Vintage Pop Art Woman Painting 【Watercolor Illustration Fail and Save】

Vintage Pop Art Woman Painting 【Watercolor Illustration Fail and Save】

hi friends I really like how YouTube an Instagram artists use brown liner for their artworks and I’m using only black one so I thought why not I will use brown liner too and that will make watercolor painting with it. So what I’ve got… as you can see this liner is bleeding before I did a line art of my bikini woman I tested this brown liner on a paper ship and everything was okay it didn’t bleed at all so I thought yeah that’s awesome finally I will make a watercolor painting with brown outlines I really like how the line art came out and I began to color her for the first time everything seems to be okay but then I put a lot of water on it and liner begin to bleed it was awful I was really upset with this situation but then I decided that I should continue painting and maybe I will figured out how I can fix it my main mistake was that I tested brown liner on the different paper and it wasn’t bleeding there but on watercolor paper it does bleed or maybe it’s not about paper so guys if you want to make watercolors and you want to use the liner that you didn’t use before first you should check out is it waterproof or not actually I was planning to do vintage bikini fashion woman so I think this brown blood streaks make it looks really vintage and I think I even like it by the way I’m using my old Saint Petersburg watercolor paintings I really like how it works and the paper is watercolor not a brand one I was trying to paint with light and not very vibrant colors this way I put a lot of water I think I could do this palm trees more detailed it but it’s already too late for it so while I was finishing the coloring I sought that it would be very nice if I will do on top of this painting line art with my black brush pen I think it will look really pop arty and it will cover all this brown fail details on my painting with it also I add some freckles on cheeks neck and shoulders and I really like how it came out I’m really not a professional in watercolors but I really like it and I want to practice this medium more so guys if you want to see more watercolor paintings on my channel left it in comments below it would be really awesome and inspiring thank you and don’t forget to mention what do you think about this animation at the start of the video? I’m really new in animation but I already like it I thought that it would be just fun to try something new and to put it in my video to share with you guys so I hope you will like it too this is some kind of back story about how I decided to do this illustration we get some rainy days outside and that’s why I decided to do some sunshine place where is beautiful bikini woman lies on the beach under the palm trees and everything is so beautiful and shiny so thats all ha ha ha to make thin lines I used my black stabilo liner and I didn’t make black outlines for palm trees because I wanted them to stay Brown and not pop out on the first plan of the painting and in the end of the painting I put some white dots on her swimsuit also some highlights on sunglasses and yeyes! so guys it’s all for now thank you for watching and please leave in comments what do you think about this painting did I save it or it was just a big fail and if you like my vintage pop art bikini woman please put the big thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to not miss a new videos! I love all of you! bye bye! and if you’re watching till now see you next video bye-bye

20 thoughts on “Vintage Pop Art Woman Painting 【Watercolor Illustration Fail and Save】

  1. grest job !!!

  2. To avoid the bleeding next time scan your art on a computer and photo copy it onto paper that you use for water colouring, if you paint on the original and ruin the line art you can use the printed versions!

    You can also save them and sell/share them as colouring in pages on a website!

  3. very nice 🙂

  4. awesome!

  5. I think it turned out great! ^__^ Nice save 😉

  6. I think the blurred lineart makes it look more vintage. The freckles are so cute. Great job!

  7. It turned out amazing great job ^^

  8. great video

  9. beautiful colour painting

  10. i love you art 😀

  11. This looks so awesome 💕💕💕

  12. You deserve 1 million subscribers!!! Your videos are so cool!!!

  13. Oh I hate when timeliness bleed like that but you absolutely managed to save it, I love it! Gorgeous work as always! The animation was super cute and fun 😀

  14. Very lovely, great summer feel.

  15. I love how you didn't give up right away, instead you kept going! This turned out amazing❤You should do more watercolour paintings! 😃🖌

  16. so preeety 😍

  17. Beautiful painting, love the skintone shading 🙂

  18. I love Woman in Bikini on the beach

  19. Beautiful 😀

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