Wacom Intuos tutorial, Step 5: Adding Finishing Details in Painter Essentials with Aaron Blaise

Wacom Intuos tutorial, Step 5:  Adding Finishing Details in Painter Essentials with Aaron Blaise

We have got our light and shadow in.The painting is coming together now. It starts to feel like what the painting is going to be. The next step is to pull everything together. I lose some edges, I am going to add some details and I am going to put some contrast in. It is the little things that make the painting sync. The first thing I do is get rid of some residual line work. I go down my line drawing layers, grab my eraser and knock back some of these lines that stand out. Some of them I want hold on to because I like what the do to the image. I hit a couple more on the face, finished it up and now I add a new layer and set it to multiply. I want to define some of the areas around the eyes and the side of the face. This stage is about bringing everything into focus. I got this neutral warm color and I wanted to find some of these plain changes and add fur textures. I go into the shadows and darken it up by adding fur textures. I want it to feel like there’s fur growing on the face. That is what I am trying to do. I hit little areas here and there and be tasteful with it. Now I define the eye and hit the dark parts. What the rough drawing does, is it gives you dark areas. You have to redefine some of the dark areas when you get rid of that rough lines. That what I did for the eye. I really want to get that eye to sing and stand out. I want to hit these little highlights and its being tasteful. Here I want to get a little bit of glint, coming off the bottom corner of the eye. There are things that really make it sing, it’s all about being tasteful at this stage. I got the eye done and now I hit some highlights in the snout. I got the chin and nose working well. You can see it is starting to pop. I am just defining some of the textures. I grab brighter and warmer colors for the stripes. I hit the areas on the stripes themselves and make them stand out, get them to feel more fury. I want to do the same thing on the area on the chin. I hit little areas here and here and define hair. If you notice, I’m not hitting everything I’m just hitting little bits. I create bounced light right here. The light from the neck will reflect back on the chin. That is what I am creating here. A little bit of reflecting light and light from the ground. It’s all of these details that really add to the realism, to a sense of light to your image. I can’t emphasize enough, that this stage is about being tasteful. I hit this shadow are but look where it goes in the snout. It gives it a much better sense of light on that stripe. I hit areas to give them more texture. What I do here is I grab my ink dropper . I touch the stripped color and then I grab a slightly brighter version of that color. Then I go back in with my small brush and add a little bit of texture on top of them. I am analyzing the whole thing as it comes together. At this stage I do a lot of stepping back, looking at it, seeing what it needs, what’s working and what’s not. I want to start defining some of the art in the foreground. When we added them I indicated them loosely. Now it is my chance to being a bit more detailed now. Now you can see it is starting to come together. I got another layer set to overlay and hit little bits of grass. I add little bits of dust in the air floating. There might be insects and dirt. I add different things floating around. That gives a little bit of atmosphere. We are getting some nice depth but I hold back from making it ‘contrasty’. It comes together nicely, I am happy with that I am going to go ahead and collapse the layers for the sky. I get everything to collapse down to one layer. Now I can go in and grab the greeny pastel jitter brush. One thing I love about it is I can smear the paint around. I like looseness, losing edges, and things to blur out. That is what I do at this stage. Especially with these clouds. I’ve got a lot of detail in the zebra and the foreground. I like being able to go in and lose some of these edges. I jumped ahead and here we finish up those nice edges. That zebra lion sits nicely against
those lose and impressionistic clouds. I grab a paint brush and add cool touches to the background. A compliment to the warm colors of the grass. The grass is almost orange, so I pick something in the blue range, because that is the opposite color. It sits in the background really nice for me and I like how it feels. Especially with that storm in the background. I save that, because you don’t want to lose anything. The other good thing is getting in the habit of saving everything. Here I’m going to collapse everything down to one layer. I like to do that while so I can start blending layers together. There is something that does not look right. One thing that bothers me is a fact that all
the values are ‘contrasty’. I’m loosing the central focus which is the
head. I’m going to add a layer on top,set it to multiply and then grab a nice cool color. I come over and grab our shadow color which is that slightly blue neutral color. I grab a nice size brush and add a shadow over the back of the zebra. You can see that the values are pulled together. Now my eye is going right to the area of interest that I want you to look at. It’s got a great sense of light, it feels balanced to me, I like the composition and it’s got a nice sense of drama. That is how you do a little painting using your Wacom Intuos tablet and Corel Painter essentials. Thanks for watching you guys.

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