Why Anime Is BANNED In Art Schools (And Why That Makes Sense)

Why Anime Is BANNED In Art Schools (And Why That Makes Sense)

Hey, how’s it going everyone?This is The Anime Man Hands up if you’re watching this video right now and have ever attempted to draw anime art in your spare time? Okay, keep your hands up if you have ever or are attending art school or have ever shown your art teacher in school your anime art. I’m sure there are a lot of you who are keeping your hands up. And it’s really not all that surprising, especially if you’re a fan of anime which… You should be if you’re watching this video because otherwise. Why are you here? I’ll admit I also had that stage in my life where I watched a particular anime series or a few anime series and thought to myself, “Oh hell yeah, I can draw anime art. Yo I got this shit” and then gave up almost immediately because I realized very quickly that I have the hand-eye coordination of a snake …Snakes don’t have hands. so I’m coming into this particular discussion piece, not from the point of view of any kind of anime artists or artists at all, But rather a more self-proclaimed “Anime and Otaku Culture Nerd.” I’ve been seeing that there has been some rumors spreading about in the last couple of years in the anime and otaku community of people who attend art schools or have shown their anime art in art schools or t-to their art teachers in just regular schools and a lot of them ending in their art teachers actually discouraging them from drawing anime art. There are even some stories claiming of art students who are writing up their Portfolios and projects for after graduation, Whose art teachers have completely BANNED anime art from those kinds of projects. And there’s a sucker for any kind of anime fan art, my first response to this whole thing was, “Oh F*ck No. How f*cking dare you’ve bann anime art from any kind of ‘art school’, You racist FFF-F*CKS Anime is a totally legitimate form of art and artists should have the freedom to draw whatever the f*ck they want.” #freethewaifus! But then I stopped to think about it for a hot minute as to why there might be this potential banning of anime art from art classes and art schools. and now they thought about it. I’m concluding that… This whole banning of the anime art, kind of makes sense and as much as I and many others don’t want to admit it, I can’t really blame art teachers in the west for shunning anime art from classes and schools, so let’s explore why that might be the case. I don’t think you need to be any kind of a Picasso to understand this, but fundamentally anime art is anatomically Wack as F*ck! Take any example of any kind of basic anime art and you can see why. I mean we’ve got your obvious points like, the large eyes, the large head, the hairstyles that seem to defy the teachings of Newton in any possible way. And while this may be a good reason for the banning of anime art, you have to take into consideration that a lot of western artists that are known more as the “professional artists and art styles that you should look up to” Like Picasso’s cubist arts are, for example, is also not really sucking the dick of anatomical faithfulness any time soon, so why is stuff like Picasso’s cubism, okay? But anime art is not. Well I think the biggest problem is that unlike Picasso, anime art, in the west especially, is Very much still a niche. You can show any art teacher a Salvador Dali painting And they’ll probably be able to tell you Dali’s life story leading up to that particular art piece but if you gave them an art piece of Sayori during Nekopara, then they’ll probably just question your sexual fetishes before asking who made it. One thing you do have to understand is that artists like Picasso are known for multiple art styles, not just cubism, and that artists like Dali have a lot of meaning behind their paintings and a lot of anatomical structure behind their paintings whereas your fan art of me, for example, doesn’t exactly have any kind of meaning behind it or doesn’t exactly follow any kind of fundamental structure of anatomy in art. Not that I’m saying your fan art is unappreciated Don’t you ever fucking dare think that is the case. I love every single piece of fan art that you guys have ever fucking given me And if you stop drawing fan art, I will cry I love you all but then at this point. You might be yelling at your screen, “but Joey Anime as multiple art styles as well.” And you know what, you’re very right. I think one thing that makes anime really interesting and fun to look at is that it does have multiple art styles You have your basic, like this is anime, kind of art styles like high school DD and Bleach for example. To your more experimental and not so anime like styles like Ping Pong and Kaiba, but here’s a question for you. How many people who attend art classes or start drawing anime art, draw in the style of Ping Pong and Kaiba? I assume it’s not a whole lot. When people first start to draw anime art. It’s usually more of the mainstream this is anime style like High school DD and Bleach, because those kinds of anime are usually the first ones we are exposed to. So to your western art teacher who doesn’t know the first thing about anime having multiple art styles Your generic High School DD, Bleach type of art style is the only art style in anime And it’s not only one style But it is the one style that is anatomically incorrect has very little meaning and very little variation If you gave your art teacher anime art in the style of Panty and Stocking or the Aqua no Hana anime adaptation Then there is a possibility that your art teacher might not even blink an eye at your “anime art.” Look at artists like Murakami Takashi, for example He’s a japanese artist who successfully blended Japanese anime and Ukiyo-e styles and incorporated that with the more sophisticated and structured western style of paintings and sculptures, to create, what is ultimately a very Japanese oriented anime style kind of artwork but got him the western recognition and got him to have his own museums and art pieces which are known all over the world as a genuine proper “artist” but I think it’s not only about variation or meaning or style of anime art. I think it also has to do heavily with what art teachers and art schools are trying to teach you. Art teachers and art schools Fundamentally are trying to teach you to draw and not to draw a style. It’s about understanding the basis of what makes a drawing, the rules you need to know to improve your drawing, and understanding the fundamentals of what makes a particular art style work. And mind do this isn’t just limited to the west. Art teachers and art school in Japan also follow these sets of rules when teaching you how to draw because the understandings of the fundamentals of art is a universal thing. I’m sure it goes without saying but most mangaka that have made it big didn’t get good at what they did from drawing their Waifu’s every day. Artists can draw because they understand the fundamentals of the art of drawing, and I think it’s only when you know those rules that you can start to break them. Artists break these conventional rules to create these different styles. From Picasso’s Cubism to Dail’s Surrealism to Anime Waifu-ism. That’s not a real art genre, but, my God, I wish it was. Your art teacher most likely isn’t shunning your fan art of Kirito because they don’t understand or like anime it’s because drawing these pieces of anime art that is anatomically incorrect with little variation and little meaning before you’ve even understood the Fundamentals of drawing isn’t going to improve your art and I know there are probably some like actual anime artists who are saying right now, “Uh, I got good at drawing anime art, but I never attended art class or art schools” Then congratulations, I guess you’re just a fucking savant at anime art. Unfortunately not everyone can draw their waifu from the moment they exit their mother’s womb Some of us have to sit in an art class and draw perfect circles all day. Now at this point, I will come out and say right now that I do not accept the idea of banning anime art in portfolios, after say, you know, all your art classes are finished, or you are about to graduate art school. Of course when it comes to actual school projects that you have to do while you’re at school or during classes Then it does ultimately come down to the curriculum, and what the specifics are of that project But personal portfolios for your artist career should be exempt from any kind of exclusion of style That means you’re making a portfolio to show potential clients what you can draw then I think anime art is a completely viable option. You’ve been through art school, you’ve ingrained all of the fundamentals of how to get good at drawing into your brain, and you’ve broken those rules with that understanding in mind. Yes, anime may maybe niche but there is also a huge market for anime art, especially in the online world I mean sure your anime art isn’t going to end up on the wall of a museum anytime soon, but there are a lot of potential clients online who are waiting to commission your anime art. And look, fundamentally there might be some exceptions to this problem, like maybe your art teacher doesn’t like your anime art because they’re a racist prick or maybe you know an art teacher who is completely okay with you drawing anime art and if anything Encourages you to draw anime art and if that is the case then you should befriend them because they’re one dope motherfucker But I still do think that at the end of the day anime art is a legitimate form of art And it should be embraced more especially in the west put your anime art on sites like Deviant Art for people on the internet to praise and critique or join a Manga Club at your school if you really want to pursue that kind of style But while you’re at art school or art classes Just keep drawing those perfect circles over and over again because art schools and art teachers want you to be a better artist Not a better anime artist because any style of art starts from the basics and in order to be a better anime artist you need to first be a better artist. Well guys let me know what you think about this whole thing. Do you personally agree with this “banning” of anime art in art schools and art classes or are you against this whole idea, and if you’re an anime artist yourself or have gone into this situation of showing your art teacher or art class your anime art then give me your stories on it. Were you ever faced with this problem, were you okay with this problem, or was there some other type of story? I want you guys let me know all that kind of stuff in the comments below, and hey just to clarify once again I am not saying that your fan art of me or your anime art doesn’t Deserve to be praised and whatnot because it should; anime art is fucking awesome. The fan art you guys draw for me on my Twitter and Instagram is fucking awesome and if you do have any kind of fan art that you want to share me, then please share it with me because I will look at it regardless of whether I retweet it or comment on it or whatever I do see every single one, and I do appreciate every single one And that’s not just me if you have a different YouTuber that you absolutely love and you want to draw a fan are for them, then do it because we all fucking love it. But all I’m going to say is just keep drawing, just keep getting better, and don’t be afraid to explore your boundaries. And hey if you’re an anime artists out there then good luck man. I love the shit that you guys do. Anyways guys, thanks for watching. As well like and favorite if you guys enjoyed subscribe for more anime banter, and I’ll see you guys next video of whatever I made. Keep watching anime. Ja ne.

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  1. IMPORTANT: The fanart piece of me (@3:54) was originally credited to the wrong artist, so I made a quick edit in video to fix that issue! The original artist goes by the name of Talart and the link to the original fanart is in the description, so please go and check it out and support an amazing artist!
    Once again, I apologize for crediting the wrong individual; I completely understand the annoyance and I fully admit my mistakes here. Hopefully it won't happen again!
    In any case, I'm glad a lot of people enjoyed this video and it's awesome to see so many of you going into deep discussion about the topic. It's great to see a community being active yet understanding about a very lopsided topic like this.
    Thanks again everyone, see you in the next video <3

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    Because he watches anime too… 😁

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  14. I have friend in school who follows art lessons and she saw that I liked drawing in anime style and I saw she could draw much better in her own style. I told that I didn't understand why some people didn't appreciate anime style. She told me just the same. Because anime is a style on its own so if you want to draw it you're just skipping the basics. And after that I understood why some art teachers don't like you to draw that.

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  16. My art teacher just showed my anime art to the class and said this is as good as a gcsi drawing-

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  21. Art teachers: don't do anime, it's not realistic they have big eyes, and their hair don't make sense.
    Me: Can I draw cartoon, then ?
    Art teachers: Yes, I mean if it's your art style do what you want.
    Me: But a lot of cartoon character have a very big nose, not realistic eye shape and they most of all have a weird skull shape, don't they ?
    Art teachers: Well it's an art style, it's okay if it's not meant to be realistic.
    Me: Then why the f*ck drawing aanim/manga is bad ?
    Art teachers: … mumbles violence…

  22. I drew a picture of Haruhi Suzumiya in one of my art classes and my teacher loved it. Also, my English teacher made a manga club and I'm in it

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  27. So my art teacher gave us a project that we will make a kids storybook and the script of the storybook goes to the teacher and we draw it. Thankfully tho he allows anime styled drawings on it :v


  29. The anatomy argument still doesnt make any sense to me. If you want to make anime art, you dont need to know realistic anatomy and instead only need to know how to draw anime styles.

    I dont want to draw realism, I want to draw anime

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    My bff doesn't like it tho. I use her pens(cils) and I "waste her inkt"( or what evs). I have a bad habbit that I shade to much, aka I use to "Much" ink. I normally try to draw other things other people already did, 'cause I self can't come on ideas. I do have a few, But i don't know how to make it. And if I try to make it, it fails. But I like to do it. My Art teacher i had last year didn't knew what Anime was. SHE DIDN'T KNEW WHAT ANIME WAS!! Anime isn't a big thing here in my country anyway.
    But as a art teacher, C'mon.

  33. It doesn't make sceance.

  34. For me, it wasn't my art teachers that discouraged me from drawing anime, but it was my science teacher. He is probably my least favorite teacher just because of how tense and rude he is with all the students. Anyways, i was in math and for some reason, he was in the math class and i was sketching on this paper and i asked him "is this pretty?". He said yes but then, he said " it's pretty and all, but a lot of kids draw anime and it's not even creative anymore. Go find your own art style. Good luck". Like, he didn't even say it in a nice way

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  37. ;p my art teacher at my high school encourages me to do my art but i guess that's because my art style (built up over many years of practice and influence) is not stereo typically anime and more my own way of drawing. I guess what i'm trying to say is that if you are in an art collage or school after graduating high school you would have developed a certain art style that would rarely represent an obvious 'anime' orientated style. it also depends on the teacher and their creative preference

  38. 0:25 I'm learning about anime. Even if I do or do not what it.

  39. Not studying in an art school, but my MAPEH (Music, Arts, P.E., and Health) teacher liked my anime drawing. I used anime art style for my project and she accepted it. And acknowledged my art. But I can also dr aw non-anime art. One time she told us to copy some arts by famous artist from our book on a bond paper and I got 20/20 score.
    I'm not from a western country, I'm from Philippines, so…okay.

  40. My art teachers doesn’t care if my art is anime art, they still support it

  41. This is why they don't teach flairtending at hospitality schools . You need to learn how to be a proper bartender first before you chuck bottles around for tips. The same goes for molecular gastronomy. You need to know how to be a proper chef first before you turn your kitchen into a laboratory.

  42. 2019-

    And my current art teacher and robotics teacher loves anime-

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  47. I showed some of my anime art work to my art teacher and she said something like, "Oh wow, that's really good, it has a sort of Japanese-y vibe to it too."

    I'm happy about that tbh.

  48. In my opinion, anime art is the evolution of traditionnal japanese/chinese painting. The themes are different but the art style follows idealized and simplified form. But I think this phenomenon is generalized for all type of cartoon art style as it is seen as a lesser genre

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    I'm gonna be a manga artist!

    Me seeing the title:

  67. One time, I was reading a manga and my art teacher walks up up behind me. She says “Hey, is that Bleach? I love Bleach!”
    Me: oooHHH MYYYYYY GOD!!!!

  68. My art teacher doesn't even know what an animation is, but she likes my anime drawings, so i'm cool with it.

  69. I have the eye hand coordination of a sloth…

    Sloths can't really move

  70. i agree as a 12 yr old whos has drawn 3/4 of his life ive drawn every single style thats the reason why i beat highschoolers i started drawing dinosaurs i only drew dinosaurs nonstop at the start of march 2019 i got into comicart from that cartoon and from that realism and only till september i turned into a MASSIVE WEEABEO thank you please make a part 2 and do you have a discord so ican send you my fanart

  71. I actually mix some realistic stuff in my anime drawings:/

  72. Me: Looks at Thumbnail

    My teacher who allows anime art and is a major weeb : NANI!!

    Me: Go back to the basement!

  73. My art teacher actually likes my anime art but I don't know why some teachers don't. I've heard of some things like that but I don't know WHY THEY HATE THE ART STYLE!!!

  74. A teacher hating anime art = racist prick…. I'm sorry, but whaaaaaaaa???
    The main reason my school told us to not include anime in any of our projects or portfolios (they did however encourage those that wanted to do anime, that they should still practice in their spare time) was very simple, major studios, actually studios in general in the western world don't use or don't want to use anime as an art style.
    You doing only or mostly anime work cripples yourself from ever finding work with any of these studios. They want to see art styles that are similar to what they work with so you can immediately start working. Your artwork might be as grand as the professionals in japan, but that doesn't tell the western studio if you'll be able to draw or animate western shows.
    Now if you don't want to work for a western studio, you plan on working online or you plan on immigrating to japan then yeah, your portfolio of waifus will do just fine.

    It's not that the teachers hate or don't understand anime (all of my teachers know and some of them really enjoy watching anime), it's about preparing you for work in the western world where anime still isn't a common thing (thank God).

  75. "…the art teachers are trying to teach you to DRAW, and not to draw a STYLE…"
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  85. even before understanding that "you need to be a good artist first so than later you can break the rules without it looking weird" thing I always gravitated towards realism so on my own i learned a lot about anatomy and making ""rEaL"" art. but now I'm an anime artist and I adore it haha and it came kinda easy since I already had previous understanding of drawing

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  88. Just got my new sketch pad and easel, started looking for some art styles, like out of the ordinary. Also the fact some schools ban anime is straight up BS. I won my first art award in class for it. Ended up getting 1st place! Please everybody, you do you. Don’t let anyone say anime is crap or something, it’s how I got into art because of the unique style. Follow your dreams everyone!❤️❤️❤️

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