Troy, Gabriella – Start of Something New (From “High School Musical”)

Troy, Gabriella – Start of Something New (From “High School Musical”)

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  1. Casal mais lindo da Disney

  2. Am I the only one who ever comes to 1:19 wishing Zac put all clothes off even if I know it won't happen? Only me? That's fine.

    Edite: I edited the time

  3. Ik heb de films al gratis gezien of Disney +

  4. La best in the around the world

  5. Woaw 13 years before upload the video ? 😱

  6. 2:45 if Zac comes to me like this I would jump on him Klkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk sorry , I have to control me

  7. Troy and Gabriella: First DCOM couple!

  8. My zanessa heaaaaarrt 😭💖 Ghaaaad this made me even miss them moreeeee 💔

  9. High School Musical 3 vevo please songs.

  10. I'm not crying, you're crying 😭

  11. Is this vanessa hudgen’s real voice?

  12. including of HSM The Concert

  13. kkkk é icrivel ver a voz do zac reaparecendo de volta no final da musica

  14. Please Comeback HSM or new HSM 4

  15. Did they even thank the guy? I know it's been years but did they?

  16. So many childhood memories are just flooding in my heart.

  17. Why💔

  18. It's is throwback moment… Miss Musical High school

  19. 令和でもみてる人いる?

  20. I love you zac efron what time is it…:-D

  21. 2006 (6-year-old me): I want to wear what they wear….I want to be like them.

    2019 (me right now at 19 years old): WTF are they wearing.

  22. 👇Só os BRs❤

  23. Eu asiti sessete fime e muito bom

  24. I see people are still confused in the comments about the fact that Zac didn't sing everything in the first HSM movie.

    It was mostly Drew Seeley who did the singing, because if I remember correctly; Zac recorded every song (he said this in an interview), but I guess at the time the studio wanted their male lead to have a tenor range, and Zac couldn't sing those high notes, so they let Drew do most of the singing.

    Zac sings:
    "Start of Something New" first verse and last couple lines.
    "Start of Something New Reprise" in Gabriella's balcony is all Zac.
    "Breaking Free." First lines.

    I think they mixed their voices even more here and there. But anyway, Zac was also really confused about the fact that they didn't really use his voice and it was very important for him to sing in the sequels. He sang everything in HSM 2 and 3.

  25. High school Musical was 12 years ago were just having it in 2019 it's over people

  26. eu amoooo

  27. Someone watching 2019

  28. Porqué Disney me recomendó esto de hace 13 años

  29. I miss my childhood. I miss old Disney huhu. Why cant it be just the way it was back then

  30. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  31. i still can sing without lyrics

  32. The Song that started it all.

    “Once a WildCat, always a WildCat”.

  33. pour toi amine je t'aime de tout mon coeur tu me manques beaucoup j'ai trop hâte d'être le 4 novembre pour que toi et moi en se rejoint dans la cour 1 pour que toi et moi en se fait des bisous sur bouche se prendre main dans la main et des câlins bisous je t'aime mon Amour

  34. ❤️❤️

  35. FINALLY!

  36. omg i feel so old

  37. after more than a decade , disney finally posted it 💕 , just to remind us that we aren't teenagers anymore 😂😂 . i really miss this movie .

  38. :'(

  39. Kids nowdays would say: Whats the name of this movie, is it on Netflix?


  40. 😍😍😍💖💖💖💖 AMO ESTE VIDEO 😍😍😍💖💖💖

  41. emouoororoeurhroeieororurorokrj

  42. Still love in 2019 anyone else? No just me okay!

  43. Still hoping for the comeback of Zanessa 😭

  44. Y pensar q me encantaba ver esta peli , cuando estaba en 6to d primaria 🤗

  45. I love you Troy

  46. Почему каждый кадр положение микрофона менялось, то он в руках, то он в подставке

  47. this is troy and gabriella

  48. SCREAM

  49. emorieiorjeyehe

  50. I wish they would re-record the soundtracks for the 3 movies for the 15th or the 20th anniversary 🥺 that would be soooo wholesome to hear what the songs sound like with their voices now (aka hearing Troy Bolton singing HSM1 songs for real). They could make the songs a bit more modern, but I'd still buy them all regardless 🥴

  51. TarafourerereriofourrerreriotarafouerererereriofouerererioTarafouerererereriofouerereriofouererioFouereriofouerererio

  52. Gabriella's hair is so on point (+make up)

  53. This is really somethiiiiing

  54. made me feel like a high school student again.

  55. Who is here after listening to new version from Olivia??
    No hate but just couldn't process the voice and new version through my head so just came here to ease my compulsion.

  56. 레전드

  57. 日本人1号!?


  59. Need to see them together the whole cast plz for one last time my favorite Disney movie 🍿 💖🙏

  60. this show is older than me 😲

  61. ¡Que ascoooo! No quiero ver a Vannesa Huddens asta que deje de filtra fotos desnuda . Madre mia

  62. Love this song, finally!

  63. Troy and Gabriella 😍 #2019

  64. Omg zac wow but this movie was amazing

  65. High school musical CONTINUE

  66. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  67. 2019 ever 😍❤️

  68. I just realized that zac didn’t sing that song🤣

  69. Love you😍😍♥️

  70. Meus neném que saudds😍😍

  71. I had a wonderful childhood

  72. Saudades dos dois Juntos em filmes

  73. After 13 years they haven't say thankyou to tha guy that make them sing this song 😂

  74. Y aquí fue donde empezó todo! 😭😭😭😭

  75. Omgg😭😍😍

  76. by

  77. すーきーーーー!!!!

  78. After listening to Greatest Showman I'm thinking who altered the pitch!? Haha

  79. Wao q linda es la chica

  80. A série não chega aos pés

  81. LYRICS

    Living in my own world
    Didn't understand
    That anything can happen

    When you take a chance

    I never believed in What I couldn't see

    I never opened my heart (Oh)

    To all the possibilities

    I know that something has changed
    Never felt this way and right here tonight
    This could be the start of something new

    It feels so right to be here with you (oh)
    And now looking in your eyes
    I feel in my heart (feel in my heart)
    The start of something new

    Now who'd have ever thought that
    We'd both be here tonight
    And the world looks so much brighter
    With you by my side
    I know that something has changed
    Never felt this way
    I know it for real
    This could be the start of something new
    It feels so right to be here with you (oh)
    And now looking in your eyes
    I feel in my heart
    The start of something new
    I never knew that it could happen till it happened to me
    I didn't know it before
    But now it's easy to see
    It's the start of something new
    It feels so right to be here with you
    And now looking in your eyes I feel in my heart
    That it's the start of something new
    It feels so right to be here with you
    And now looking in your eyes I feel in my heart
    The start of something new (The start of something new)
    The start of something new

  82. J'avais 13 ans

  83. saudades

  84. This is where all we wildcats started the journey, I can't believe it's been almost 14 years! I guess many kids watched HSM back that time are already parents now LOL

  85. Vanessa Hudges changed alot -.-

  86. Who just automatically sang this without realizing, hey i know the lyrics.. teens of early of pre 2010s.. hahahah

  87. Love you💓💓

  88. This is what happened when you used internet explorer to upload the video.

  89. Zac soooo sweet OmFg

  90. I miss Troy and Gabriella so much!💛

  91. Childhood vibes❤

  92. High School Musical 1, 2, 3 will always be my favorite movies. After so many years, I still listen to their songs and watch the movies.

  93. Wunderschön träum:)

  94. Time to start new things in life to make you feel better for being yourself.

  95. Vannessa looked so sweet, cute and little. Her acting was already good back then 2:38 so real so true.

  96. The fact that this video only has 713k views is disrespectful

  97. 2019 ….y aún la escucho como la primera vez q la vi en televisión 😢😢 #HSM1 ❤🎶

  98. Lembrei da minha adolescência^_^

  99. Listening to this song gives me kinda peace:)

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