Weezer – Say It Ain’t So (Official Music Video)

Weezer – Say It Ain’t So (Official Music Video)

(“Say It Ain’t So” by Weezer) ♪ Oh yeah ♪ ♪ Alright ♪ ♪ Somebody’s Heine’ ♪ ♪ Is crowding my icebox ♪ ♪ Somebody’s cold one ♪ ♪ Is giving me chills ♪ ♪ Guess I’ll just
close my eyes ♪ ♪ Oh yeah ♪ ♪ Alright ♪ ♪ Feels good ♪ ♪ Inside ♪ ♪ Flip on the telly ♪ ♪ Wrestle with Jimmy ♪ ♪ Something is bubbling ♪ ♪ Behind my back ♪ ♪ The bottle is ready to blow ♪ ♪ Say it ain’t so ♪ ♪ Your drug is a heartbreaker ♪ ♪ Say it ain’t so ♪ ♪ My love is a life taker ♪ ♪ I can’t confront you ♪ ♪ I never could do that
which might hurt you ♪ ♪ So try and be cool ♪ ♪ When I say ♪ ♪ This way is a water
slide away from me ♪ ♪ That takes you
further every day ♪ ♪ So be cool ♪ ♪ Say it ain’t so ♪ ♪ Your drug is a heartbreaker ♪ ♪ Say it ain’t so ♪ ♪ My love is a life taker ♪ ♪ Dear Daddy, I write you ♪ ♪ In spite of years of silence ♪ ♪ You’ve cleaned
up, found Jesus ♪ ♪ Things are good,
or so I hear ♪ ♪ This bottle of Stephen’s ♪ ♪ Awakens ancient feelings ♪ ♪ Like father, stepfather ♪ ♪ The son is drowning
in the flood ♪ ♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ Say it ain’t so ♪ ♪ Your drug is a heartbreaker ♪ ♪ Say it ain’t so ♪ ♪ My love is a life taker ♪

100 thoughts on “Weezer – Say It Ain’t So (Official Music Video)

  1. Yo vengo por holasilver

  2. foUnD JeeezUs

  3. American youth before it got fucked up by springbreak on MTV.

  4. Nostalgia…

  5. Hoy en Perú.

  6. 1:20
    When you goggle HP love craft cat name

  7. 1:00 That shit sound like to Kurt Cobain. <3

  8. the way he says bubbling though

  9. Break of Reality performed a cover of this song and they killed it as much as Weezer did. I was bopping my head throughout the entire thing.

    P.S. Weezer will always be my favorite band👏🏾❤️

  10. Say it aint so I will not go turn the lights off carry me home

  11. Matt sharp=zuckles

  12. Weezer the blue album was my first concert ever. I was 11. It was the greatest concert ever.

  13. this song is actually so sad man if you really listen to the lyrics. he could never tell his dad to stop drinking because he was afraid it would hurt his feelings or upset him, and now because he never confronted him about it, he stumbled into the same alcoholism of his dad. man its really heavy makes me cry almost. "your drug is a heart breaker" – his dads alcohol problem was hurting him as a kid, and "my love is a lifetaker" – because he loved his dad so much, he never had the will to tell him to stop. Man…

  14. This song reminds me of those teenage days when I just stayed at home playing rock band instead of going out. These guys have definitely influenced me to play guitar and form a band. Me and my band recently put out some new songs on our channel and people are really digging them. You guys should come check it out. You won't regret it. 😉

  15. oh man, nostalgia crush city n shit

  16. Ben Shapiro has some great pipes

  17. this video is so awkward and it just makes it better

  18. Early 2000's MTV shit, back when television was the only entertainment beside the theatres, people who talked shit got their ass whooped no video camera in sight, people didn't copy because their was no one to copy, baggy clothes were the shit, blackberry phones and girls who weren't afraid to send nudes with their whole face and body quick.

  19. They told me to replace Mexico M with S 😭

  20. Brasil, 25.09.19😍

  21. I always loved these guys

  22. Fuck yeah seeing them dudes in June!


  23. Weezer cover megalovania when?

  24. I actually prefer this version over calpurnia’s cover but there still good 😂

  25. 1:01 Wrestle with Jimmy.

  26. Good song


  28. Imagine this song about not having KFC

  29. Real music


  31. 90% of people watched after the “only Matt sharp singing” video… it’s crazy that you can now hear it soo much more lmfao

  32. 2:21 Just found out people have sex before marriage

  33. 1:17 18

  34. Bought this CD on June 1995. Had no clue what was all about at that time. Just liked the front cover. Here I am 23 years later listening to this gem and recalling those good ol' dayz

  35. Rock in Rio ♥️🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  36. when you searched "grandfather clock" in google but accidentally forgot to type the L 😭

  37. Spanish

  38. all i hear is matt sharp now

  39. cliff burton

  40. This is sick dawg

  41. 1:03 this scream 😍

  42. Each time I look at this band I think about how they all look like my old high school friends they were all nerdy looking dudes. I was the dumb one failed a bunch of classes. They graduated with out me and that’s the last time I saw them…..5 years ago

  43. When the teacher tells you to pick a partner and you look at your friend like

  44. Thanks again for visit Lima, Perú

  45. When you write Mexico but replace m with s

  46. Went to see Dominic Fike and he played his song West Coast Collective then added Say It Ain’t So between the song and ended with West Coast Collective, it was so good, thank you Weezer for such an amazing ass song!

  47. My love is a life taker

  48. I realize this is the result of a problem but I listened to this song, minus bathroom breaks and a few snacks, all the way from Paris to Atlanta. It's amazing what OCD and Valium can do on a 8-9 hour flight.

  49. Going to see Weezer, Green Day, and Fallout boy can't wait till Aug. 1

  50. I saw the one with Matt sharps isolated vocals, and now this song sounds weird

  51. Why dose the drummer look like filthy frank

  52. This is the best pavement song

  53. Yo nobody ever told me Callmecarson was in a band???

  54. 😭😭😭😭😭JUST GOOGLED


  55. I remember this song specifically because of Rock Band 3

  56. Here from the Matt Sharp only video.

  57. It's weird because after listening to both closely back to back, Matt Sharp just sounds like a kind of high echo.

  58. Can anyone suggest me some other bands to listen to?

    I'm 15 so I don't know many songs from this time period.

  59. I came here after watching the Mac Miller acoustic cover. Thank god

  60. Where is the girl? You know the one they used to play with? I am a little confused.

  61. When you try to spell Mexico but spell it with a S then a M 1:19

  62. is it bad that i like calpurnia's version better

  63. Does anyone else hear wrestle with Jeremy?????

  64. los vi en vivo..en colombia…son lo mejor del mundo!!!

  65. damn I love that falsetto at the end

  66. めちゃめちゃ
    かっこええやないかー!!( ;゚皿゚)ノシ

  67. 1:17 2:21

  68. I read that rivers and matt actually did not get along and that matt felt his skills weren't being utilized fully in the band. anyone think there is any truth to that?

  69. When you get to wrestle with Jimmy 0:00

  70. My band director sang dis, it was art

  71. Fun fact: This song and band does not exist

  72. Eminem on bass, Steve from Blue's Clues on vocal, and videogamedunkey on drums.

  73. Rivers pisses me off….he wants to make songs that he thinks his fans will like. Fuck that, make music you like

  74. Like se é do Brasil

  75. Que nostalgia!😢


  77. "your drug is a life-taker…"

  78. Wrestle a Jimmy. Aka roll a Jay.

  79. Spell Mexico but instead of "M" replace it with "S"

  80. Could someone point me some rocks like this?? Hardly enjoy the melody and speed of it hehe

  81. Why do i think there is a rap song with the same intro. anyone know it??

  82. this looks like the same place where beetlebum by blur was filmed…

  83. When in doubt

    Wrestle with jimmy

  84. muito bom! 🤘🔥☠️👌

  85. 19,000 milliniels dont understand musicians that play their own instruments.

  86. …because being punk rock means not having to prove you are

  87. Mixed Race Couple Detected

  88. Ok so I bought tickets to the hella mega tour but didn’t know any Weezer songs but buddy holly I decided to listen to some albums and so far this is the best one of the singles

  89. Sexicõ

  90. Sexico moment

  91. Wrestle with jimmy

  92. Calpurnia will do a cover to this 🤘

  93. 2019 year

  94. 2:42 he has go to be death to ignore those skills right before him

  95. Friends of P

  96. Who else noticed the dud in the back with the orange shirt was jamming out back there😂

  97. flip on the telee…


  98. These guys write such badass songs.

  99. Did anyone else in here hear this song when they were high asf

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