remove the negative meanings OR you are only creating a new wave of racist segregation for your own side. As for the troubled history of a word, I'm not sorry to say you didn't take part in that history any more than I have, and the ones currently spreading the negative connotation of that word happen to the very group throwing a fit over the same word, I have heard more people use that word as a negative term towards their own race many times over than I have anyone else doing so.

    Some of this seems more like intentional outrage than actual offense, getting upset over a FAN of something repeating the words/actions of that thing because they enjoy it is absurd. If it is wrong for someone to repeat what you are doing then you shouldn't be doing it either.

    Sure you shouldn't go out of your way to offend someone obviously, but once again these are just words and not actions, maybe you should consider why you are still offended by a stranger that has no control over your life or any knowledge of you. Maybe we need to act like mature adults and not children who get our feelings hurt quite so easily, ESPECIALLY if we are going to be hypocrites doing the same things ourselves that we demand others not do.

  85. *unzips*… oh..

  86. If the word 'Nigga' is used in a song and i'm singing along, i'm going to say nigga. She has nothing to apologize for.

  87. These comments are terrible by the way Phil… A bunch of non-black people telling you how unimportant racism against black folks is.

  88. I think people need to chill out on the Gina thing. She was singing a song. If you dont want people who arent black singing a word like that then dot put it in music. Music is universal not made for one specific race. Its ridiculous to use words and phrases in songs that you dont want them using. You reclaimed it and thats great but not everyone in he world singing a song is being racist.

  89. It’s a fucking song. If non black people can’t sing along to what they’re saying, maybe they shouldn’t fucking say it.

  90. You know what we call people who believe only one race can say a word and other races cannot regardless of context? Racist.

  91. ei Phill did you talked about porn with Mia? or did she told you not to?

  92. UHGGGH….I HATE THE "WeeRe AlLlOwEd tO sAy teEH bAD WuRd bUt ONLY uUSs rRrEeEEee!!!!"

    They like your damn music. You dont want them to say it…………..then DONT PUT IT IN THE DAMN SONG. PERIOD. Stop acting like a bunch of 2 year olds!

  93. It's either all ok or non of it is

  94. How can you "reclaim" a word, and attempt to change its meaning, but censure others or be completely outraged when it's used? Even when it's used in a context that's not meant to be derogatory or just innocently singing to song lyrics? "Queer" seems to be acceptable by everyone today and most of us are over it, so why are some other words still so controversial?

    If THAT word is so bad, maybe rappers shouldn't be saying it at all either? Along with lines about raping women, calling them hoes, being in gangs, shooting gays and stabbing others… Seems like rappers can get away with saying pretty much anything!

  95. Youre better than this Phil buddy

  96. Twitter is ridiculous.

  97. Hi Mia

  98. I'm already get kinda sick on this discussion. N***a is okay, N***er isn't, end of the discussion and move on. If you don't want other people to use it, just don't use it yourself. Imagine not saying a word everyone around you uses in every fucking sentence, it's impossible. Instead of seperating everyone by seciding who is allowed to say it and who is not, just ban everybody from saying it.
    btw. the story of, reducing the power of the word by saying it is totally made up. People got used to hearing that that's why they called it to each other.
    and saying other people aren't allowed to say it also doesn't reduce it's power but makes it way more powerful. get your stories straight…

  99. Look snazzy Phil ;P

  100. I am torn on the celebrity drama bit, part of me is going so she sang a song that she likes and has apparently been around for a while based on how she talked about it (I am not familiar with the artist) big whoop, claiming that she is racist because she said the N-word in this circumstance would also require you to claim that almost every American high school english teacher is racist for saying the N-word when they read To Kill A Mockingbird.

    Another part of me is going, she knew she was being called racist for past action so maybe she should be posting herself listening, let alone singing, songs that contain the lyric, "n-words give me the heebie-jeebies" so even if she loves the band and their songs this was a dumb move.

    And a final part of me is going, so we are just going to ignore the fact that she didn't write that song and that song contains an incredibly racist lyric? Isn't the person that wrote the song just as bad (if not worse) then the fans that like the music. You can like a song without believing in any of the lyrics of the song (looking at you all the Christians I catch listening to Ghost BC) .

    The final part of me remembers that I don't care because I don't know the actress, the band, nor the song and the outrage here is stupid and pointless. There are real acts of blatant hate and racism that are much more important that we overlook because we are to busy examining famous people's every action for anything that could even remotely be construed as racist.

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