Valentine’s Day Special collab: Special Forces Cupid OOAK doll Custom Repaint! /Pl

Valentine’s Day Special collab: Special Forces Cupid OOAK doll Custom Repaint! /Pl

100 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Special collab: Special Forces Cupid OOAK doll Custom Repaint! /Pl

  1. Please cut all audio pieces a little shorter, right before the click, we can hear you clickling to stop recording everytime.

  2. So beautiful your art is the best i love it ❤❤❤❤❤

  3. the doll is very well done, but sadly, i don't see her that well as a cupid. okay okay, i know that the internet made love a bit….harder, but to the point of a assassin creed/shadowhunter's cupid?

    it's my opinion, but i wanted, if possible, know the concept behind this design x3

  4. This was really cool.

  5. she's really how you made her more of a stealthy agent of love the gold eyes are great they make her seem more mysterious and I loved the way you made the crossbow for her..keep up the great work 🙂

  6. I love the doll, its really amazing.
    Quick note though, for the next time you use those med sticks, you can cut out the section you need and just file down the rest to smoothout the cuts and edges.

  7. Amazing as always 💕 your dolls never fail to amaze me 😊
    Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  8. OMFG this is such an amazing idea. Assassins creed, hell yeah 😀 I love your idea of this cupid!

  9. What's with the 20 minutes of black ??

  10. Your videos are a little fast. Idk I personally like seeing the whole prossess. I love the doll's design.

  11. Jejku, ona jest taka urocza i mroczna zarazem. Cieszę się, że tym razem nie zrobiłaś strasznej lalki, bo znów śniłyby mi się po nocach koszmary ^^' Baaardzo, ale to bardzo podoba mi się jej strój. To jest istne arcydzieło! Te wszystkie drobne detale, paseczki, klamry i zapięcia sprawiają, że nie mogę przestać się patrzeć na twoje dzieło~ ..a ta broń – kocham! Nigdy nie pomyślałabym o tym, że można ją zrobić z patyczka po lodach :'D
    Widzę, że miałaś o wiele większe problemy przy pracy niż ja ostatnio :') Podziwiam cię za to, że udało ci się odratować lalkę z takiego stanu i muszę przyznać, że o wiele ładniej prezentuje się ze złotymi oczami ♥

  12. I would love to see more in depth on this one 😍😍😍

  13. She is so beautiful!!!

  14. I love that thie doll was based of Assassins' Creed. I wish I could have it 😢. But overall. I love how it turned out!

  15. Beautiful!

  16. Love your voice
    It is so calm and peacefull 😌

  17. That face rubbing off must of been so disheartening! I really think you made the best of it though because the doll looks fantastic!

  18. Omg!!!!! I love her!!!! I want her so bad lol

  19. 😀

  20. Really great job. Love the concept. Glad you were able to rescue it from the sealant mistake damage.

  21. Those tiny props are magnificent! I love her so much <3

  22. I love your work, and only found it though the collab

  23. Wow moonlight jewel is the kawaii and hextian is the average and dollsbrandnewlooks is the goth OMAGOD JUDGES

  24. you are an amazing artist! <3

  25. That outfit is AMAZING

  26. god, you would be able to make incredible Bloodborne dolls. she already kind of reminds me of the Doll from Bloodborne, or Lady Maria, with the artstyle and colorscheme. actually, i would love to see that. i think you could nail both the faceup and the outfit. i dont typically do recommendations, but this is an exception, since you were just now inspired by another videogame

  27. Fantastic 😇😇😇
    Ale serio pięknie wyszło i ciekawa interpretacja kupidyna 😜

  28. It's amazing!

  29. Oh the god she is so beautiful I love how you made Cupid dark.

  30. As you said, everyone has different preferences. But I would have made the doll less skeleton/dead like in her face and maybe more specialised props. The only thing really telling us that the doll isn't a simple assassin is the heart on the crossbow, nothing else. But the clothing and the props are the best I've ever seen on YouTube (in my taste, of course) and I watch all the ones you've collaborated with this time and more!!!

  31. i would attach the crosbow on the other side of the arm, you couldn't properly use it the way you put it. apart from this detail i find the outfit just incredibly detailed and neat, and the concept pretty funny!
    "Assassin's Cupid. If she hits you, you fall…. IN LOVE!" dun dun dunnnnnn!

  32. Excellent job! Love, love, love it!

  33. At first, i thought that it was reaper from overwatch.. why?

  34. I love it
    the character in it's whole made me think of the vampire Selene from underword ^.^


  36. Absolutely brilliant! I love all of the detail!

  37. I love how your dolls are so dark-themed and grungy. It's 100% my aesthetic.

  38. My heart broke for you when the faceup was ruined! So sad!! She turned out beautifully in the end, though. The attention to detail makes her a stunning doll!

  39. What is the name of the church music at the end?

  40. Remind anyone else of Celaena Sardothien from Throne of Glass?

  41. Her look also made me think of Astrid from Skyrim,

  42. i LOVE assassin's creed, and knowing that this doll's clothes was inspired from it makes it even more beautiful!
    the end result left me speechless, simply lovely
    happy valentines day! <3

  43. I love this! She gives me Buffy the Vampire Slayer vibes for some reason.

  44. The doll looks like Yolande Veser but with a new hair style and new clothing

  45. She has that Selene from Underworld vibe going and I love it.

  46. This is AWESOME! It’d make a fantastic cosplay

  47. LOVE!!! <3 <3 <3 ,

  48. The “face up” repaint was sooo slow but the costume making was sped up so I couldn’t see how you did each part & the voiceover only told me what you were making but not HOW (except for the crossbow) & her cloak & hood look unfinished. I still gave it a 👍🏻 because your approach to the Valentine’s Day them was unique & I LOVED YOUR STORY. You went above & beyond on your most doll (I’m not sure if the doll has a gender designation tho. Boy, Girl or Other?)

  49. Wow

  50. Reason no one like to watch you that much is because you sound so sad lifeless and dark also sound like a robot or really sad or depressed. Please cheer up

  51. Witaj.Mam do Ciebie pytanie.Miałam zrobić palce repaint i zmylam mojej lalce twarz odłożyłam ja na chwilę bo przyjechała do mnie kuzynka która w miejscu oczu markerem Namalowala oczy wiesz moze czym moglabym sprawić by było to chociaż mniej widoczne?

  52. I'm totally digging this design!! Such a cool idea! And so well done! Don't ever again say that your dolls don't look good! I'm loving the details and the tiny props!
    And the story you set up for this Cupid! xD Amazing. She sure stepped up her game!
    But UUUGH I'm so sorry for what happened to her face ;A; but you really saved her still!!

  53. What a beautiful doll 😍

  54. Amazing!

  55. The bow is so cool! 💕

  56. do you sell your dolls or keep them?

  57. It looks like a demon hunter from Diablo 3 and that's what I love about this

  58. Hej … gdzie ludzie sprzedają takie lalki ? Znasz jakieś strony ?

  59. You custom coraline!

  60. The best. Cupid. Ever.

  61. I totally adore the doll and the concept is fresh & new! (Still can't get over a covert cupid!) 🙂

  62. Amazing, Creative, Inspiring, And art, Is just 4 out of 10000 words that describes
    this doll.

  63. SAD

  64. 11:38

  65. Jestem dumna. :'(((

  66. I really liked the concept of having an assassin Cupid and it turned out really beautiful!

    Though if you looked at it without context it would look more like a heavily inspired assassin creed doll.

    Though either way you look at this, it is still looking awesome.

  67. She is so perfect!! Ive always wanted to see an angel of darkness 🖤🖤👍👍

  68. OMG first time here and I love your Calm voice so much!!!!!!

  69. It's amazing!

  70. Cupid is actually a roman/greek god. But for valentines day he was turned into the cupid we see today. But most people see him as a female more than a male but he's either gender the person who sees Cupid. And cupid looks like the perfect person that whoever looks at him(basically he looks like the viewers image of a perfect person male or female)

  71. I would like it better if you emoted vocally. You sound so bored and as if you'd rather be anywhere else but making a video. Are you ok? Do you need help?

  72. Uh, I love how she turned out! So badass and pretty! I also love the fact that you design and make the doll outfits yourself!
    This is very inspirational <3

  73. 5:28 she looks like Yolandi Vesser

  74. amazing !!!

  75. I just love how other doll makers comments on others video! Its amazing
    This doll, is beautiful! That would be an a awesome cosplay outfit to do!!
    Keep up the amazing work you do(:

  76. Вау

  77. When I first saw this I thought she was Celaena Sardothien from Throne of Glass, but still equally cool!

  78. She is EPIC

  79. I love the idea and I like the eyes.

  80. moonlight jewel's doll is the prettiest #luvmoonlightjewel

  81. Something about this doll makes it one of the creepiest, scariest things I’ve ever seen! I love it!

  82. Ur voice is so beautiful. And your hand skills are wonderful. You cooperate well with your hands and mind. Absolutely amazing.<3

  83. Yolandi Viser?

  84. Can you do a video on how to insert those tiny eyelets and where you purchased them?

  85. Wow she looks cool 😁😄 i subscribed really awesome but what song is this 10:45 and sorry for my bad English😅

  86. I love her…..

  87. Looove looooooove her. And golden eyes is way Better.

  88. She is BEAUTIFUL!
    I am a bit BIASED due to having blue to grey eyes! Sometimes they are STUNNING BLUE- other times are transparent grey.
    They are WEIRD, but AWESOME!
    I wish I knew ABOUT this hobby BEFORE my STROKE! I probably wooda done it!!!

  89. I Love It. I really like your content

  90. Un trabajo magnífico!

  91. Amazing!! Love the cross bow! She is beautiful.

  92. That intro tho😍

  93. Lovessassin's creed. Love her, love the backstorry. Thank you.

  94. V-day is a middle finger to everyone who is alone.

    WE GET IT!

  95. This reminds me of Assassins Creed who else?

  96. She looks amazing ..the costume is beautiful too 😀

  97. What kind of detail brushes do you use here? A particular size? I’ve decided I’m not getting upset at my mistakes anymore, it’s a learning experience and I get to practice more! Oh well, she turned out just amazing ♥️👏 Her costume is phenomenal, well done!

  98. I was really hoping she’d have red hair 😕

  99. Eee szczeze wolałam którys tam filmik ci gadała po polsku
    Po co to robisz po angielsky naucz lepiej Polaków tego bo 100% nie umieją
    Zamiast karmić zagranicznych tym co potrafisz

  100. she reminded me a little of Aelin from the throne of glass books

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