We Turned Grass Into Wall Art

We Turned Grass Into Wall Art

Hey guys! We’re Evan and Katelyn
and as you might know, we can’t keep a plant alive. We can’t keep a plant alive. We have terrible luck
with keeping plants alive. EVAN: How are
those plants doing? They’re not doing great. Except for you, little guy. You’re going to be fine. But we still wanted to
add some more greenery to our patio, so today
we’re going to fake it with a faux plant wall. I don’t know why I
embraced the wall. (both laugh) Okay we got to do that over. Thank you Lowe’s, thank you Lowe’s for
sponsoring this video. (both laugh) KATELYN: So this all
started when we were walking through Lowe’s one day and we noticed the artificial
grass you can order online and decided we wanted
to put it on the wall. Remember those geometric
wood art pieces everyone was making for a while? Well, now folks are doing
that with wood and moss which looks super cool, but we wanted to
use this faux grass because it’s meant
to be outside and, most importantly, it can’t die. (eerie noise) So we mocked up a
design in Photoshop, playing with the
backgrounds of how much wood versus how much grass and once
we got it where we liked it, it was time to start
cutting out our wood pieces. Wait one second,
let’s get this ready. Oh, hi. Didn’t notice you there. (laughs) We’re admiring our
new grass workbench. You know, I wouldn’t
be against this. It makes me happy
for some reason. It would be covered in resin, but like yeah, it’s so joyous. It’s so joyous. Well, anyways, we
have all the supplies and we’re ready to go. So to make this a little
bit easier to follow along, I think we should outline the
basic elements of this build. While you do that,
I’m gonna get cutting. Okay, so there’s basically
five parts to this. First, we’re going to
have the vertical boards, that we will use as the
attachment point to the house. Then we’re going
to have the frame, that will outline the edges
and make it look pretty. Next, we have the
slats that we’re using as a backing to
staple the grass onto and I guess the
grass is an element. And lastly, there the
wood chevron designs that we’ll put on top of it. All righty, want to
see if these fit? Oh, yeah. Also, I cut two of them
to the wrong size, yay. So these are going to, wait. KATELYN: Do they not fit? No no no, they fit perfectly. KATELYN: Yeah. They’re snug. But we’re going to ahead
and attach it to this wooden board up here, which
to me a lot less intimidating than screwing into
the actual brick. So I think this is a success. KATELYN: Okay, legs done! Okay so we checked the
length of two of the pieces, so I’m sure the
other eight are fine and I’m down to just
start gluing it up. Let’s just do it. Oh, let me take it out of auto. I already did. Oh! You’re so good,
look at you baby! EVAN: Hey, baby! KATELYN: Okay, go for it. (Evan making noises) Sorry I’ll stop doing that. (laughs) So our goal for today is to
get the entire glue-up done. Normally, we do glue-ups
in multiple bits, you know, because its a little bit safer. There’s just less variables
that could go wrong. Today, we are not doing that, we’re adding all the variables. All right, now help me
precise the position. It’s at this one right there. Okay, we can just. No, don’t do that. That looks right. EVAN: All right, I’m
going to start nailing. Am I going to be the clamp? EVAN: You are the clamp. (laughs) Are you ready? EVAN: No! (nail gun air) One down.
Okay. Now just a bunch more of that. (sped up nail gun noises) (nail gun drops) Oh my god. (slow motion effect) Oh my god. Okay, slow- I don’t think that
was even caught. Slow, careful, slow, careful. (piano music) Okay, this might be what
I’m most excited for. The slats. Hopefully, we can
just drop this in. (victory chime) Yay! (claps) Oh yes. Just drop these in and nail it. We did design this to be the perfect height
for a fence post. (Evan laughs) Because. Because we don’t
like making cuts or doing work we
don’t have to do. ‘Lazy’ isn’t the right word. Efficient. Efficient. I think that’s it! (cheers) Our glue-up is done! EVAN: I really want
to just roll out the grass on top of this, but we should probably go
ahead and finish it first. That’s a good idea, team. I don’t know why I
said it like that. (both laugh) I’m getting hungry. Oh, you okay? Yeah. (laughs) So we had pizza and
we’re ready to go again. (both laugh) We initially were not
going to finish this because cedar
doesn’t technically need to be finished
to last outside, but a lot of you guys
in our last video, the patio make-over,
suggested painting or finishing the fence
so that it didn’t fade and we’re going to do
the same thing here so it doesn’t fade and
then do the fence later on. I was brushing my eyebrows. Oh.
Do they look nice? They look fabulous. (both laugh) You got the pizza giggles. (both laugh) Pizza makes you joyous. (Katelyn laughs) KATELYN: Oh, its thicc. Okay, so we are
actually just going to cover the parts of this
that the sun will see since our main reason
for doing this is to keep it from discoloring
in the UV light. We should probably just
time lapse through this, most people know how
to, like, use a brush. Do they, though? While finishing the frame,
we also decided to go ahead and pre-finish the
boards that will make up our chevron
pieces later. All right, so this is almost
the second to last step. Adding the grass. Yay! So we’ve already
done a few test cuts. It cuts pretty easily. The main thing we’re
going to be doing while we’re attaching this, is trying to attach
in the right place because if you look at how
the grass is constructed, there is these rows of grass,
so if you spread it open you can actually staple
the back of the weave directly to the wood. Because I did, when I
was first testing this, I just went like this. And you can see that I just
stapled down the grass. KATELYN: So this could
be a little tedious. Spread it, correctly
staple it down, but it should be
pretty easy, generally. So this edge over here can go- Oh! (laughs)
Oh, sorry! (slow motion effect) Did I hit you in the face? No no no, I’m okay. Okay, good. Is this satisfying? A nice straight
row to cut along. Please don’t let this
be cut too short. It’s perfect! Nice! (sad piano music) Don’t let this be cut too short. It’s perfect! No it’s not! Oh! (sad piano continues) It got pulled. Oh no! Oh no. Okay, okay. We didn’t
cut it all the way, we didn’t cut all the way. We’ll just… Can we just, like,
staple along that seam? Yeah. Its okay, everything is okay. Nobody panic. Oh jeez. Let’s try that again. Okay, we’re going
to try this again with me holding it in place. Sorry, you guys don’t get
to see the satisfying cut. (rock & roll music) All right. Oh, that flop is so sad! Oh no. EVAN: That’s okay, that’s okay, We’ll just tuck it in
like it never happened. It’s looking great over here. It’s buckling here. Okay, Katelyn, now that
you are one with the grass. The next step is
to staple my people to their wooden prison. Proceed. (Evan laughs) I’m making so much noise. EVAN: Right there. Fire the nail gun. KATELYN: Let’s staple that. EVAN: There you are. This might take a
while, I’m realizing. We’ll do one for
the camera and then we’ll get a snack and
then we’ll time lapse. (rock & roll music) Okay, it is the final
part of this project. We’re going to add the
wood chevron designs and because its a
mirror image of itself, we’re just going
to do one quadrant and then we’ll use those pieces to trace out the rest of them. Thank you. (buzz saw hums) (rock music) EVAN: Let’s stop it right here and lets check these clamps because I see some of
them kind of, like, Rotating and everything.
Slide a little bit. You mean all the
ones on my side? (laughs) EVAN: We’ll screw
a few like this. It seems fairly stable-ish. (rock music) Ta-dah! It looks
just we imagined it! It literally is the Photoshop
mock-up in real life. It’s awesome! Nice! This was what was
missing out here. KATELYN: Yeah. EVAN: A blank wall and
now its a piece of art. KATELYN: I was so worried
it was going to be too big in real life, but it’s
perfect! I love it. Yeah. Now we can pet our grass
wall anytime we want. Like normal people. (both laugh) I just want to do like
an Instagram, like- This is definitely, yes,
this is an Instagram- (both laugh) Is an Instagram-able location. Instagram-able backdrop for us. Yeah, but it was really
fun using common materials in a really unusual way, so it might inspire some
of our upcoming projects. (happy music) I hope you guys
enjoyed today’s video and we look forward to
seeing you in the next one. BOTH: Bye! Subscribe, check out
our gaming channel. The usual things. BOTH: Bye! Boop! Testing the sound. Hey guys we’re Evan. (both laugh) And Katelyn! We’re Katelyn,
we are all Katelyns on this glorious day. Hey gu- (laughs) Oh, sorry. (laughs) I was getting my knife out. (laughs) It’s not that type of video. What type of video is that? I don’t know. Bad boi. I’m a bad boi. (laughs) KATELYN: What was that? Nothing. And this slime ball, we
finally have more slime balls so we can make- Wait wait, whoa whoa whoa. Where’d you get the slime balls? I was just in the
cave, just exploring and I found some slimes. When did you explore caves? I wasn’t exploring
caves without you, I was just killing zombies. Running up to the ravine
to do this with you. (Evan drowned out
by eerie noise) I feel betrayed. EVAN: I’m sorry.

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