We’re back with a new #ScaryTuesday, tiktakers.
This time we’re not going to tell you about any dark legend or yokai. It is something
more recent but no less terrifying. A challenge that is becoming popular on the internet,
and that we recommend you not to try, because it may be the last thing you do… It’s the mysterious and creepy window game.
Its origin is uncertain; we don’t know exactly who started it or why. It just started circulating
among users of a Deep Web forum, and soon became popular in the community. There are
hundreds of testimonials from people who tell how they put it into practice. Some of them
lack the ending, since the players suddenly disappeared without giving any more signals. We haven’t had the nerve to try it, no matter
how simple it seems. Anyone can try it in their own room at night, all you need is a
window overlooking the outside, and some curtains to cover it. We have said that it has to be done at night,
but not just any night. It has to be the last one of the month, this is important. When
midnight arrives, you must stand in front of your window wide open. As you look out
you will see a familiar panorama, but in complete darkness and stillness. Then mentally you have to summon a presence.
You must calmly focus, take the time you need, and invite it to come. This is how you will
draw its attention. Once this is done, make sure to close the window properly, no matter
how hot it is, and draw the curtains. And just like every night, go to bed and turn
off the light. The game may not work the first time. In fact,
it’s normal, it takes a lot of concentration to summon this presence, and written testimonies
say it never usually works until at least the sixth attempt. Others had to wait longer,
the tenth or twelfth. It does not mean that it is not being done well, if it is repeated
every last night of the month, it will end up working. You will know that you have succeeded if after
30 minutes or an hour of lying down, you begin to hear some noises in the window. As if someone
or something is knocking their fingers on the glass. Now the real game begins. That spirit must never know that you are awake.
You have to stay completely still, as if you were in deep sleep, with your eyes closed.
More importantly, you should never look at what is on the other side of the window, a
few meters from you. The presence will keep insistently and will
keep on hitting, stronger each time, to the point where you think it is going to break
the glass. Don’t get nervous, it won’t happen. Don’t worry, your parents or anyone else in
the house can’t hear the noises. Even if they are really loud noises, only you will be able
to hear them. There may come a time when the noises suddenly
stop and everything is calm. Don’t trust, don’t even think about moving a single muscle.
It is the entity that is playing with you, trying to find out if you are really asleep.
You have to stay still. Don’t fall asleep either, you have to stay
awake no matter what. The safest thing is that after a few moments, the blows will sound
again, again with more intensity, loudly in your ears. And if you are unlucky enough to
wake up and turn around to take an unintended look, the game is over for you. But then what is the real end? When will we
know that it’s all over at last? Only when it is dawn and the first rays of sun come
out of your window. The entity will be gone and we can get up and catch our breath again.
But we can do nothing up to that moment. Not a single one of those who played this
game and survived to tell about their experience was able to explain exactly what was on the
other side of their window, stalking them. That’s something only those who couldn’t resist
and ended up looking at the entity know. People who lost the game and were never heard of

100 thoughts on “THE WINDOW GAME | Draw My Life

  1. The 31 is my birthday 😳🤯😦

  2. The stair game: 🙂
    Me: ill just go to the elevator
    Elevator game: 🙂
    I just escape down the windows
    Window game: 🙂

  3. The elevator game

    OK fine all just use the stairs

    Stair challenge game


  4. The elvator game: exists
    Stair game:exsist
    Window game:exist
    Me: a S* here we go again

  5. Guys do ghost exist in Brunei? I am just curious and wanted to ask

  6. Wait if all the people that played this are dead then why did you tell us that for other people it didn’t work until the 6 7 8 9 10 11 time?

  7. Why do I watch this I sleep next to a window 💀

  8. Will that happen if you put crosses around your window?

  9. Me:sees the video*
    also me:looks at my window with a creepy smile*

  10. Man I just love your videos!!

  11. tic tac

  12. Nahh just stay outside



  15. 4:24 who's that?

  16. stair game? window game? elevator game? BIO THE NEXT THING YOU KNOW THERE IS GONNA BE A PLANE GAME -0-

  17. This channel is making you not be able to use the elevator, stairs or look at a window.

  18. The elevator game:jumpscares
    Me:ok that was quite scary
    The stairs game:jumpscares
    Me:can you stop with the jumpscares
    The window game: jumpscares
    Me:SUN OF A BI-

  19. Dawn

  20. I cant play this game because im so curious of finding out what's outside the window i would die easily

  21. What if I live at level 8 and the corridor there is bright at night

  22. The Elevator game,the stairs game , the window game WHAT'S NEXT THE WALL GAME!

  23. ill just use the door

  24. What's next?
    The Kitchen Game?

  25. I will not play this game it's so scary 😨

  26. :The Elevator game:


    :The stairs game:

    Me: Roomtime!

    :The window game:

    Me : The door is safe 😛

    :The door game:


    :the bathroom game:

    Me : Ima go to wendy's

    :The wendy's game:


    :the Mcdonalds game:


    :the outside game:

    Me: You have to be srs rn

  27. When you knew that a jump scare will pop up and u were expecting it

    But you still got scared

  28. Elevator game
    Stairs game
    Window game
    What's next

  29. Tissue

  30. okay future horror challenge certain game or doll game

  31. I Feel So safe Cause There's No Window In My Room

  32. Way i challenge windols

  33. Her:don’t worry
    Me:oh ok so
    Her:no one can hear it
    Me:what ahhhh

  34. 'Dont worry your parents wont hear the loud tapping noises'

    Me: so I could possibly die and nobody will hear me. Ok THen-

  35. It's Sunday

  36. Next thing u know theres gonna be a blinking game

  37. Hahaha I am not stupid I ain't gonna do that I like a good night's sleep 😅🤣

  38. i dont have a window

  39. Stop scaring me at the end

  40. All of the above

  41. Make a draw my life of one man hide and seek

  42. Wow every well sometimes I hear the window knocking and I’m never scared and I check but what if this is the game but also I never even know about this game

  43. Do You need to be 10 im only 7 years old!

  44. The: Elevator Game
    The: Stairs Game
    The: Window Game
    Hotel: Trivago

  45. What if theres a door game

  46. window game:
    i am never looking out of a window

    stair game:
    never going up some stairs

    elevator game:
    avoiding elevators too

    take an escalator and move to a box

  47. What if I dont have a window?? (1:20)😎😎😎

  48. So are we supposed to stay up all night? But-but I have school tomorrow!!!

  49. Everybody: DoNt TrY tHiS aT hOmE!!
    Me:I’ll try it outside in the street doing it on my window but from deh outside 😛

  50. I’m in feb so 29 or 28

  51. opens window and closes eyes

    Robbers : hi

  52. In my house no elevators near, just in malls, 1 window, no courtain, no stairs.

    Yeah, i'm pretty safe.

  53. Me: should i do it?
    But also me: but we dont have a window lol

  54. Her:No moving of a single muscle
    Me: does the renegade out of nowhere

  55. i have always been terrified of windows at night soooo idk if this helped 😅😂

  56. Why do there always have to be jump scares its soooooooo creepy not to be lying 😱😱😱😱😂😂😂😂😂

  57. Not being mean but is this channel pg 13?

  58. I like anything not scary

  59. Me looking at my window while watching this at night.

  60. So what's next.

    The Door Game?

  61. Woman:youre parents will not notice the sound how hard it is

    Me:My whole family sleep in one room together

    Woman:close the light and sleep like every other
    Me:but we turn out the light and turn on a medium sized lamp
    Plus how do they know other people sleep with the lights off (stalker alert!!)

  62. Me:doing the challange

    Ghost:wake up

    Me: actually asleep

    Ghost:f*** this was supposed to be fun

    My mind:yes we ain’t gonna die today

  63. Let's just hope there won't be the planet game, or we're delightfully screwed

  64. * I L O V E Y O U R V I D E O S S O M U C H*

  65. I did but all saw was my dad about to hit me for staying up

  66. Setting up a camera?

  67. Me realizing i have 5 windows in my room

  68. Me: sees this video
    Also me: looks at my window

    Me: wait…i have a skylight! I live!!

  69. Thank god it’s February 🙏

  70. Positive peoples: at least it's still a game!

    Me: are you serious?

  71. the elevator game: "that was so fun~ ;)"
    The stairs: "mhm~"

    Stairs game: "BABY I'M PREGNANT!"
    Elevator game: "OMG!!!"
    nine months later
    Stairs game: "where's my baby,nurse?"
    Elisa Lam: "here it is."
    Window game: "Moomwy!"

  72. I bought that Mostly every night looking for my mom who works at Tesco’s

  73. the elevator game
    Me:idc i will use the stairs
    The stair game

    Me:ok ok i will stay im my room then..
    The window game

  74. a demon?

  75. well then how do they know?

  76. Honestly I deal with this every night! I’ve bonded so much with my sleep paralysis demon, we play poker every night!

  77. Thanos: infinity stones
    Girl: infinity markers

  78. Is it normal tho?

  79. the elevator game
    Me:imma take the stairs
    the stairs game
    Ill just climb down the window
    the window game
    Edit: a few people added a similar comment before me just wanted to give credit

  80. Stop it. You are scaring my sister

  81. What happens if u sleep with a lamp!😂😂

  82. What happens if u sleep with a lamp!😂😂

  83. I never have done this but it happen to me last night I didn't do anything it just happened I'm scared I looked and saw nothing so idk what it is but I lived

  84. Me: has AlReAdY watched it once
    Me: oh gOd I'm I'm gonna die omg omg help help help call 911 or I'll die help don't turn the light off

    My mind: ;-;" girl you just watched it when it came out idiot

    Me: Tell meH pReEtY lIeS LoOk mE iN tHe FaCe tEll mEh tHaT I Have WaTcHeD ThIs cAuSe ThAts A LiE aNd iDfC

    My mind: wow ..

  85. Also one night I was sleeping but than I heard something saying my name Joshua over and over again and than that’s when I ran as fast as I could to my mums room.THE end

  86. Me does dis at new year

  87. elevator game exists
    Meh: well at least I will use da stairs
    stairs game exists
    Meh: well maybe I just stay in mah house
    window game exists
    Meh: I’M IN DANGER
    Edit: inspired by Angel_playz 18

  88. Me: there’s an elevator game, stairs game, and window game what else is next?
    YouTube: The door game
    Me: alright I’m never gonna open a door again

  89. I don't believe that😆😈

  90. What happens if you do it in another room and go to sleep in a different room what would happen?

  91. the stairs game, the elevator game, how much games are there?

  92. What if..

    You do this game but youre living with your parents?

    in the same room??

  93. So I might have done this and once it had effect. The knocking wouldn't stop but I had to scratch. It was a rough night

  94. OMG this is creepy

  95. Let's play a game

  96. Elevator game:

    Stair game:

    Window game:


  97. the elevator game
    me:fine I’ll take the stairs ;-;
    the stair game
    me:fine I’ll just go out the window.
    the window game
    me:FinE tHeN iLl JuSt dIe heRe

  98. Summon a presence?
    Freddie Mercury's ghost: AYYYOOOO

  99. I know what i doing this weekend

  100. Next title
    The Earth GAME

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