VFX Artists React to Resurrected Actors Bad & Great CGi

VFX Artists React to Resurrected Actors Bad & Great CGi

Wow *visible disgust* How do you do that and be like ‘It’s chill’? A lot of other people have been doing their own spin on professionals reacting to things related to their line of work Now we’re a bunch of visual effects artists. And today we’re going to react to deceased actors One of the most challenging things you can do in visual effects is make a photo realistic human look completely normal In terms of trying to replicate a person that no longer is alive, this is the best that has ever been done So this is the one shot that most people identify as the fake Paul Walker They didn’t do any sort of computer-generated face here this is actually old footage from another movie that was composited and meshed back onto his face and re-lit Ahhh… The only thing that gives it away is if you watched his neck and the collar of his shirt, the way his body moves doesn’t correspond to how his head is moving It’s like his body shifts back, which would naturally cause your head to like rock a little bit and that doesn’t happen His eyeline, it looks like he’s looking way past the camera. He’s not making eye contact with Vin Diesel It looks like he’s just staring off into the distance like… His eyes are also like super sharp like that– this like strip right here, the clarity is really high and I don’t think it really matches the clarity of like down his chin and shirt This is the shot that everyone really recognizes as the fake Paul Walker but there are dozens of shots throughout this whole movie where Paul Walker was completely computer-generated from like the neck line up. What? They actually have Paul Walker’s brothers. They look like him just enough that they use it as inspiration for the performance and reference for the lighting Whoa because they actually replace from neckline up the brothers with Paul Walker’s computer-generated face. This entire scene Paul Walker’s face is fake. What that’s good. It’s really good. That’s really good. Yeah, I had no idea It’s such a normal situation. So it doesn’t trigger anything to be looking for the effects. That’s crazy. Well, this looks really good That’s really good the only thing that slightly puts it off is the the chin and the neck with the collar like the shadows and like you can See his brother this folds there as it goes like this. They don’t quite have those folds with Paul Walker You don’t really notice it, you know what really stands out to me? The irises in the eyes so your iris and your lens are like different levels and so when light comes in from the side of your eye it catches your iris a little bit so that means that the artists have modeled the Internals of the eye and the iris has actual depth in the eye. Eyes are the portal into the soul and people have worked for Years trying to perfect rendering eyes. This one looks a little CG. The eyes I don’t think work in that shot This is where the uncanny valley comes in It’s really hard to identify what exactly is off here But our brain after millions of years of evolving to identify faces can identify that something is off there I mean this right here is just a demonstration of how good it actually is and I can’t point out that that looks perfect That looks perfect, man. Yeah, they have the cheek muscles flex like watch in a second here. Once it splits. Whoa Yeah, they’re like it punches his job as cheek flexes Weta digital is probably the most talented Visual effects studio in the world in terms of trying to replicate a person that no longer is alive This is the best that has ever been done Oh, I have seen this. Whoa Yeah, it feels wrong dude. This is like Tekken 7 right here. Dude. He’s too gummy. He’s too like oh I can’t help but think that Bruce Lee wouldn’t be cool with somebody using his corpse to sell alcohol I don’t think they nailed the subsurface scattering That’s what I was gonna say too – his skin looks – plasticky or waxy. If we had a flashlight here I’d show you. You can see it right there. Do it on the back of my ear So you know what I’m talking about where your skin lights up kind of like red. That happens across your face, your arm. It absorbs light and scatters it. The skin itself is actually kind of self illuminating and here it definitely looks like they didn’t really nail that subsurface scattering effect, so it kind of comes across as like it’s just a reflective plastic skin. Turn your face towards me a little bit so I can see yeah, you gotta light in my eyes I know just keep it closed now on the tip of his nose What’s happening is the lights actually going in and then scattering a little bit coming back out and if there’s light coming from this side and There’s shadow on this side right on the edge where the light meets the shadow of your skin and it leads to a slightly reddish like edge between the skin where it’s bright and where it’s dark and look at the edge of his nose and his brow and his eyelid and There’s cheek. There’s none of that slightly reddish that little reddish line There’s the perfect example of that red line of subsurface scattering This is it. Like that’s what I’m talking about where it’s not about to single to see through things It’s also riding the edge of where the light disappears because you have a little bit that light that’s actually gotten into the surface That’s now catching that that shadow right there If you want it to be real especially when you do high key lighting like this You need to model that and that’s very complicated because you get into your skeleton underneath your face It’s gonna block all the light since we’ve all got they each either me It is though it is He looks like that one guy from Tekken that looked a lot better this one right here because because you’re hiding detail, you know You’re you’re you’re kind of hiding it But in the other ones is like you have you go real extreme on the lighting. It does a lot to hide your flaws Hey ma Come on Okay, wait, I’ve never watched The Sopranos. I want to see if I can identify Who’s replacing? You’ve never seen The Sopranos? Who’s CG the chair? Mammy? It’s her brothers gotta be the oldest one sitting in a chair Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I see the ambient occlusion around the neck Yeah, Graham. Enix is hovering. It’s a hover head It’s a totally different color pop her head is a big problem Just watch flickin Civil War and like Tony Stark and Bruce Banner their heads on those suits. Yeah now look, There’s no shadow between them and it’s like the the softness in sharpness Don’t match also her shoulders not casting a shadow on her neck. What happened? Dude. What? Where’s that bright light? Yeah It’s not letting up her shoulders out Let me upper arm on the side of the chair just the side of her face I told her this is what we mean when we say match the lighting of the shot You’re gonna do before actually shooting a green-screen elements. Oh, this is unmotivated lighting right, dude They said don’t move when you act just stance down don’t move your shoulders or your head How do you how do you do that and be like, it’s chill the lighting chain that thought that the Dude of the frickin light. Yeah the other side what happened just then Wow I’m sure there’s nothing that people could do It’s like they got given the footage like slap it on the face now her parts on the right side You’re so right. Dude. They Corazon ttle flipped it Mouse on the left side horizontal Why would they even flip it between those two shots and that E they had to it? Looks like they were just using was given maybe they knew she was gonna pass. So like real quick. Let’s swoop in Throw the green screen up get the pop out green screen by her hospital bed, maybe no I don’t think Imagine that’s you and you’re like, I’m feeling pretty good today and the producer comes up. So we think you’re gonna die soon So you want shoot some pickup shots before you go? I’m just gonna get all your emotional. You’ll feel good today I Think the only person you can get away doing that with is Stan Lee I have a feeling you’re right Ren like it’s it be chill to go up and saying lame be like yo Let me gather those assets before you know, we’re also making a lot of assumptions. Here. We are. It seems you one new freak You in danger of becoming a good man In the gladiator movie where an actor dies before the movie finishes production and they still have scenes to shoot with him So, this is Oliver Reed the actor. What’s his name? Is that próximo? Is that his name? So I say so they took him for that one shot and put them into this shot, basically It’s just a collage cutting it out of one shot sticking into the other and like giving a little color change video Photoshop Okay, are they gonna be there with ya? Oh They have the production design. They did it. Oh That’s that’s smart. That’s really smart. That’s that’s going like all right, we have this crazy lighting on his face Let’s design our set for this extra steam. You gotta get so it can motivate the same shadows dude, the freaking criss cross That’s what the Sopranos needed. That’s that’s flawless. The simplest way to do it is the most effective right here Grandma Tarkin, it’s not grandma grandma tark. Have you ever seen Star Wars? So Peter Cushing is the actor who died some time ago and the only reason why they were able to reproduce him digitally in this movie was because they actually had a perfect life cast of his face Wow And they just that was just pure luck on their part. And so they’re able to take a very high detailed 3d scan of that Casting of his face to recreate them. Digitally. The lighting is great. The lighting is very good They’re doing all the things I’m saying with Lighting’s like a strong side key light good contrast. They’ve got the good Subsurface scattering on his skin all the technical checklists are being checked off here But why doesn’t it look why doesn’t it look that good? Cuz I actually I think it looks really bad in my opinion I think it really stands out. Well, no, I do too. It’s like too floaty. It’s too free elation It’s the most read the lips for me The motion of the lips is the hardest thing to do cuz I don’t know. There’s so many intricate ways Your lips can move and it’s really hard to replicate that digitally Everything else looks pretty solid, but you can always tell you can tell that it’s not real. It’s like an animated and gummy lip It’s just it’s hard to say what have they not yet done to take it to that final step This is basically the best we can do while still being in the uncanny valley. It’s so good It’s so good, but you can still tell and I don’t know what to do to make it better I think the problem isn’t how good it looks when it’s still because clearly it looks perfect Yeah, how good it looks when it’s moving It’s the small things that happen in your face when big things happen like when I go ahh, you know The big thing is my jaw opens up and you see that the small things that happen are my hairs change directions My poor is stretched the plates of my skin like stretching to get micro wrinkles Really in depth physics like the soft body meet physics sounds like your face, which is very complicated That’s where I think grand moff. Tarkin is failure. It’s just very firm. He has like the skin firmness like a 25 year old Yeah, a 25 year old who hasn’t eaten anything in two weeks If someone asked me to do this, I wouldn’t know where to start. It’d be like the equivalent of like someone banging Hey, I need you to go out the desert and like put all these little pieces of sand in order. What is it? They’ve sent us How again this looks very very good, but it does not look real but it doesn’t look real when it was wide It looked really good and then like she got so close to the camera He could literacy like the makeup texture for like her eyes were like which is impressive They had that detail that’s like Roy. This is hyper sharpen high resolution. It’s the animation of the lips That’s the best thing in that shot I look pretty good to me though between the nose and above the chin this strip right here Yeah, the shot just kind of confounds me her eyes kind of look wrong The reason her eyes lack soul is because she’s not giving the performance people aren’t just their physical manifestation themselves It’s also the personality this is somebody trying to pretend they’re Carrie Fisher This isn’t Carrie Fisher regardless of how much it looks like Carrie Fisher I’m gonna show you guys something and see what you guys think. Tell me what you looks better or worse. What is it? They’ve sent us Hope that looks better the contrast is wow. That looks way better Natural performance Yeah One of the far right is what they matched her to that was when she’s confronting lord Vader at the very beginning of a new Hope look how her lip pulls out just a little bit more in the middle the intricacy in the nuance And I’m also there where these muscles are pushing up and this one’s pulling out leading to a little more of a pronounced curve that you don’t have in the Motion-captured robe one version. Yeah, that looks way better. Oh my god, that looks way better. Yeah emotion that nailed the motion So this is a question for you guys and for you guys, I’d love to hear your comments Do you believe people should own the likeness of their face? Because theoretically I can stick Tom Cruise in a corridor video right now, or at least something that looks like Tom Cruise I won’t be able to say it’s Tom Cruise The town cruise because I would be lying but I can have something that looks exactly like Tom Cruise should he get upset? Can he sue me for his likeness? Do we own our muscular structure of our faces? It’s definitely a gray line There’s a skill and a talent acting it’s more than just how you look I love reacting these videos trying to explain all these techniques exactly if you have a movie a TV Show a music video that you want us to break down leave a comment below. We had a bunch of great suggestions We’ve made a huge list so far and we are going through we’re gonna knock them out So, please leave a comment. We read them all Oh I have a video for you guys to see next it’s one that we did recently it’s really cool and involves a motion capture suit and Transforming Clint tell me about the video. Check this out challenge these guys. Can you transform from Optimus Prime into a truck? And actually drive down the freeway. Wait, what do you mean? Can you can you contort your body in a motion capture suit? Link it up to a model of Optimus Prime and look like a truck. You don’t look like a rocket Can’t be done. I guess you’ll have to watch the video to find out

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  2. There is legal precedent for the likeness case. Betty Midler vs. Ford Motor Company. Basically, they asked Midler to perform a song in a commercial. She said "no". They bought the rights to use the song in the commercial, then hired an impersonator to do it, in a way that would lead people to think it was her.

    Midler eventually won (after an appeal). The sort of guide now is whether an average person be able to understand it is not the actual person.

  3. Tarkin fooled me when I saw the movie in the theater, it did help that I wasn't looking cause i didn't think about the actor being dead. So I was fooled originally, but looking back I can tell

  4. I don’t believe we should “own” our likeness, but no one should be allowed to profiteer of your likeness without consent or at the very least you should be allowed to have them remove it if you don’t like it.

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  14. We should absolutely own our likeness, especially as deepfake tech and facial capture evolves. What we look like is a huge part of our identity, if we protect things like our social security numbers etc for our digital presence, we should also safeguard our likeness. I'm also an actor and I'd be pissed if some producer decided to use my face to sell stuff (ie. Bruce Lee in that God awful commercial, or more recently Audrey Hepburn in a chocolate ad)

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  96. 6:38–6:40 you guys talking about light on her face..
    I noticed that her hairstyle changed completely like they first put her dummy face on the neck and in the very next second they put the mirror image on the neck .😛

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