Visit the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Galleries at Westminster Abbey

Visit the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Galleries at Westminster Abbey

the Queen's Diamond Jubilee galleries are opening because we had a tremendous collection here and an amazing space that had never been open to the public before it's incredibly atmospheric extraordinarily beautiful it's a 13th century gallery space the gallery picks up on four themes that are core to what the Abbey does our building Westminster Abbey so what's been here over the thousand years of the Abbey's history worship and daily life the Abbey is a working Church we've got a big theme about the Abbey and the monarchy which reflects the way in which the crown and the Abbey have been closely linked really since the 10th century and then we've also got a section where we look at the addy and its relationship to national memory the way in which the Abbey has become a place where people are commemorated and memorialized when they buried a king or queen they created an effigy of them either in Word or in wax and then when it became dusty and acceptable a hundred years later they put it up here for storage purposes now we have them set out in these glorious cases and they've been cleaned and preserved they are extraordinary representations of medieval kings which you don't find anywhere else there are a lot of things which have either never been seen before paintings furniture sculpture books and manuscripts from our library and archive collection we've put on display the marriage license for Prince William as he then was and Kate Middleton authorizing their marriage and directing that they may be married here in the Abbey it was an extraordinary occasion here in 2011 and wonderful privilege to be part of that service I hope visitors will take away is an enriched understanding of the history of this place and not just its history but what it also stands for and does today well I'm pretty confident there are a number of people from our staff and volunteers who've been up here for the first time as saying wow it's so amazing

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  1. Hello, I'm Brazilian and I really admire British history. It would be possible to put Portuguese subtitles in the videos. This comment I made with the help of the translator. Thank you

  2. I will go there

  3. Very Interesting to see how the important the Abbey is. A lot of history there!

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