Vanessa Hudgens – When There Was Me and You (From “High School Musical”)

Vanessa Hudgens – When There Was Me and You (From “High School Musical”)

100 thoughts on “Vanessa Hudgens – When There Was Me and You (From “High School Musical”)

  1. I'm still a kid that time when this movie came out now I'm a teenager

  2. And then spring breakers happened 😪

  3. She actually looks so uncomfortable in this jeans😂😂😂

  4. 🥰

  5. why does she remind me of Audrey from decendants?

  6. Where’s stick to the status quo, bob to the top or the reprise from start of something new? If you upload the songs, please upload all of them 😂🙏🏼❤️💯

  7. High School Musical in HD?! Omg <3

  8. Humunuukukuapuhaha mahalili mahraibi puh…hawana waka waka waka niki pu pu pu

  9. Suddenly miss my childhood 😭❤️

  10. ❤❤❤

  11. ❤️

  12. So beautiful

  13. i still sing this to the top of my lungs since 2006, gurl my anthemMMMMM

  14. Olha os fans de Sharpay dando deslike.

  15. Love you vanessa

  16. i love you vanessa hudgens

  17. Man, I'm almost 21 and I'm still watching hsm

  18. Such an underrated song and is a gem! Gabriella gave us just the best 😍

  19. I love this song

  20. My favorite😍😍😍

  21. I can't stand her voice she sucks so does her husband his pits sticks

  22. I love this song

  23. Back then, Gabriella was my style icon.

  24. This is honestly the weakest song in this movie but vanessa does it beautifully

  25. Im only 9 years old since this movie released and Now Im 21

  26. As a Filipino, HSM is one of the movies almost high school students during a decade ago (of my age) know. The songs, the sets, everything.

  27. i choose descandants 3,2 and 1 i only know descandants 3 is the spell will broken i know is out is in august 2 so bye guys

  28. Kamuka sya ni Ivana Alawi

    Skl 😂

  29. High School Memories 😭😭😭😭

  30. I go crazy over high school musical back then, now I'm 32

  31. I love her looks here…☺️☺️

  32. 2019 ❤️

  33. I'm crying right now😭😭

  34. I wanna ban my self from sins.

  35. This song is sad as shit if you really listen to the lyrics…

  36. I can't stop watching this movie more than 20 times

  37. Me when I'm alone the school hallways

  38. This song broke my heart when I was like 9 💔

  39. Is this vanessa hudgen’s voice?

  40. I'm 24 years old. What I am doing here ?? 😭😭

  41. QUEEN SINCE 2006 💁🏻

  42. Lyrics are so deep😍😍

  43. I wish i could walk around school singing my heart out

  44. drama queen.

  45. when no one is around i did this in our school hallway and then someone passing by.
    Please i want my disappearance right now. hahhahha

  46. Hurts 😢😢😢

  47. Gabriela was soooo fucking dramatic lol

  48. The weekend in some have is kown say am Nome who No longer wants

  49. i have one this an actual school

  50. I lo e higth school musical

  51. But we really just let her to get away with this belt??

  52. The Troy poster got me like 😱

  53. Go Drea go drae
    God drama

  54. Beatiful Voice😍 Good Singer Wonderful

  55. When I was a child I literally thought her voice was perfect but now I'm 18 and the autotune is making my ears bleed😂

  56. Vai liberar no Spotify os 3 álbuns certo ???

  57. They don't make movies like this anymore even on Disney

  58. October 11, 2019😭😭

  59. Vanessa has a amazing singing voice.

  60. why disney why right now ? 😂

  61. High school musical reminds me of Desendents cause Troy and Gabriella love each other and Mal and Ben love each other and Audrey try to make Ben love her and Sharpay try to make Troy love her

  62. How considerate of the other students to keep the corridors empty while she sings…. or did they hide themselves….? 🤔

  63. its funny when you find yourself, looking from the outside*. *im standing here but all i want its to be over there… (someone can tell me who does those low notes for her???)

  64. This song is so nostalgic to me

  65. me

  66. ♥️

  67. I remembered my classmate from high school who re-created that scene at the stairs hahahahahaha. Good old memories.

  68. This is the best song in the entire movie

  69. 666 into 667 comments

  70. 2019 finally done the world a favour 🥳

  71. Still crazy inlove in High school Musical now in 2019 😍 All time favorite ❤💯

  72. my anthem when i was 8 years old lmfao

  73. I remember, I have to print the lyrics of all the song of HSM and still had it.

  74. This song sucked gotta go my own way is way better

  75. This better be in hsmtmts!!!!

  76. november 2019?

  77. 💐💐💜💜🌷🌷🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  78. In the first verse, there is a lot of different vocals and voices. Like the lower voices just don’t sound like Vanessa at all. I’m not complaining cuz this is like the song of my childhood, but it is like the same thing as they did with Hilary Duff in this is what dreams are made of.

  79. That's the only I really love in that movie

  80. Who watches Disney over the age of 4

  81. 2:21 – me 8 years old locked in room with my idol poster

  82. All-time fave!!!!!

  83. Jaja gracias por hacerme tan dramática

  84. ❤️❤️🥰

  85. Why did I end up here i have exams to studies ( but it looks like i'm going to watch high school musical all night oops)

  86. lmao gabriella always being overdramatic about everything is a whole ass mood

  87. I love her lipgloss 💋

  88. noviembre 2019!!

  89. Am I the only one who used to be jealous of Gabriella because of how pretty she was?

  90. I'm thinking this was real for the hsm series im saod

  91. Producers: “Ok how much auto tune do you want in this”

    High School Musical: yes

  92. How were low rise jeans a thing. And how does she rock them?

  93. 2019?

  94. Who miss the good old days 😭😭😩

  95. Watching this again, because the lyrics hit me so hard right now. I thought before this was just a normal song.

  96. Why is tht i love the way vanessa hudgens sing 😍😚

  97. good song

  98. Who sang those lower notes??? The voice is not the same

  99. Is anyone else weirded out how low we used to wear jeans 😅

  100. This deserves all the loves in the world 💜💜💜💙💙💙💖💘💕💞💗♥♥❤❤

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