TOP 10 FUNNIEST Auditions And Moments EVER On Britain’s Got Talent! | Got Talent Global

TOP 10 FUNNIEST Auditions And Moments EVER On Britain’s Got Talent! | Got Talent Global

Let’s do some magic tonight we’re going on a journey deep into the unknown Oh, I’ll do tricks so this evening that’s gonna be gone some amazement come on In takes a breath and moments of pure fantasy Before the next night comes on Solomon. I’ve got my autograph book here I’ve got lots of famous people in there Piers Morgan Bobby Dan fro Michael Buble all the a-listers and I was just wondering if you could get me Russell Crowe’s all to grab You later now, could you stick your finger in any where your night? It’s just a good David Moreno what’s the young? Anywhere anybody? Okay. I’ve done it Remember that person don’t tell anyone All right Just think about it and sleep Come on David Like ease in Thank You T now reaching right back Yes, what’s inside David? I’m good to tell everybody. Yes. It’s The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes now That’s a very rare book everybody because it’s the only book I could find that wasn’t written by you David I’ve memorized every single page on that book and you’re gonna test me on it 202 pages I’ve got a fantastic memory right Daniel. Let’s stand back-to-back The swimming is paying off I can’t see over your shoulder. Can I so short? I can’t even see having my own shoulder right find the page David Yan make it difficult for me Yeah page. Are you on David? I page one hundred and fifty a hundred and fifty. That’s a beautiful trade It’s that upon a chair, you know what it does Okay, this is oh this is page 30 page 30 Yes, yes, have you got that date yet is it it is on no it is it is am Thank You Gillian, thank you very much You smell gold thank you very much what is that it was a spray of Simon. Oh Now a lot of people think they now have this trick Stan, but they run because you see every single page Now since the first audition went out people have been saying is she single Simon And I am actually single by choice That makes builders go WOW then I stopped shaking their ladder You were thinking of somebody very very famous weren’t you I was was it Sir Elton John No Robotic Michael Jackson, was it? Yeah, Michael Jackson Imagine Hello, hi, you know you I’m ma honey and this is Robbie and what make is Robbie He’s a Maltese terrier. Why have you entered this show? What are you gonna do today Doge I teach toga toga So yes that Doga is yoga for you and your dog wicked. Oh So you gonna watch the act that’s a good boy rocky watches that oh, I’ve got to see this, right? Okay Wow Breathe deeply See in and out through your nose Connect with your dog And bow Place your dog on the top of your size. I got place metonymy thighs And rise up Two boats, your dog is the Sailor and you’re the vessel And we’re gonna finish in hotdogs place your dog on the top of your thighs I’m appalled They’ve all got their dogs as well, come on I’m not Yeah, I Think I let the little dogs carry on I will go by the same stage Well, that’s what you thought of yeah, huh? Okay, let’s do the upper Papas Now ready gently fold forward in loose dog position just Forward hold your dog’s support your dog There you go, very nice breathe don’t forget to breathe Bring him back into the center. Well done. Everybody think that’s enough Doga for one day Bobby that was so unnoted. There’s literally way everywhere. Do you think someone needs to get more whose dog was it? I do carry As you can see we will love our dogs on this show and that was fantastic it’s an actor I’m not sure Let’s go. It’s a note from me I guess for me. Yes What do you think bird? Did you enjoy it? Yes, I did. Okay Twice mercy you can account now saving shoes, okay Why were people so excited about that talking dog on Britain’s Got Talent Amanda Holden spin on it for years It was fun meeting handsome tech backstage, but I’m never quite sure which one’s supposed to be the funny one Lisa not dancing Simon Reminds me a lot of my dad He’s a crushed dresser He gets especially cross when he can’t find his socks. I Was really worried for David Walliams when this one when the River Thames for charity because of all that garbage Going in his mouth But since I’m watching bgt, I’m relieved. It’s all coming out again I should open these gorgeous. He’s quite boring though, isn’t it? No, he’s mental. Come on max. Come on So them already Thank me did he it’s this problem. Hi, what’s your name? Dave Dave and who have you got in your arms de max a dog Hi, Bonnie. Oh, he’s so cute There is it gold Are we friends are we friends are we friends now? Are we friends good boy good boy good boy problem – chasing ants I just really would love to know what else max was going to do shoulda done some sing again, seriously Always wanted to find a dog that could sing. It’s just brilliant. It all went to plan I’m sorry is enough. Thank you Way from I’m from South Norfolk where should a job been I’ll do this act Okay I’m not going to ask what it is because we like surprises ash tell me why you’ve been to the show this year Well, my my two little boys they say come on daddy. You gotta be on Britain’s Got Talent So you’ve got salad, you’ve got kids. I’ve got two children. Okay, anything else? Yeah well, but they did have a care I won’t go that I’ve been good luck. Thank you ever so much Well, you see I think my little stick now is all about me I’ve miss hearing lyrics in music see I mean it all started what I went to see The Lion King anybody see the Lion King Oh Look at Auntie, but I must have misheard something right because I thought the first song was about the Arsenal club football manager What I did then right had a little picture myself Abajo Maybe there’s other songs right that you can hear that you think maybe they’re singing something different, right? So I’ve amalgamated loads and it’s just for you hitch it surely Hello, what’s your name? Um, my name is Roberts III just turned 30 11 years ago, so If this your job would you have a normal job? Um, I teach tiny little primary school channel to music as well So I do that which isn’t this Okay best of luck Alright so, um wait basically I’ve written a song Specifically for for you, which makes me nervous and also I’m slightly nervous because got something called dyslexia Which is which was very good for music because when I was young I taught myself the piano Although it’s not so good as I’m older. I recently tried to book tickets for Rihanna my book tickets for Ryanair. Um, Thank you, I’ve got something called Asperger syndrome, which means I’m a genius No, it’s nice to be here I’ve had a bit of a rough week I’ve actually moved into a flat with was my boyfriend yes boyfriend gay And and autistic two ways. I can’t think straight and I Usually when I do clubs I swear a lot so I’ve got to be PC I’ve done a song which is literally be see because it’s about computers and I have done it three times and each time people have laughed. So if you don’t you’re wrong Thank you George for me working in a computer shop I Work in the computer shop make a commuter bright and clean So much crumbs and vomit and don’t ask what’s on the screen I do half the work touch double the time you would want a job like mine If you would find the things I’d find when I’m cleaning Microsoft Windows David Walliams wanted to update his content reminder. He brought me a massive ring binder, but when I looked all the contacts were from Grindr Alesha Dixon’s webcam was another case. She said the picture was awful Was too lovely her face was too lovely There you go Amanda Holden was the only one who’s in scrum was on the mark. She said her outfits have so much spark I said I’m just jealous. I’ll never dress like you because I don’t show Simon Cowell’s Facebook was round the bend. He brought it to me to try to mend. It wasn’t broken. It’s just not No Oh Oh Rubber I love you. I Mean everything you said was hilarious. You’re just a beautiful soul comedy flows from you like water I lovely had a go at us all I think some people were more hurt than others Some was just entirely truthful I just can’t wait to see what you’re gonna do next We start to finish that was hilariously funny you’re a shining star We’re very self-deprecating and I think you have funny bones and the audition was fabulous Well Robert, you know what you’re very uniquely very quirky very funny very naughty Robert which we like Baby gets enough I’m saying it robber way you go for years sequential ages Right here sue sue sue Sue I guess So shoot a freckle on the north through life’s compaction nothing other Only can die once you write sir I’m joining Wow and the term fever, what’s your name? Nice to meet you, so where you from I’m from Clayton limos in a near occurrence of in, Lancashire To have a day job. I’m a singer your brand. Thank you Why you did to us, but you made David’s trip You’re one of those people you made us all so happy we’ll just wanted to join in like a lot of the best performers It was a very very fitting end to Britain’s Got Talent 2017 new events I’m traumatized Literally can’t get this thought out of my mind when I just saw Know what that was a great entrance the fact that you carried on with all the nuttiness Last audition of the series and you made it worthwhile, right? I’ll kick this off with a yes Yes, I’m not saying yes to you but I’m saying yes to you congratulation Kiss-kiss well, what a ways Politicians Who you my name is Don chess, I’m from Wolverhampton I am six years old what I’m here to do my thing You’re gonna sing right? Yes Simon this is an original song called wiggle wine because we go Wine We do I good luck let’s do it on chairs go Chad We go right with the life When I was growing up I used to love to pull pranks on my family and friends whenever my mom was ironing I grabbed the iron and do that ski Event it the world’s only trained flea. Oh, there you go I hate you, son. Awesome. Let me just dry this up for you. No problem piece of cake. There you go Got a picture business What’s your name? My name is Marty cut Oh you America the Canadian they didn’t actually drop my family’s from Liverpool Funniest thing I think I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m gonna kill this dog with a humongous. Yes Thank you guys Get amongst it on see how you’d be at the end of it Thank You meal You Starvation I’d like to remove my eggs Davis I just sort of thought wouldn’t it be great to see Simon sat on the chair and you Reformation over In seven years we thought on this day Let’s do it music You

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