Top 10 Insanely Cool Museums

Top 10 Insanely Cool Museums

not all museums are dedicated to dinosaur bones and priceless works of art welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the top ten insanely cool museums before we begin we publish new content every day so be sure to subscribe to our Channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos for this list we're taking a look at museums that are outside of the ordinary to say the least number 10 the International banana Museum believe it or not recent studies have shown that bananas as we know them are at risk of going extinct if that fateful day does indeed come at least we have a museum to preserve this delicious fruits rich history the International banana Museum was founded by Ken Bannister who was appropriately dubbed the banana man this museum houses over 20,000 banana themed items earning the Guinness world record for largest collection devoted to any one fruit that's bananas the banana bar additionally serves up pretty much every banana dish imaginable from banana shakes to banana splits next time you're in Northshore California be sure to stop in for an appealing experience number 9 Momofuku Ando instant ramen Museum who needs a college meal plan when you can just eat instant noodles three times a day for anyone who loved this quick inexpensive dish during their dorm room days the cup noodles museum in osaka japan should be right up your alley this museum showcases a wide variety of instant noodle packages it also explores the life of Momofuku Ando who invented the first instant noodles chicken ramen this would lead to the invention of cup noodles and even space ramen other attractions include workshops where guests can cook fresh ramen and make original cup noodle packages who knew there was so much to be said about this tasty treat number eight the sous lab International Museum of toilets you heard us right folks a museum dedicated to sanitation facilities it's not the Taj Mahal but the su lab International Museum of toilets is actually a lot more fascinating and educational than you might expect located in New Delhi India this museum explores the evolution of toilets taking visitors on a journey through ancient medieval and modern times the museum is overflowing with distinctive artifacts and even features a replica of the wooden throne King Louie the 14th supposedly used to do his business dr. Ben – war Apothic founded the museum in 1992 to not only teach people about the history of toilets but also to shine a light on the current problems in the sanitation sector number 7 the Icelandic phallological Museum unless you're in a medical or scientific field full ology probably isn't part of your vocabulary the logo for the Icelandic phallological Museum pretty much says it all however full ology is the study of the penis and the walls of this museum are lined with male members founded by cigarette Osen in 1997 and later taken over by his son he or two started geese Lisa Gerson the museum has well over 200 penises on display among the specimens are sex organs belonging to whales seals and walruses there are even penises that allegedly belonged to trolls and elves interestingly enough though the museum wouldn't get its first human penis until 2011 that's certainly a different kind of sausage party number six the Museum of the mummies it's not at all uncommon to come across a mummy in a museum what makes this museum so unique is that it hosts over 100 mummified bodies what's even more engrossing is the story behind the mummies of Guanajuato following a cholera outbreak in 1833 numerous dead bodies were interred and then unearthed decades later throughout this period a local tax required relatives to pay a fee to keep their loved ones buried if the tax wasn't paid the body was dug up and placed in another building over time many of these corpses naturally mummified this eventually attracted tourists to the spot that's now known as the Museum of the mummies number 5 the International cryptozoology Museum Loren Coleman is a published cryptozoologist which pertains to the study of hidden animals this includes mythical icons grounded in folklore like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster in 2003 Coleman founded the International cryptozoology Museum in order to help spread awareness of this quote gateway science over the years the museum has moved to several different locations accumulating a large collection of sculptures paintings and artifacts related to unverified creatures for anyone who's intrigued by the unknown and unexplained this museum is sure to pique your interest of course even if you're a non-believer a lesson on cryptozoology may very well leave you with a more open mind number four the Museum of bad art now you won't find the Mona Lisa at this museum but you will see a gallery of art that's quote too bad to be ignored the Museum of bad art or MOBA for short was established in 1994 to quote celebrate the labor of artists whose work would be displayed and appreciated in no other forum director Louise Riley Sacco curator Michael Frank and other key personnel have collected over 700 pieces of art deemed quote so awful it's good while some artists might consider this a dubious honor Mulva demonstrates that even poorly received art can amuse and inspire spectators as co-founder Murray Jackson put it quote we are here to celebrate an artist's right to fail gloriously number three the International Spy Museum spies might go undercover but this awesome museum has been open to the public since 2002 the International Spy Museum explores espionage through the ages from the Greek and Roman empires to the American Revolutionary War to the Cold War displaying artifacts like disguises hidden cameras and secret weapons visitors will feel as if they've walked onto the set of a James Bond movie as a matter of fact the museum introduced a special exhibit in 2012 called exquisitely evil 50 years of Bond villains featuring props costumes and vehicles from double-oh-seven cinematic adventures for those wanting to learn about the secret history of spying this is a mission well worth accepting number two the museum of failure much like moba this museum looks on the bright side of history's greatest blunders the museum of failure collects products that were considered unsuccessful poorly made and just plain weird remember when the power glove was built up as the next big thing in the gaming world what about when dental health company Colgate made lasagna there are also several Oreo flavors that can be summed up with a giant letter F while the museum has a humorous edge it also reminds us that innovation and even a certain level of success can be found in the most epic fails number one the Museum of Sex the Museum of sex or MO sex was founded quote to preserve and present the history evolution and cultural significance of human sexuality you know that boring sex ed class you had to sit through as a kid this museum is nothing like that putting an emphasis on both education and fun a notable highlight is the fun land exhibit where visitors can jump for joy in a bouncy castle of breasts you can also climb grope Mountain which is comprised of some very suggestive looking rocks the museum was even the launch location for the book the art of the pimp it's a playroom unlike any other although you must be 18 or older to enter you

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  1. EAST OR WEST ❤️❤️ BAHRIA TOWN 🇵🇰💚💚 IS THE BEST 💜💜 NO 1 IN THE WORLD 🌹💛💛🐪🐪🐪🐪🐪✈️


  3. I remember it "cup o noodles" not "cup noodles" damn mandela effect

  4. Beef Lasagna
    Beef Lasagna
    T-Series come crying for their mama.

  5. There is also a museum of ex loves. You donate stuff that belong to your ex and they get exhibited

  6. Is there a museum for museums

  7. The faces at 2:30 sum up this video

  8. 7:09 Oh GEEZ!!!!!

  9. I hope that there is the virtual boy in #2 museum

  10. What about the Mütter Museum?!? That one's actually COOL.

  11. On a side note: the museum of sex is located in… wait for it…. Las Vegas. The City of Sin. Appropos no.

  12. Next door to the museum of dicks is the museum of vaginas.

  13. The Museum of Mummies is so cool! I went there when visiting family a few years ago, and it’s one of my favorite museums I’ve ever been to! Definitely recommend if your every in Guanajuato, Mexico!

  14. They totally missed one of the best ever: the International Mustard Museum. You can even get a degree from Poupon U

  15. Whoa! 🤩

  16. Museum of bad art and museum of contemporary art is two different names, but the content is like the same.

  17. In the Guanajuato mexico there are also other museums of folklore in mexico and they are animatronic scenes and scary stories, you walk by this huge mirror and when you look at it li looks like there is a ghost following you. Its very old, but cool.

  18. Number 8 no shit

  19. I wouldn’t want to explore the Museum of the Mummies at night in the dark. That is creepy.

  20. In Zagreb there is a museum called Museum of the Broken Relashionships with mementos of goddamn awful relationships. I thought it would be there for sure

  21. I don’t really like the museum of sex honestly.

  22. I bet they spent only like a hundred dollars to get the stuff in museum number nine

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  24. I think they’re trying to help out their Indians so they know what a toilet looks like


  26. I've been to the spy museum and that was VERY interesting you need to go to it!!!!

  27. Just Had to talk shit about trump y’all make it really hard to want to keep watching

  28. One museumI really miss is the Bead Museum. It was in Glendale Arizona. It was amazing!

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  30. I don't like bananas

  31. The museum of sex is trash. Their exhibits suck and the line for the bouncing boob house is way too long. The gift shop is definitely the best part!

  32. Museum of Death in Hollywood is a cool one

  33. Is MOBA just online, or is there an actual physical location? And if there is, why wasn't that in the video?

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