’Two Artists, Two Wings, One Back' Elimination Tattoo Preview | Ink Master: Season 7

’Two Artists, Two Wings, One Back' Elimination Tattoo Preview | Ink Master: Season 7

47 thoughts on “’Two Artists, Two Wings, One Back' Elimination Tattoo Preview | Ink Master: Season 7

  1. This season had great artist.

  2. Yang dari Indonesia


  3. Why cant we watch the endings too these fuckin episodes, so fuckin annoying

  4. Do u guys have full video of this episode?

  5. I hope this guy can handle to guys at once

  6. Don’t bother…no show at the end !

  7. I love James!

  8. it bothers me how they look so judgemental when they hear the canvases describe what they want. it's weird.

  9. Jesse sounds like Steve o

  10. 10 million views and 10 comments

  11. 10million view 9 comment best

  12. The model….😢😢😢…..two at a time….

  13. Youtube , why is this in my recommendation…….

  14. Bro Anthony is kinda a smash

  15. Hi

  16. why are there only 2 comments(3 with mine I guess)

  17. James Vaughn 😂😂😂

  18. hahaj

  19. آگو عربہ🙊

  20. When I got my first tattoo I wanted another one and I got my other one I only have two tattoos I like the feeling though to be honest 😂

  21. Does anyone else think tattoos are stupid?

  22. It’s not about bigger it’s about better that’s why his is better or idk which one is urs

  23. Have fun in Hell…

  24. “I like drawing on myself, and other people”

  25. I asked a guy who went to my gym if he had any tats bc his wife had just gotten one and he said, ever seen a bumper sticker on a Lambroghini?

  26. Uhhh plain and simple? A bat wing is way more simple than a fucking feathered wing

  27. It’s a bit crap that not only are some of these quite poor but there are no woman finalists??

  28. What episode is this? I know its season 7

  29. Why all these tattoo artist either look gay or into heavy metal.

  30. How do I sign up to be a canvas?

  31. Copying max Holloway

  32. Do the canvases get the tattoos for free?

  33. Like tony ferguson

  34. Cleen's tattoo is backwards. He should have went home for that mistake.

  35. It will not be a flash challenge a bit later you have 6 hours

  36. Where can i watch a full episode of this? Online…

  37. Wow so amazing

  38. I see navarro, but i dont see the rest of the peppers

  39. poor sausage

  40. why is this so cringey

  41. Am I the only one who thought they looked horrible? 🤔

  42. Who tf won?

  43. "I hope this dude can handle two dudes at once" ok then..

  44. see the boobs

  45. Wouldn’t you just want two good wings or regular wings or bad wings but not both that’s dumb

  46. 4:33 that’s what she said!!!!!

  47. ink gives you wings

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