Top 10 Museums to Visit

Top 10 Museums to Visit

consider yourself cultured learn it knowledgeable or just plain inquisitive then get yourself to these places welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 museums to visit for this list we focused on museums that feature primarily art and historical artifacts subject-specific attractions have been excluded because while these museums are fascinating and informative we're choosing entries with a broader scope number 10 Rijksmuseum Amsterdam a grand building located within Amsterdam's museum Square the Rijksmuseum is the biggest best and most visited attraction of its type in the Netherlands established in 1800 and housing an incredibly vast collection with over 8,000 artifacts on show including works by countrymen like Rembrandt and Vermeer it's definitely not somewhere that can be skimmed over one of the best examples of classic European celebration in the world with its extensive combination of art and history a day tripper to this place can expect to take in a masterpiece or two number nine the National Archaeological Museum Athens in terms of historical significance there aren't too many civilizations to trump ancient Greece and in terms of celebrating that significance there isn't a place that does it better than the National Archaeological Museum of Athens the world-renowned acropolis is extremely good but this place is just a little better if you have a penchant for prehistory or a soft spot for sculpture then this should be on your bucket list with a library that's over a century old as an awesome added extra one day just isn't enough number eight the Vatican Museums the religious and historical influence wielded by the Catholic Church is immense vatican city's museums more than reflect that visited by between four and six million people each year the buildings in themselves are stunning but the things they house are even better playing host to some of the most important artifacts from history particularly from the Renaissance period the museum deserves a pilgrimage of its very own Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel is here as our raphael stanza della senator a' it's a marvelous place that's difficult to believe actually exists outside of text books number 7 museo del prado if you're interested in art and even if you're not this is a place that you simply must see the National Art Museum of Spain housed here is one of the biggest collections of European art in the world and the biggest collection of Spanish art on the planet from Francisco de Goya to El Greco to Diego velázquez there seems a world-famous piece on almost every wall you'll see Titian the fall of man goriias Saturn devouring his son and even Velasquez's las meninas it's mind-blowing number six you feet see gallery this place is another work of art within itself built in the latter half of the 16th century this grandest of galleries has its two wings positioned in such a way as to create the effect of an ideal European street scene once you've finished gazing at the outside though prepare for a treat tenfold on the inside we go from Botticelli to da Vinci from Caravaggio to Rembrandt a supreme collection begun by the famous house of Medici it's Italy's finest archive of art number five the Metropolitan Museum of Art one of the largest museums in terms of its size this New York City honey pot of art history can be found on the eastern edge of Central Park if the park is the city's lungs then this place is its creative Muse with at least something from almost all of the European masters the Metz catchment area actually goes way beyond the typical classics with extensive collections from the Far East as well as North America itself it provides one of the most complete international experiences ever seen for its roughly 5 million visitors each year number four The Hermitage Museum st. Petersburg Russia founded in 1764 by Catherine the Great this mammoth museum of art and history has Russia in the record books although only a small part of the Hermitage museums treasures are on show it does boast the largest collection of paintings in the entire world it's a stretch of six incredibly impressive baroque buildings situated along the neva river with many of the riches housed within the world-famous Winter Palace Russia is very good at grandeur and never more so than with this place number three the Smithsonian Institution we're now entering the museum major league originally labeled the United States National Museum the Smithsonian is a collection of museums galleries and zoos with its core found in the nation's capital Washington DC known affectionately as the nation's attic with an assorted collection of over 137 million items spread across its basis there really is nothing else like it in the world pop cultural pieces in one place art and history and another if you ever find yourself in DC take a walk between the Lincoln Memorial and the Capitol it's a golden mile of Museum number two the British Museum London seems full to bursting with brilliant museums but the British Museum has to be the best the National History Museum is well worth a visit as is the National Gallery but if time is limited then there's only one place you should be looking established in 1753 the British Museum has over 8 million works from all over the globe it documents human life and culture from the very beginning of time with pieces like the Rosetta Stone and the Parthenon sculptures drawing crowds and all that without an entrance fee jolly good show before we visit our top pick here are a few honorable mentions you number one news is you move statistically the world's most visited Museum the Louvre is a major landmark within the culture Laden city center of Paris it's a combination of one of the world's finest historical records and one of the planet's best art galleries the venus de milo regos lui kettle's Liberty leading the people psyche revived by Cupid's kiss all masterpieces but pride of place goes to da Vinci's Mona Lisa a piece worth paying the admission fee for alone but the Louvre has lots more to offer as well the palace and the controversial glass pyramid are international icons it's somewhere everyone should go and see at least once do you agree with our list which museum would you like to visit for more culture top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to

26 thoughts on “Top 10 Museums to Visit

  1. How about Versailles !?

  2. Cairo Museum is also great !!!

  3. Check check check check check check check check check check check check check check check

  4. invite everyone to see VIETNAMESE HISTORY MUSEUM



  7. The Greatest Twelve for the art lovers:
    Louvre/Orsay (Paris) – Impressionism, Ingres, Van Gogh, Watteau and Leonardo
    Hermitage/General Staff (St.Petersburg) – Rembrandt, Rubens, Titian and Impressionism
    Vatican complex – Ancient Greek/Roman art, Raphael and Michelangelo
    Prado (Madrid) – Bosch, Velasquez and Goya
    Uffizi (Florence) – Botticelli and almost whole Italian Renaissance
    Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam) – Dutch Golden Age
    Kunsthistorische Museum (Wien) – Brueghel and anything you want
    National Gallery (London) – anything you want
    Metropolitan (NY) – anything you want
    National Gallery of Art (Washington) – anything you want
    Gemaldegalerie (Berlin) – anything you want
    Gemaldegalerie Alte Meister (Dresden) – several greatest masterpieces

  8. I've only been to one of these museums – they lumped all the Smithsonian museums as though it was one museum…it is not, it comprises of several buildings which will take you days to get through. Regarding that, I've heard from a friend of mine, that for the CASUAL art fan, it will take 3 days minimum to get through the Louvre'……….2..if you rush it…..Bottom line- plan on taking 2 or more days to REALLY see these museums….you'll NEVER be back…so make it worth it.

  9. Oh, It's so similar to the top ten european museums..
    I don't no why..

  10. Why don't have Museum Ossay

  11. I’d put the Prado, Uffizi and Met above the Louvre. I’m also a great fan of MOMA and the Nationals in Washington and London. (This from an Aussie).

  12. What about Chicago’s museum of art

  13. Thamizhanin natrajar

  14. Has anyone feel or get some kind of goosebumps visiting museums also.
    I always found that interesting even when I was a youth. What do create these goosebumps or why the frequency is a better way to ask that question.
    Is it the artist message from there art OR have we been living in the past which is just a reborn feeling?

  15. saya ada koin kuno mau di jual

  16. US museums are overrarted. Smithsonian is the odd one in this list. Louvre, Hermitage, Vatican and Metropolitan can be compared, since they have similar scope. British museum claims to be museum of anthropology.

  17. Mexico: Anthropological Museum

  18. The Met should be at least No.2! Putting it at No.5 is ridiculous.

  19. I need to have the biggest and the best Art gallery in Jamaica.

  20. Where is MASP?!

  21. 3:10 noticed that?

  22. honestly i've been in 4 of this museulm's and i have to say that ' vatican museum's " deservesto be in the top 3 or almost seccond after le louvre in my opinion

  23. alte pinakothek munich, kunsthistorisches belvedere haus der musik vienna, orsay orangerie marmottan cluny pompidou paris, reina sofia thyssen archaeological cerralbo sorolla lazaro galdiano madrid, dresden zwinger gemaeldegalerie, oslo national gallery, london tate britain, russian museum st petersburg, tretyakov moscow sorry spelling, venice accademia, milano pinacoteca brera plus last supper, padova scrovegni chapel ravenna san vitale orvieto san brizio assisi st francis siena, cathedrals of toledo seville are virtual art museums, guggenheim bilbao or venice, mnac barcelona, toledo santa cruz santo tome chapels, seville museo bellas artes, never mind haydn mozart schubert beethoven houses vienna, dvorak house prague, chopin warsaw, bach leipzig, beethoven bonn, mozart salzburg, karl marx trier, van gogh amsterdam, picasso barcelona, nice matisse chagall, picasso antibes, rodin paris, mostly agree with best art museums galleries list, accademia florence bargello san marco medici also high on many peoples list. dont forget palaces as well as cathedral houses worship, opera houses and theatres, architecture, …..

  24. The tower of London is a good one and the German history museum in Berlin is really good.

  25. yesss

  26. Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna ?? didnt even get honorable mentions.. WTH

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