Watch Margot Robbie Fight on Roller Skates in ‘Birds of Prey’ | Anatomy of a Scene

Watch Margot Robbie Fight on Roller Skates in ‘Birds of Prey’ | Anatomy of a Scene

“Hi, I’m Cathy Yan, the
director of ‘Birds of Prey.’ So we’re near the
end of the movie. And this is the culminating,
the final fight scene between the women
and the gangs that Roman Sionis,
played by Ewan McGregor, sends in to the
funhouse, which is called the Booby Trap. Well, originally, it wasn’t
a funhouse, actually. I believe, originally,
it was a hotel. And they were supposed
to fight their way down. But then, when I got together
with our amazing production designer, KK Barrett, and
our DP, Matthew Libatique, we kind of thought,
wouldn’t it be more interesting to
convey a location that felt like Harley
Quinn’s mind on acid? Our actresses,
they’re actually doing the majority of
the stunts themselves. That was four to five
months of brutal training. When we were in
prep, the actors were training pretty
much every day with our stunt team.” “Come on!” “Margot learned to roller
skate for this movie because she ends up roller
skating in a good portion of the movie. She learned to roller
skate on a bank track for the derby scene. And then, obviously,
she’s roller skating here. And for this moment, she is
actually just roller skating. And she was so– she became so
good that she was able to stop herself,
which is actually the most difficult
thing to do, while on a rotating
carousel, which is infinitely harder
than when you’re not on a rotating carousel. What was another big challenge
that we only sort of realized on the day, too, was that
because the background was so different, for continuity,
whenever we started a take, we had to make sure that
we started and ended at the same point. So the carousel became
a sort of clock. And we had a number
for each of the hands. And then each hand had
to directly correlate with a point outside
in the funhouse so that we were able
to actually match up the backgrounds. If we didn’t do that,
then it would have been a complete nightmare.” [MUSIC PLAYING] “[SHOUTS] Ah. Wait.”

72 thoughts on “Watch Margot Robbie Fight on Roller Skates in ‘Birds of Prey’ | Anatomy of a Scene

  1. The fight scenes in this film were so cool and well-made!

  2. Harley Quinn on acid?🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  3. Ha ha..

  4. Do they have super powers?
    Because literally no woman can knock men out like that.
    I like some reality with my fantasy.

  5. blade life > roller life

  6. I enjoyed the movie, it sucks though it isn't doing well at the box office

  7. This looks horrible

  8. This was such a good movie

  9. This is meant to be John wick level?😂😂😂

  10. I have never seen such obvious stage fighting in a movie. Lol.

  11. Hmmmm….no

  12. Looks so badl

  13. I have no issue with this movie. Id even see it again. But it needed a stronger story line. Maybe a male character besides the bad guy? So its not like ghostbusters remake lol. And the bad guys in this scene.. Some were just standing there til one of the girls turned their attention to them before they did anything! Biiiiiiig no no!! Other than that loved the acting and the fight scenes. Loved the characters. Mostly Harley. Oh and that asian thief girl was soooo bad! So boring. Her acting was flat

  14. some extra coverage (overhead shots? floor level shots?) might have been interesting.

  15. This is incredibly boring.

  16. Margo Robbie is going to get to the end of her career and be one of those actors who’re basically a ninja with the number of stunts they’ve done, if she keeps going like this.

  17. This scene is so much slower with someone talking over it 😂

  18. Jesus this looks terrible.

  19. This is just bad. In a bad way. Nope

  20. Please tell me this isn't the climax of the movie. If so I won't watch.

  21. John wick is better

  22. get woke go broke. stop spread feminist propaganda

  23. doesn't look very appealing at all

  24. This movie was dope. I dont care about box Office or critics

  25. 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓I really wanna watch this movie💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

  26. mindless rubbish

  27. this fight scene looks totally campy cringey television quality Pow zap kapooow …..lame

  28. Great movie!!

  29. ooh violence

    :  haven't seen that before  :  I think we need more of that

  30. Looks like crap

  31. I think that the first Suicide Squad movie, they want to make Margot Robbie's portrayal of Harley Quinn to look more like a roller derby girl.

  32. 02:15 and I already know its BS

  33. Loved the movie 💗 The fights scenes were so different and fun!

  34. I love how this video is added whilst the film is still in theatres… what a shameless plug. Such integrity from New York Times

  35. This scene is so good.

  36. Harley on acid? Gimme a BREAK! 😣

  37. wow so many incels in this comment section.

  38. i loved Harley's outfit here though oh my god

  39. Why is everyone hating dc been way worse I thought the movie was entertaining

  40. This movie is bright and silly and everyone is a bisexual mess. Loved it.

  41. Nobody cares. This thing bombed. A social justice nightmare.

  42. woke

  43. Man, no wonder it flopped. That looks terrible. lol

  44. I loved the movie. The comments I hear getting on it seem to be for the sake of complaining and going back to box office earnings (a lot of great movies didnt do well in the box office unfortunately). It was a good comic book movie and I loved that it felt like I was back to reading the comics. Margot was great in that Harley was as annoying as she is supposed to be. Thats her shtick and it was on point. Ewan McGregor was actually a chilling villain and made black mask scarier than he's ever been in my eyes. I didnt expect much because I didnt expect a good villain. I thought maybe Zsasz would steal the show because honestly he's terrifying. But he was toned down a lot. The rest of the cast really did their thing even if I wish it was truer to the comics. But all in all, it felt so good to watch and I enjoyed it the whole time. It hasnt done well in the box office but that was provably due to marketing since it got great reviews at pre-screenings. I noticed that I only saw more of it after that declaring from critics though and that's too little time to garner up the hype for a big box office weekend. Also, def needed that R rating 👌I enjoyed the violence ::shrug::

  45. How come no one had guns? this supposed to be a R rated movie.

  46. a truly terrible super hero movie

  47. Too bad the movie is trash

  48. Just say it, it’s the scene with women vs men. Because of this BS feminist agenda, this movie failed hard. Well deserve failure.

  49. The fights scenes look terrible. Like they are waiting in line to fight.

  50. Best scene ♥ Love this movie♥

  51. I love how she has derby skates on, but for when she was just standing and whacking people with her hammer it would had made more sense if she went on her toe stops. Just check out some derby clips and you’ll see women going on their toe stops when they are pushing through crowds for example.

  52. Watched suicide squad and pretended this movie never existed, Harley Quinn acting like a completely different person and the hidden message of the whole movie just need more structure

  53. I did enjoy the movie. Here comes what I.thought it didn't need,
    F bombs, there were just to many.
    It could of been a way better Movie.
    Final Fight Scene redeemed the Movie

  54. The film sucked in every sense.

  55. 0:41 Harley in the background on the tightrope is EVERYTHING. so true to her acrobatic background!

  56. Bravo 👏

  57. I like the Canary Cry and Huntress's origin

  58. Have AnYONE noticed the black curly hair girl with a red band didn't fight much xd

  59. The fight is just so wrong and bad almost terrible

  60. In real life, this fight could have literally ended with just a scream from Black Canary

  61. birds of prey sucked, sonic for the win!!!

  62. #GetWokeGoBroke

  63. At least the actresses didn’t brag about doing their own stunts unlike captain marvel.

  64. This was one of the dumbest fight scenes I've seen in a long time.
    Bunch of thugs who cant land a punch and get in position and wait to get hit …unrealistic

  65. I see a Bunch of britches fighting men. No wonder this movie is bleeding at box office😒

  66. Lol

  67. I streamed this movie for free and still want money back. Terrible script, mediocre acting, and lame plot. Suicide squad was better than this, and that movie sucked.

  68. this movie sucks

  69. This movie was SO bad.


  71. Trash movie for a trash ideology.

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