WAIT!? WHAT?! | Redrawing My Friend’s Art from Description ONLY! | Art Game

WAIT!? WHAT?! | Redrawing My Friend’s Art from Description ONLY! | Art Game

” Today I’m gonna be playing a game, but to
play the game I’m going to need a friend:” (Dina)
” hello my name is Dina and I have drawn a
drawing and I’m gonna try and explain it and describe it to Rin.” (Rin)
“and then I am going to have to draw it without being able to see it and I can’t see what she
has already drawn” (Dina)
“and I can’t see what Rin is drawing at all” (Rin & Dina)
“so we’re going in completely blind!” (Dina)
“We have no idea what the other ones doing” (Rin)
“This is gonna be so much fun!” (Dina)
“yeah it’s gonna be a mess but
it’s gonna be a hot mess! it’s gonna be fun mess” (Rin)
“yeah so let’s do it” (Dina)
“let’s do it!” ♪ (Rin)
“since it is the month of May we both decided to draw mermaids and describe
them to each other” — (Dina)
“weeeeeell I’ve drawn a merman” (Rin)
[nervous noises] (Dina)
“so I thought I would challenge you a tiny bit so we’re gonna start with the head. so it’s kinda
like a three-quarter view and it’s quite a big circle” – (Rin)
“3/4 view. is it looking left or right?” (Dina)
“looking towards the left of the page” (Rin)
“okay and this is
near the top of the page?” (Dina)
” yes. “leave a little bit of room
atop because you’re gonna give him a kind of fin going in a curve towards
the other side” — (Rin)
OH BOY! this is already… [both nervous laugh] (Dina)
“I just realized how hard this is gonna be. Ummm” (Rin)
“it’s a man?” (Dina)
“yeah but he has a shark head” (Rin)
“a shark head!?”
[unintelligable noise of fear] (Rin)
“So like a big nose? a big bulbous nose thing?” (Dina)
“yeah so you have a three quarter head and he’s looking to to the left and a little bit
down” (Rin):
“Oh, a little bit down that sounds Important” (Dina)
“a little bit down, yeah. that is important” (Rin)
“I think me and my eraser are going to get very
friendly today. So it’s a little bit down?” (Dina)
“a little bit… well his neck is really short so
where the end of the snout” (Rin)
“mm-hmm” (Dina)
“it’s kind of like where his collarbone is. so
it’s kind of looking–” (Rin)
“WAHHHT?!!” (Dina)
[laughs] “I just realized how hard it’s gonna be to to explain. It’s at the same level, so you go like to the right a little bit you kind of
make a circle for his chest. so you kind of like a little bit to the
side but his chin goes all the way down to the collarbone in a way and it’s his
neck it’s like really big.” (Rin)
“this is going real well I’m very
confident…” (Dina)
“I’m just excited to see what you can do
with the same idea but not see what I’m doing” (Rin)
“this looks a little bit like a gargoyle
right now–” (Dina)
“oh that’s good!” (Rin)
“that’s good?” (Dina)
“yeah!” (Rin)
“I’m starting very simple so that I
can erase.” (Dina)
“yes! good idea. okay so his shoulder and arm is kind of going
backwards as if you were gonna sprint somewhere you can have your arm
back like that and his hand is kind of in that position as well. and kind of
claw like, but he’s kind of leaning forward and that’s why I tried to say when he was his head is kind of going down bit so it’s a little
bit hunched forward.” (Rin)
“okay” (Dina)
“and then his other shoulder is kind of hidden
a little bit behind his head cuz youre seeing him leaning forward” (Rin)
“okay so right shoulders behind him or left shoulders behind him?” (Dina)
“Shoulder on the left side of the page is behind his head” (Rin)
“oh shoot. I did the opposite.” (Dina)
“okay so he’s facing towards the left side, you’re left, – and this chest is also facing left so
his right shoulder–” (Rin)
“OOH! I made his chest facing the right! Shoot!” (Dina)
“You’ve switched it around” (rin)
“how do I fix this?! I thought it was going so well.” (Dina)
“Erase, Erase, Eraser!
it would actually be cool the other way (Rin)
“yeah, I liked the angles. okay so the shoulder on
the left is behind him?” (Dina)
“yes.” (Rin)
“so I just need to like flip this
around. that wouldve been funny if we never cleared that up.” (Dina)
“We should have just left it.” (Rin)
“so the left one you don’t see his arm at
all you only see a shoulder? (Dina)
“Shoulder on the left side of the page is behind his head and that arm is going up a little bit like he’s
holding something up to his face but he’s holding spear.” (Rin)
“close to his face?” (Dina)
“yeah sort of close. like a 90 angle in his elbow
ish so it is going up a bit. (Rin)
“I was more confident
when I had it the other way. This just looks like scribbles now. so where’s the elbow? can you see the elbow?” (Dina)
“ah yes you can see the elbow.” (Rin)
“so is it above his head? or is it
it level with his head?” (Dina)
“the elbow is just the level of his
hips we haven’t drawn his hips yet. his hand is the level of his head so he is
holding his hand up.” (Rin)
[Happy realization noises] (Dina)
“did that make it a little bit better?” (Rin)
“I can’t get it down to
his hips cuz I made his chest too big” (Dina)
“well you can still go
like out a little bit it’s not too like it’s hand it’s not too close to his face.” (Rin)
“There is also no room for the spear on the paper–” (Dina)
“it’s not that important. the character is
what’s important here.” (Rin)
“is he muscle-y?” (Dina)
“yes. very.
but his head is quite big, like his head is the size of his chest and then like his leg’s
are quite small compared to it.”
[laughs] (Rin)
“I’m gonna have to look up-ok that looks like a Pterodactyl.
Did you say he has a fin on his head?” (Dina)
“yes it’s going towards the
right side of the page.” (Rin)
“perfect.” (Dina)
“kind of like a nice swoop. and he has a
little nook in it if you want to add that and a little ring.” (Rin)
“where’s the ring?
at the end of it? or lower at the base?” (Dina)
“lower to the base. on the back in a
way. Does that makes sense?” (Rin)
“mm-hmm so it’s like one of those things scientists clip?” (Dina)
“yeah, yeah. didn’t know they did that. I’ts a fish hook kind of thing. something metal,
something metal like” (Rin)
“ohh, it’s a fishhook. alright I think we’re getting somewhere
what about the legs?” (Dina)
“so his torso is going quite not completely
straight down but a little way towards the right side of the page but it’s kind
of like we’re looking down a little bit just not too much – not really
distorted, but it’s a little bit and then the leg that’s on the left
side of the page which is the right the same–” (Rin)
“WAIT? he has TWO LEGS?! (Dina)
“Yes.” (Rin)
“WHAT?!” (Dina)
“He is still a mermaid-or man. I don’t know. He’s just the wrong way around. I just like drawing mermen like this so it’s kind of my style.” (Rin)
“Wait a minute. does he not have
shoulders?” (Dina)
“He does have shoulders.” (Rin)
“okay. cuz now I’m picturing like fish on the
top, person on the bottom–” (Dina)
“oh no no no he has shoulders it’s not he’s not just a fish at the top–” (Rin)
“Cuz then he would just be a triangle at the top with eyes.” (Dina)
“uh, no. please add shoulders. so his right leg is the same as his right
arm which is the one that’s on the left side of the page. and it’s kind of bent
his knees is high, a little bit higher up it’s not like at hip level but it’s
just think like half way [thinks audible] not half way but halfway between like having it at
hip level and having it straight down.” (Rin)
“so it’s like mid thigh?” (Dina)
“yeah.” (Rin)
“can you see the
whole leg or is it like mostly Knee?” (Dina)
“you can see the whole leg, but his foot is
like really elongated like a fin like a swimming foot-like a flipper.” (Rin)
“okay I
gotta make room for that. I’m running out of room on the page.” (Dina)
“and he’s heel is
turned up like he’s stepping into something so his foot is going up a
little bit so he’s kind of like–” (Rin)
“he’s like stepping?” (Dina)
“he’s in water but if you were treading with like flippers. kind of like he is standing.” (Rin)
“What is the other leg doing then? (Dina)
“it’s going backwards a little
bit but it’s going like that the knee is going straight down from the hip and
then going backwards towards the right side of the page so like the
corner-Oh and he has a little tail as well.” (Rin)
“Oh where do I put that?” (Dina)
“it is like a shark fin. like a
stumpy shark fin at the end of his butt.” (Rin)
“I’m having a hard time with the legs.
you said the legs look small I think my thighs are too big.” (Dina)
“yeah I just made them
small because they had to fit on the page.” (Rin)
“That is the problem I’m having!” (Dina)
“I’m so excited to see.” (Rin)
yeah you are…” [laughter] (Dina)
” I feel like the trick is to listen to what I’m saying but also
make it look good yourself and not like ignoring parts of what I’m saying.” (Rin)
“so is the arm on the right side of the page, coming down on the paper?” (Dina)
“it’s going upwards a little bit so he’s he’s looking to the left side of the page
but the arm on the right side of the page is going upwards in kind of (what
did we say earlier?) I think you got it.” (Rin)
“A claw?” (Dina)
“yeah but it’s going like his elbow is
going up and back.” (Rin)
“I drew the left elbow pretty high so this looks real bad.” (Dina)
“try and ignore some of the things I say just like–” (Rin)
“which ones?!?!?!” (Dina)
“what ever you need to ignore. I don’t know” (Rin)
“Does it look like he is running through water on yours?” (Dina)
“yeah! yeah!” (Rin)
“okay I probably should have
started there.” (Dina)
[maniacal laugh]
“sorry. That could have been the easy way to explain it.” (Rin)
“I’ve never drawn a shark,
except for blub shark.” (Dina)
“How does blub shark look? and then I remember what a blobshark is–well no, is it blub shark or blub fish?? Am I confused, yes I am.” (Rin)
“well there’s a there’s a fish
call of the blob fish and then I have a character called blub fish so it’s with
a ‘U” the letter ‘U’ and that is a fish that I draw all the time like I
started drawing them years ago. so anytime I draw a mermaid I draw blub
fish and one time I drew a blob shark and I sold them as stickers.” (Dina)
“Awww!” (Rin)
“what are the eye?
are the eyes on the side of his head or does he have like a man face?” (Dina)
“uh it’s
on the side of his face so you only see one eye. yeah you only see one eye. he’s kind of turned a little bit three-quarter and
the bridge of his nose/snot/thing, it’s too high to see the other eye so it
doesn’t–” (Rin)
“okay yeah. I got it.” (Dina)
” oh his eyes are like half closed so he’s kind of like
he’s smirking like a evil grin with lots of teeth.” (Rin)
“oh dear
I have no room for teeth-wait a minute.” (Dina)
“I’m so excited!! I want to see it so bad.” (Rin)
“this looks like a blub fishes; uncle
right now. I have a feeling yours is like attractive in some way.” (Dina)
“yeah kind of
maybe.” (Rin)
“oh dear. I might look up a reference of a shark after I get
this hand working.” (Dina)
“yeah do that that’s what I had to do for his face because I
wasn’t sure how to draw the shark face until I looked it up.” (Rin)
“although I see all
the white space there which is like oh where that’s probably where it’s
supposed to be but it just doesn’t work anatomically.” (Dina)
“yeah he’s hunched forward
but I explained it in the beginning but I think it was just the wrong arm. and I don’t remember how I explained it like ya know if if a sprinter is leaning
forward and having one hand on the on the ground the other one up
and not touching anything that’s the same pose as the arm on the right
side of the page.” (Rin)
“where’s the elbow on the right side of
the page elbow.” (Dina)
“on the right side of page is shoulder at the top, then elbow
kind of a little bit lower than the shoulder and then the hand going down in a claw–” (Rin)
“okay! I heard that wrong then. Okay, that is what I’ve
been doing because I was like I can’t do it the way I thought you’re describing.” (Dina)
“did it help?” (Rin)
“yeah! what you’re describing is what I
decided to do to fix what I thought you were describing.” (Dina)
“Ohh! and his gills is on the side of his chest by the way, so his rib cage is gills, like three gills going down.” (Rin)
“OooOO!” (Dina)
“oh and he has like a seaweed hula hoop
skirt, not really hoop hula ,hula dancing skirt. not like a lot of seaweeds in the
way like it’s like strips of it here and there and it’s going not not any further
than his leg. like it’s just above his knees. and they kind of go, you just make him like pretty going whatever it like
so it doesn’t hide his legs because I didn’t wanna do that either. but it
hides the important parts to hide and he also has like a little piece of
fishnet on the right side, his right well his left hip,
actually, it will be. (Rin)
“I should probably figure out the legs first. they’re still kind of scribbles.” (Dina)
“Im kind of just throwing things out there just in case.” (Rin)
“yeah that’s helpful!” (Dina)
“good good good good we’re doing one color right? cuz I
kind of added two…” (Rin)
“I ended up not putting any color in mine.” (Dina)
“I might want to add that because I like color let me know when you figured out
the legs, cuz the feet are interesting.” (Rin)
“you said they’re really long though
right.” (Dina)
“yeah like flippers and theyre a little bit sharp like a shark tail would
be but just like with one fin. (Rin)
“Let me pull this leg in a bit.” (Dina)
“but you know how bats kind of
have different like fingers sticking out? it’s kind of like his big toe is shorter
than the next toe but the next toe is super long and connected by the fin that
goes to–” (Rin)
“that’s kind of how I was drawing it.” (Dina)
“yay I was hoping that. I thought it
was kind of like a natural way of doing it.” (Rin)
“in my head I could see this leg being
really cool but I can’t seem to get it right.” (Dina)
“You can do it!” (Rin)
“oh here we go
that’s what I wanted. I can’t decide if that’s better but it looks like he’s swimming now so–” (Dina)
thats good, yeah!” (Rin)
“okay, we’ll stick with that. like the actual foot section of the flipper like
not including toes, what percentage of the flipper?” (Dina)
“uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the whole thing.” (Rin)
“so the toes
don’t stick out past the foot?” (Dina)
“So the toes are like elongated to kind of be
like a batwing but not a batwing just a feet version of a bat wing. so that the fin
part goes all the way to the heel.” (Rin)
[lip-smacking and deep breathing in confusion] “you’ve got me bewildered!” (Dina)
[laughs] “oh he has like fin things on his uhm elbows as well. they stick out. they
just make the elbows kind of look long and sharp.” (Rin)
“okay.” (Rin)
“Alright. I need to do that skirt how high up on his belly does it go?” (Dina)
“right above his hips so right where his belly button is. but you still
see all three gills going down his side he has no nipples this is important.” (Rin)
“oh. [Excessive erasing.] You hear that erasing?” (Dina)
“so weird, sitting here blind. I
can’t see anything. I want to watch you draw. (Rin)
“this doesn’t really like seaweed, it looks
like french fries.” (Dina)
“Mine kind of looks like jagged long
leaves. the top of the skirt is tied with the fishnet but it doesn’t look
like a fishinet at that point but it hangs down on the left side of his hip.
Does that make sense?” (Rin)
“ehh…um…yeah…probably. it’s gonna have to make sense.” I’m just guessing at this point.” and so there’s like the top of the skirt is a rope or..” (Dina)
“yeah yeah I’m just being
quiet so you can cut it out of the video if you want to.” [laughter] (Rin)
“is there any texture to the seaweed.” (Dina)
“uh yeah.
you know those bubble things that you get on seaweed sometimes. they can pop?” (Rin)
“no.” (Dina)
“no? what? what have you never picked up seaweed and has those bubbles so you
could pop them like bubble wrap?” (Rin)
“no..?!” (Dina)
“no?!” it’s just a few of those. it’s just a few
like..” (Rin)
“like bubble wrap..?” (Dina)
“yeah 2 or 3 of them each leaf thing.” (Rin)
“well that actually
looks like cheese.” [Laughter] (Dina)
“I guess..?” (Rin)
“that looks kind of cool.” (Dina)
“it just gives it a little
bit extra like detail.” (Rin)
“it looks like he made a skirt out of Sponge Bob.” [Dina laughs incredulously] [Silence] [Dina snorts] (Dina)
“Thats horrible.” (Rin)
“alright back to the feet.” (Dina)
“so I’ve been thinking about how to explain this
better- so if you think of the foot as the hand
in a way but it only has two fingers in the way in a way, like it does have more
feet but it’s like weirdly shaped so the longest one is like the one that’s where
the thumb would be and then the next one is longer than that and that one has the
fin part connecting from the tip of the toe where the claws is and all the way down to
the heel.” (Rin)
“so like the toe comes out of the heel is that what you’re saying?” (Dina)
“yeah pretty much..well… I wish I could show you.” (Rin)
“is it like a frog?” (Dina)
“yes! yes!” (Rin)
“okay.” [unintelligible laughter] (Dina)
“I made it so difficult. Oh and it has like a
sharp nail / clawthing.” (Rin)
“this is coming together.” (Dina)
“Yay!! it was such a mess in the beginning I was so happy. it’s like it’s like it’s
like a brief I’m telling you what I see in my head and you have to make it look
cool.” (Rin)
“-a reality.” (Dina)
“heheh yeah. Make my imagination a reality, please!” (Rin)
“okay the arm on the right side of the page?” you said it’s like claw like?” (Dina)
“yeah at the bottom
like his hand is claw-like. but as I said like if somebody was like in
the running Naruto pose, in the way, but the arm is
kind of bent in stead of straight and (Rin)
“and then the arm on the left side of the
page? what is that one doing?” (Dina)
” it’s kind of if-he’s
holding something out but it’s holding the spear up.” (Rin)
“straight up and down? (Dina)
“a little bit on angle towards like if the spear was pointing a little bit towards
the left side of the page so like the top line.” (Rin)
“is it pointy at the
bottom?” (Dina)
“uh it’s actually not but it’s like quite skinny
it’s a very pointy at the top.” (Rin)
“the top mmm” (Dina)
“like the pointy end
is at the top.” (Rin)
“I think I want to go in with pencil now and finalize what my
idea is so I guess I can’t ask any more questions… I don’t know. let me see.” (Dina)
“um do you have his face right? (Rin)
“probably not. is it’s really pointy?” (Dina)
“uh yeah
it’s like a shark face. a stylized shark face so the nose is kind of like snout
like pointing out.” (Rin)
“what the heck does the nose on the shark look like?” (Dina)
[looking at a reference of a real shark]
“god they’re so scary.” (Rin)
“the first face that I drew it was very much inspired by
the movie Shark Tale, with Will Smith.” (Dina)
“oh!!!! wait that actually might be a very good reference.” (Rin)
“Jack Black is the shark.” (Dina)
“that might be what I had in mind when I was–[finds reference] Ohh!”
I’m gonna soften up his pointy his nose (Rin)
“Really? Then I might want to soften up his pointy nose then.” (Dina)
“well yeah it’s similar I just realized how creepy these characters are from the movie. I remember watching it and loving it.” (Rin)
“Yeah, I watched that movie a lot!” (Dina)
“I guess it’s kind of similar, but this guy’s a
little bit more fit and it doesn’t he has legs.” (Rin)
“you said it had a big neck right?” (Dina)
“yeah (Rin)
“He actually looks kind of cool.” (Dina)
“Yay!!” (Rin)
“in a–” (Dina)
“—weird kind of way?” (Rin)
“–in a: I tried kind of way.” [laughter] (Dina)
“I’m sure he’s awesome. I’m so excited.” (Rin)
“oh oh
the spear! (Dina)
“the tip of the spear is like jaggedy.” (Rin)
“I think I’m
done with the sketch. are there any bubbles?” (Dina)
“I just added a few
floaty bubbles above his heads but they’re not really that important but
you can add them if you want.” (Rin)
“I want to add some bubbles.” [laughter] (Dina)
“you just want to add some bubbles, it doesn’t matter If I said there were or not.” “do you want to add in a slight pattern like a shark pattern?” (Rin)
“I was kind of doing that
as I went like the dark on the top of the head?” (Dina)
“yeah yeah pretty much yeah it
was very very normal but you can add that if you want/” (Rin)
“does it come out from
like the side of his torso too?” (Dina)
“yes but the sides where the gills are is
like gray/blue and I added some like stripes on his forearms
but it’s not that important it’s just for me -it was fun to do.” (Rin)
[makes weird amusement park ride sounds] “is he like angry?” (Dina)
“yeah yeah a little bit like he’s he’s grinning but he’s also kind of
frowning, so evil grin frown thing yeah I took a picture mine, so I’m ready to
show it!” (Rin)
“boy oh boy.” (Dina)
“I think I used an 8b pencil for the lineart.” (Rin)
“oh, lala!” (Dina)
“did you add
this scar by the way?” (Rin)
“where’s the scar?” (Dina)
“over across his eye. it doesn’t doesn’t
make him blind or anything it’s just across his eye.” (Rin)
“gotcha!” the pencil was a
good idea. the spear is still–” (Dina)
“—questionable?” (Rin)
“—confusing. ready to get your mind blown?” (Dina)
“yes! please.” (Rin)
“Oh, that helped it look a little bit more like seaweed–” (Dina)
“—and not spongebob?” (Rin)
“Alrighty, I think I’m ready to show you. let me take a picture! [hums jeopardy theme] [camera makes camera noise] [send] (Dina)
[Seeing it for the first time]
“oh it’s so cool! oh he’s so cool! (Rin)
“now show me what yours loo—” (Dina)
“OHMYGAWD!! he’s so cool! oh my god
okay I’m gonna share mine but that’s cool!” (Rin)
“really?” (Dina)
“yeah it’s like different
from mine, I’m sending it now” [sending…] ]loading…] (Rin)
“oh my gawsh! They actually look-this-
You did a good job explaining!!” (Dina)
“it’s similar like they are like cousins they’re related.” (Rin)
“I messed up the feet.” (Dina)
“No, but they work the same way! it’s super cool!” (Rin)
“how did I put the net on the wrong side?” (Dina)
“I don’t know that’s
okay.” (Rin)
“that is so crazy seeing like the same drawing in two different art styles.” (Dina)
“it’s so cool! I loved it! and it worked really well with the purple as well
because it looks like you colored it but you didn’t really” (Rin)
“that was really fun! Stressful.” (Dina)
“yes.” (Rin)
“it’s really stressful at the beginning but once you
like let yourself: okay I know how to draw. let me just take the idea and you
know–” (Dina)
“—run with it.” (Rin)
“—turn it into something that makes sense to me?” “yeah which I guess is the job of an artist when someone asks them to draw
something anyway.” (Dina)
“yeah it is you have to kind of they never know exactly what
they want or what they see in their hands so you kind of just have to take
it and make the best of it.” (Rin)
“yeah well thank you for doing this collab with me!” (Dina)
“Youre welcome! It’s so fun! (Rin)
“We are going to go do the same thing over on Dina’s channel.” (Dina)
“on my channel!” (Rin)
“I’ll have a link in the description and I drew a little mystery something.. oOOoooOOO!
(I’ll blur that out) and I’m going to describe it to her and have her draw it and we’ll see
what it looks like so yeah let’s all hop over there! yeah thank you guys for
watching! (Dina)
“have a delicious evening full of waffles!!” (Rin & Dina)
BUI!!! [celebratory noises] [upsidedownframeforsomereason] ♪

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