UGOGAG – Offensive Cartoon Comedy Bad Humor

UGOGAG – Offensive Cartoon Comedy Bad Humor

[Music] i’ma do it now and nobody stopping me hey what up G you have arrived finally hi yeah I don’t know where but I can pick it I must ask you what your nose is so blue it used to be red but you know since I started sniffing glue it turns blue did that and got the t-shirt bra it has benefits too I stick tight to my face gravity here pulls everything down low and the glue keeps me high gravity here is not spending brah umad shalom my brothers do you need anything a new hand and face a new fist and an arm or a leg anything tell me tell me about it the gravity is so great that people keep dropping everything on the ground you see look around gravity is great but I’m greater I’m a carpenter dentist and a surgeon I was teaching our people since 2005 it is a fucking great business you know the money took us and honey money over fist brother jada jada jada

3 thoughts on “UGOGAG – Offensive Cartoon Comedy Bad Humor

  1. Email me : [email protected]

    For script editing. And ideas if you need.

  2. Crazy but I like it. Reminds me of when flash animations were hot. Miss those times in early 2000's. This is of a better quality though. Do some more of this plz.

  3. 寝て起きたらこの動画流れてた…

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