When Does Kirito Wake Up? How Does Kirito Recover? | SAO Alicization War of Underworld

When Does Kirito Wake Up? How Does Kirito Recover? | SAO Alicization War of Underworld

When does Kirito wake up? How does
Kirito even recover? Nope unfortunately it’s not going to be from a big smooch
from Asuna. What up guys Foxen here. No surprise there’s been so much
hype for Asuna returning to the front line back to main character
status but now that the SAO goddess is back how about Kirito too? And yes
this is gonna be a very juicy SAO video When does Kirito awaken? How does
Kirito even recover? What’s ultimately gonna be the secret magic?
Since you’re awesome go ahead and smash that like to help Kirito out!
Ring that bell and let’s dive into Kirito! Before getting into the actual solution
it is really important to understand the Kirito issue so What’s Wrong Kirito? What happened to you? Let’s go back to the end of Quinella for SAO Alicization. Victory for that ultimate battle came with a heavy toll. The dual blade
black swordsman lost his arm no more dueling for you but most
importantly poor blond boy Eugeo got snapped away. Recall the last time that Kirito suffered a heavy loss like this? It was back in that one lovely Christmas themed
episode what did Santa bring to the naughty boy? Death for the whole guild
Enjoy. Now fast forward to SAO Alicization war of the underworld
you got Kirito and potato mode but why? During the Quinella fight Kirito
suffered that extreme hardship at the loss of Eugeo. Forever gone was his partner
that he deeply bonded with over his Underworld adventure. Thanks to Gabriel
and Vassago Kirito ended up hurting himself inside the Underworld. That short
circuit led to a surge in the soul translator. Kirito at the time was
mentally attacking himself for the horrible sacrifice that was made. This
ultimately led in Kirito actually damaging his own fluctlight which now
leads into the current Kirito. At the moment his self image has been
severely damaged. Kirito’s current appearance and state now
reflects Kirito’s deeper desires. It’s almost as if Kirito wished to vanish
completely from this world in other words logging out completely
from both worlds. Since deep down inside Kirito has kept on punishing himself
for what happened even Kirito’s arm couldn’t be fully restored.
Sorry Alice. Thankfully Alice has been taking care of the poor boy for Asuna.
Alice has helped to keep his sword clean. So now that you know the depth of the
issue how to fix the Kirito? Unfortunately even with the God account
Asuna just can’t give Kirito a happy ending.
Not yet anyway. First off when can you expect Kirito to return in the SAO anime
or at start to come back to you. Keep in mind SAO
Alicization War of the Underworld part two is said to have only eleven episodes. That’ll be
11 episodes to split up to Sao light novels light novel 17 and 18. Keep in
mind in the final SAO light novel for this Underworld adventure is
actually much longer than the previous one. Assuming they’re gonna split the
anime mostly evenly that’ll be five episodes for SAO light novel 17 and
then the last six episodes for SAO light novel 18. You can expect Kirito to come
back around episode 5. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see some sort
of cliffhanger for an episode. It’ll end with what’s been going on in Kirito’s
mind. For the actual episode estimate at earliest it’ll be around episode 4 to
the latest being episode 6 emphasis on this being a rough estimate. I wouldn’t
be surprised as they keep on moving around events, scenes, abridge character
dance or cut out stuff completely. I am just praying to the SAO goddess Stacia
that they adapt Kirito’s inner conflict extremely well otherwise it’ll
just greatly diminish what comes afterwards. On top of that also what came
before this great build-up so all this is great but that doesn’t actually tell
you when Kirito will be back to being the Dual blade black swordsmen Kirito. For the second rough estimate I do expect in the build-up Kirito’s
return and definitely leave his mysterious comeback on a cliffhanger
which only makes this estimate harder to predict. Expect Kirito back in fighting
form around episode 6 or 7 although this depends on how soon and how much they
actually want to cover for Kirito’s coconut drama. Next important thing how
does Kirito even get fixed? Does Asuna help heal Kirito? It won’t be
directly but Asuna is one of the people involved in Kirito’s recovery.
Huge shout out and credit to Higa. Even though Higa is responsible for part of
this underworld war mess you know it just have been a god vector account free
for the taking. He actually does come through in a huge
way for Kirito he actually noticed this activity and Kirito’s fluctlight
at three different times during the ongoing war what do you think happened
during those times bingo. The debut of each of the under
organizers Asuna, Sinon and the late Leafa. Kirito current problem
resolves around his damaged self-image he gets solution perhaps a backup of Kirito’s self-image could exist somewhere let me just go ahead and oversimplify
the quantum stuff the fluctlight data from other people close to Kirito
should be able to be combined to restore Kirito’s self-image
there are two issues associated with this for one there needs to be enough
luck light data so enough people close to Kirito and two they need to
actually extract that look like data from people hooked up this is soul
translator. Thankfully at this point you just happen to have three people close
to Kirito in the on the road bring on Asuna Sinon and Leafa hurrah
Kirito saved! Except not good enough Asuna friends almost complete the Kirito self image backup but something is missing that someone say close partner
eg Oh welcome back yes he will have a small Eugeo cameo on side of Kirito’s
mental bashing ultimately best buddy Eugeo was the one to provide that last
push to Kirito comeback stand my dear friend my hero. By the way just to
clarify from Eugeo’s own words this was a fragment memory of Eugeo inside of Kirito’s heart and mind the cherry on top for this will not only be seeing
you two again briefly but Asuna holding onto Kirito tightly as he makes his
return. Next up some vaguer Kirito self honestly extremely obvious stuff from
all that build-up yes Kirito will make a full recovery in the under road
Kirito will get his missing arm back he’s gonna deadpool that little sucker
back into normal big boy sighs let’s also not forget about the blue rose
sword that frosty replacement will get fully fixed as good as on these shiny
popsicle on top of that the release recollection oh yes that’s definitely
coming up again for the blue rose sword this will definitely also include Kirito’s night sky blade. I know some of you have been hyped for that and let me
not be a downer but I’ll just be completely honest. I would suggest not to
be that hyped up for the night sky blade released recollection. I personally feel
most of you will enjoy Kirito becoming the dual blade black swordsman
a lot more again compared to actually seeing anything coming out of the night
sky blade alone that said how the anime displays us visually will play a huge
part so all of this sounds great but I do hope the anime fixes a few things I
got two major issues the first it’s more like a fix to the anime adaptation they
really really need to stop cutting out character thoughts or inner monologue.
This his is even more true for Kirito’s inner struggle and what comes afterwards
some of the upcoming stuff will reference stuff back in SAO season 1
this will actually include some stuff that didn’t make it into the anime which
I actually be interesting to see how they bring that back
into the anime now more importantly he did the will feel extremely overpowered
on his return that’ll be especially true they slash
out a bunch of this stuff out as always the reason or explanation has always
been in the SAO source material let’s just hope this is not one of the times
that the SAO anime puts a novel in a blender and only gives you a small glass
full second major issue my personal issue involving the events surrounding
Kirito recovery you just found out about Kirito needing the help from
people that he’s close with between Asuna Leafa and Sinon one of these is not
like the others for Asuna totally makes sense for her being there as soon as
currently Kirito’s lover they spent so much time in the SAO death game hell
they were even married at one point and actually Kirito and Asuna pretty much
behave like a long-term married couple at this point. For Leafa she’s Kirito’s
beloved cousin or little sister figure depending on how you slice it naturally
these two have a rich history not only being blood related but having grown up
and lived with each other still to this day and then he has Sinon the little
bookworm that Kirito came in contact during the GGO incident. Up till
the point of Sao Alicization they’ve known each other for roughly half a year
this whole Shin an inclusion fell borderline forced maybe a level below
that and trust me as a fan Sinon and I’m totally willing to let this go by. To
this day I still am a huge Sinon venom I definitely loved her whole arc
and development I am buying her goddess she and her figure on day one eventually
the sniper Sinon and when I got the funds to do so come on
release an integrity knight scene and figure two that said to be fair to both
Sinon and Reki I mentioned being willing to give this a pass especially since I
needed people currently connected to the soul translator. If I were to make up
numbers I would say Asuna helped 50% Leafa around 25% and Asuna would
have been like 5 to 10% no biggie here but then you combine this
with other stuff at one point in sa you only have Goddess Sinon and that freshly
entered be on the Underworld. Sinon seeing Kirito actually got a small reaction from
Kirito definitely nothing on the level of Asuna’s arrival. Naturally Sinon
and cared about Kirito’s well-being or lack thereof in this case however you
actually have Sinon and giving potato Kirito a peck on the cheek on top of
this Asuna was in the room behind when that happened I mean really she
didn’t even has a dump and Oh Asuna was okay with us again really
unlike the whole suppose that Alice kissing that was not really a kissing
this actually happened then to some extent Asuna was fine with it – what the
hell Sinon definitely of all people shouldn’t be doing that even considering
it especially not when Asuna is right behind her
not when Kirito in this broken state definitely not what even Asuna didn’t
kiss him not in this state adding more to verse Sinon a little later and
minced out loud that she likes or even loves Kirito she didn’t followed
this up by saying there’s a lot of people who care or love Kirito too.
Please please if they do nothing else for the love of Goddess Stacia don’t
include this in the anime. The SAO season three anime has so far fixed some of the
issues I recently had with the whole Asuna versus Alice episode that was done
pretty well and they could do it again delete this whole thing and Sinon just
say that you care for him full stop. I mean they’ve already cut out the Kirito kissing Selka scene. You could cut out one more pack just one more but
enough mini rant. here’s a quick interesting tidbit for me
and don’t try to keep this brief I actually wanted to double-check the
original Japanese tanks just to see how the whole Sinon kiss scene actually
read a major reason being it failed extremely out of character for Sinon
especially her out of all people not to mention doing that to someone in this
coma ish State on top of that what their lover being right behind him that being
Asuna who is also very close to Sinon at this point even more reason to be
suspicious about the whole scene I should note in typical Japanese
fashion there is some vagueness baked into the Sinon when I first read this
with my understanding from the Japanese source scene was that Sinon touched
Kirito’s cheek and lips which is still a little weird but four marks at the boat
given the context honestly I wasn’t confident enough to confirm this which
is why I reached out to a couple of native Japanese people that I know
including someone who does translating for a living
the results unfortunately it was a mixed bag one person sided with it most likely
being the Sinon Peck scene. Then the translator emphasized it could be either
case given the context as a situation in other words up to debate nothing
concrete in my face either way I’m still hoping this was a
mistranslation so either nothing to worry about or they could just remove
the scene completely anyway ask any burning SAO question down below I do
emphasize try to ask as soon as possible so go ahead and post any juicy thoughts
down below how high are you for Kirito return how do you feel about the
whole Sinon scene definitely subscribe so you don’t miss future indepth
anime videos and I’ll see you guys later.

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