Trick Eye & Love Museum in Seoul, South Korea

Trick Eye & Love Museum in Seoul, South Korea

Hello Friends I'm Hanna, I'm on the 24-hour kPOp channel in San Francisco, we're going to be doing a lot of things today We're going to check out the Trick Eye Museum and Love Museum which is little R-Rated actually. There's also ice museum and guess what we're also gonna be dressing up in humble. We're gonna walk downstairs you Welcome to trick. I museum on the Left we have caricature that looks like you just look oh a lot of comedians on here, and here's the humble area We'll be checking that out in detail in a bit this guy had too much [fun] drinking last night There's so much going on in every little square inch here Yeah, like every set you look here. There's a man stuck on the roof right there, and then you're like you look down There's someone pooping and then over there. There's a bunch of clowns [off]. We go to the trick that Museum. Oh Oh, you know what that's from painting a very [famous] painting. I think it's called the scream yeah TV show you pictures [I] had a pose Yeah, it was the girls Little mermaid Unicorns if you had me pose in this one, I'll then refer to the pictures can ride the book oh Look it. We have such beautiful breasts. Oh, [yay]. Hair [cancer] Oh, it's angled if you see from the side You look like a midget in this corner, but then when you go up there, [you] look like a giant This is what happens when you meditate you could levitate. [oh], [what's] this? Oh this one? He goes sideways Like this the rainy day. It's a fun way to spend the afternoon They if you don't move you get back These are famous paintings. That's the only time I've seen a ballerina in plaid [I] Didn't know you roll that way [Hana] oh I see you roll both way Pamela This was here the last time I was at the trick. I [threw] years ago. This is interesting one. How does this one work? so this one upside down [I] Hope you like it cuz a lot of kids here I Mean this is a fake people, but I feel like reading wow you're really strong levitation career here Haha, look on the wall. You know what this is my favorite Mona Lisa is doing a Hannah Yom-yom. That's romantic and here you can pretend. You're [panda] Yeah, Trikha has a thing with baby boys being oh, that's like absurd Mona Lisa. We've seen [much] Hello, honey maker. I move again oh Here we go [alright] when you're on this bike You have to pick careful of this or else. You're gonna. It's Gonna Rip you a new butthole. Oh We're gonna exit. Go just get walking straight. Oh Hello there Wait, how'd you get there? Okay? Whoa? Oh? Okay, you're sure I need to do this whole thing without bumping into What and knock on wood [oh]? There we go Look at this, but chairs. [what] should we do this should we do the humble the caricature or should we check out the ice museum? Prepare to get chilled out Open ice Museum push button once you ever Wanna know what Korean woodrum feels like That's cute. That's cute That's even cuter. We have an equal in here with a fire inside I Think it's are you sure? What is in your fucking eye? Wow, she's on there with ladies like with a poop in there No, I know it's me, but oh look at that shot glasses Now watch your head. It's really low oh [oh], but your [foot] is going [to] get wet no oh please unicorn Decide what palette. Oh, you know what they were in the fridge You didn't need [a] [pallet] Why would I [go] down? Can you swear this on your booty? Oh, here's a pretty day Okay, push this I'm trying to lose feelings in my fingertips. Hey look at my glasses all fogged up I can't see anything [some] hearts in there You know what I feel hotter now then before entering the items yeah Yeah, your nose [hasn't] [got] [a] [route] of touch to it. So we're at Kong Booty Paro milk tea with pearl that's on Coconut milk [Tea] okay, I think I might give that a few percent [pearls] in this picture There's also fresh juices smoothies and coffee Lemon Green Teas Dad We're still recovering from the ice Museum. How do you feel? I feel like I've been doing Zahana is choosing her humble. We have some here We have a royal humble on this side as well And they'll do your hair and [makeup] for additional costs the dress itself is 20,000 won And you take your own selfies if you do makeup is 15,000 won extra hair style is 5,000 won. I here's a step We're gonna put all our stuff in this locker, and then change our shoes into red slippers My socks has a filter on it [put] daughter and friends, and you have a bunny When you're in Korea always a good idea to have cute socks on because like when you go to Korean restaurants Sometimes you take your shoes off so here's some options for hair here are key thing you get like [ooh] very flamboyant We've got our undergarments on so far as the petticoat Now we put the top coat oh Bueller yeah, the dangling part that should go towards your face the butterfly and here's mine He's just up as a king Yeah, where's that rooster? You keep hearing? Well coming from here anything? Oh, that's a [sinker]. [oh] I think the guy left his sword [already] shoot. That's it. That's the pose. That's your signature pose That's naughty a really maybe [30] [50] shades of [Gray], but like traditional Yep all your miniskirts my heist [Dual-Wielding] Do you think you would have smoked opium it was back today? Oh, it's not a personal question. Yeah almost is it wrong oh We figured it out take up her shoes like a traditional Korean house Oh the [other] chiasm here this one looks a little broken though definitely This cushion is quite comfortable can we take it off. I don't do I not [heels] nice after standing up and being frozen alive, so he found this girl. We're trying to copy her pose your natural So we just finish our humbled experience And now we're going to go to the caricature area you can sit down and they'll drop from you in real life otherwise if you're on a rush Maybe just take a selfie of you, and then they'll drop in their camera the artists are starting And here's my selfie Cause only I took about 10 minutes for the drawing to [vanish] and look at this She looks like she's gone something sad for carnival street. This isn't a circus in here there's all kinds of acrobatic tricks And you try to get the balls in the mouth And there's a virtual reality zone on here's a guy who's balancing on the ball I'm saucin like three at a time. He still can't get any Hey there, Salvador Dali Do you have nice legs? We're in line for the virtual reality zone and maybe we should do the one with all the cars the most number of stars Oh, man, I feel heartache Now let's check out our caricature. It should be done by now that totally looks like me And this is like a kpop Korean version of you Don't Wanna guess who that is from walking up [now] to the love Museum [I] Know some parts of it is raunchy [rated-R], but let's go it quite a number of people coming here Let me get blessed. You know what this amazing Aereo got grilled this museum loves the screen now. It's a sperm Oh alright this guy looks Kinda like Jonathan, Taylor Thomas any man who knows how to cook is a huge turn-on to be honest The love medium it was pretty more than what I showed you when I showed [you] the censored version. I'm hungry. How are you? [Tom] Tom need us. This was 2501 A Little bit of Chilli Softening, how much is out? ooh But in spike. Lee's piece here is about the texture. [there's] pretty solid it's [Windy] Don't enter to my heart here. I hope you guys enjoy the trick I visit with [us] as well as a love [museum] and the caricature and the humbug experience Come book with my favorites A lot of museum was my favorite it just hit me. I like to have fun you guys in next week's travel blog and yeah

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