The Try Guys Try Drawing Male Models

The Try Guys Try Drawing Male Models

– [Keith’s Voiceover]
Today, we get to draw the most beautiful figures
in all of the world. – The male staff at 2nd Try, LLC. They might be without clothes, right? – Wait, are we allowed
to do that? (giggles) – I mean, it’s our company. – How naked would they be? – No.
– Nude models. – What?
– Nude men. – What?
(scared music) (upbeat music) – Today, we are here at Makers Mess, a creative workshop
space where we are going to learn how to draw and then we’re going to sketch three of our male staff. – [Ned] And their male staffs! (boing) – [Keith] Maybe. – For those keeping score at home, this is a Eugene-lead video and this is the first
we’re hearing about this. – We do run this company and
I also can sign off on things, which I think is a big mistake
now that I think about it. – My name is Rebecca Holopter. – [In Unison] Hi!
– Hi! (laughs) I mainly work in watercolor,
I do really large portraits on canvas, and so I teach all
the watercolor classes here and then figure drawing too,
which you guys are gonna do. – [Keith’s Voiceover] And you’re
gonna review our drawings. What are you gonna look for? – [Rebecca’s Voiceover]
Expression, composition, and I’m also gonna judge
your attitudes while drawing. – So we should have
some attitude. (scoffs) – [Rebecca] Yeah. – Wow, you look so fucking hot. (laughs) – So first, we’re gonna be
doing a practice lesson, where we’re gonna be
drawing some still life. And then, we’re moving on to the hot boys. Are we gonna see dicks today? Like, I just, we’re dancing around it.
– Everyone’s being very coy about it if we’re gonna see dicks or not. (laughs) – I might have to draw a penis today. (boing) – We don’t need to draw this
interview out any longer. (laughs) – Woooooo. – [In Unison] Let’s art! – Yeah! – [Zach] Work on it. (sighs in pleasure) – How we doing, guys? – Oh my god!
– Oh my god! Where did you get it? – I got it online at your website. – [Zach] – [Ned] – That’s it, yes. – You too can get our Try
Guys backpack at – [Zach] It’s so cute! – [Rebecca] This zipper
is great, you guys. – Oh my god, if you’ve never
played with these erasers, they are amazing.
– What? – You get to, uh, flashbacks. – [Ned Voiceover] How
do I not get charcoal all over my hands? – [Rebecca] That’s gonna happen. – [Ned] Aw.
– [Rebecca] So then we need a model, please, to come out. – But who’s gonna model?
– Look who it is! (excited cheers) – Bailey Switch. – A female staff member. – It’s one of our female staffers! – Would you do pose
that’s kind of like this? Perfect! What you guys wanna do first
is look at her, take her in, take her in everybody,
and then you wanna look for that line of energy, right? The line of how they stand
and that kind of gesture. Yeah, you got it. So that would be like if
I was standing like this, you would draw that line like this, so it’s like that feeling
that you’re getting. – Never really gotten to
take a form of drawing class, so it’s gonna be really cool to be able to learn the basics today. – So you always wanna
start with the essence for that kind of like general movement, so that you’re getting that feeling. And then you can start
building the pieces. So you can use your charcoal
to measure angles as well. So take your charcoal
up to her shoulder line. – So your face is like a two by three… (laughs) Is that the golden ratio? Today I am not Ned, the try
guy, I am Edward Foremere, three accent marks.
(loud bangs) What is that banging, my god! – When you’re measuring,
always extend your arm the full way, that way this measurement will stay the same, right? So if I change it to
here, it would change. So I’m gonna look at my head
here, I’m gonna see what that length is, I’m gonna use that angle and I’m gonna draw that same length. And that’ll be our forearm. – So that’s what you mean by– – Measuring.
– Measure. – Yeah.
– Mhmm. – I was a sad kid and I
didn’t have many hobbies, so for years, I dabbled in all
these different art classes. I’m excited to recapture
this childhood passion. – So the biggest thing is
you kinda gotta disconnect your brain and what it immediately sees. – Way ahead of you. (chuckles)
– So, yes, good. It’s just gonna do it. So that you can be more objective
with what you’re drawing, so you see the shapes and
the sizes and the shadows and the light and what
shapes those are in, rather than just seeing like an eyeball, why don’t you draw a circle? – Whoa.
– whoa. – Yeah, we’re gonna get crazy. (laughs) – The thing a lot of people start with the outline of the body – Yeah
– but do you think that’s a mistake? – [Rebecca Voiceover]
Yes, it is a mistake. You wanna build that
foundation and those shapes so that you get the proportion right and then start filling it out. – I’m pretty sure visual
art is something you’re just born good at and I’m born bad at it, and Eugene’s born good at it, and I think Ned and Zach are okay. I’m really bad. I make kind of a river
that’s headed toward the sun. – [Rebecca] That’s beautiful. – Oh, I think her head
is very tiny. (laughs) I’m so sorry, I never think
so much about people’s forms. – Yeah, that’s beautiful. Where are her hip? – Right there.
– So draw your hipbone or pelvis bones.
– Right here! – Put them in there.
– This way. – [Rebecca Voiceover] Yeah, so
once you have a basic outline down too, you really wanna start examining what you put down as well. And if you see something that’s
different, just change it. – Don’t look towards her, look where– – Don’t!
– Don’t! – No, no, no, look way out. – [Keith] Come on! (laughs) – My version of you is a
lot uglier than you are. (laughs) The first time I’m actually
looking at the face and what a horrifying
duck creature I’ve made. – [Rebecca] Can I say what
I think it looks like? And I mean this in the best way. – [Zach] Say it. – Okay, it kinda looks
like Chucky’s girlfriends. – The bride of Chucky? (laughs) – [Rebecca] Yes, it looks
like the bride of Chucky, but like in the best way. – Yeah, I don’t think this
looks anything like you, but I’m not unhappy with it. – [Rebecca] No, it’s great. – Done!(laughs) – Alex meet Alex. (laughs) – [Rebecca] Hey, I
appreciate you took a lot on time on the face. – [Ned] I really focused
a lot on the energy line. – This is mine. – [Zach] Oh, yeah! – [Eugene] It’s okay, I thought the energy lines really helped. I’ve never sketched with the sort of circle line and stuff.
– Yeah, the face is super helpful. – [Ned] It’s actually
a face, that’s a plus. – I kinda did what he did too, but I draw it like an alien face– (Ned laughs) next to yours. – [Rebecca] So good. – [Keith] Just for fun. Just to mix it up. – [Rebecca] So good. – Pure Picasso and disembodied. – [Rebecca] Isn’t that so good though? – [Zach] Do you love it? – [Rebecca] I love it. (laughs) They all look like they’re
moving, which is very great. This is a beautiful plate
of bananas and grapes and a tomato, so you can use food– – My favorite three fruits together. (laughs) – Yummy.
– Yum-my. (Zach laughs) – Now is there a reason we’re
drawing a banana and grapes? Practice, perhaps? – Yes,
(boing) for the next round. For this one, you guys
really want to pay attention to the shadow and the light that is there. So when you put those lines down, if you do see one side is darker, you can put that line as darker. – Just darker lines in general. I remember the exact moment I realize I was really bad at drawing. I was in second grade and the entire class was drawing barns together and
I thought I was crushing it and then we turned our barns in and I looked at everybody else’s barns. It was the first time I was like, “Oh no, I’m really bad at something.” – I am what you would call a fraud. I don’t really know what
I’m doing here today. – Another thing that’s
good to do is to watch how you’re talking to yourself
when you’re doing this. – You can do it, Zach, you love this. – This is really good. – You think?
– Yeah, I do. – I did pastel drawings
and charcoal drawings, I did comic book drawing classes, but I was never very good. I was a kid, I was like
10 and 11 years old, but it’s something that
I really love doing and I just fell out of practice with it. – Think something to add
that’ll make you feel good is putting in that darkness
that’s right there. – [Eugene] Right here, yeah? – [Rebecca] Yeah, there you go. – [Eugene] There we go,
that’s transforming it. – Yeah, it’s nice. – Fine art has played
a huge role in my life. I’ll say between writing and drawing, those are the two things that I did by myself most of the time. – [Rebecca] Something to
think about too if you get to a point where you want to,
you can start incorporating this box, right, that this is on. – I’m getting frustrated
and I wanna give up. – Don’t, that’s great.
– What do I do? – That’s great, frustration is so good, just breathe through it and keep drawing. You’re being vulnerable,
that’s the biggest thing. (grunts) Yeah, good, let it out if you need to. – God! – Great, that’s beautiful. Something too now that you
can do is that you can go in with your eraser and
bring back the highlight. You’re doing so good. – Shit that shit out! – [Zach] Oh wow! – [Rebecca] Really good, right? – [Zach] I actually
really like that Keith, I think you did great. – Really good.
– Thank you. That shadow in there really
makes that recede, you know, and these grapes pop
forward, it’s beautiful. You started to work on the
highlights with the eraser, you know bring those back
in, really good dude. – [Keith] I can tell it’s a
banana, grapes, and a tomato. – Of course!
– And that’s huge. – That is incredible, so good, so so good. You know what I like
about this one the most? Is that I feel your frustration in it. (laughs) Do you know how hard it is to,
like, put feeling into paper? That’s difficult. – [Ned] Yeah. – [Rebecca] You accomplished putting your feelings into something. – Thanks. – Ooh, this was so cool. Maybe it’s really rad to me. – Why? – [Rebecca] Because of the
shadows and how the shadows are layered on top of each other. – I like it more from
there than I did from here. – There you go. Okay. (amazed noises) Beautiful, right? – [Keith] You drew the table, I didn’t even think about the table. – [Rebecca] This is so beautiful,
I love these kind of like, sketchy lines that start to give texture to it too, you know? What I would say to use,
now you can use the eraser, just like he did, to start
bringing back the highlights too. So beautiful. – [Zach] Yeah, it’s great. – Really good work, guys. – That’s enough learning, it’s time to see the whole shebang. – I haven’t even seen Zack’s dick. – Really?
– Really? – I don’t think so. – Every time he peed.
– Definitely a lie. – Yeah.
(boing) – [Miles] All right,
everyone’s eyes closed. – Are they gonna be naked? – All right, we’re ready! – [Miles] Today we are practicing
being human male models. I’m taking off my socks. – [Male Model] I’m not taking mines off. – [Miles] They have to draw
our feet, take your socks off. They’re always naked so
we kind of made them think that we’re gonna be naked, but the reality is actually much more humiliating. (scary music)
– Take a look. (laughs) – [Keith] Well, we already drew this. – [Zach] You are good, guys, you are good. – Miles.
– Still life. – [Eugene] Damn Sam,
you striking that pose. – [Keith] Damn.
(laughs) It’s hot, you really committed. (chuckles)
– Okay. – So you guys have an hour,
really challenge yourself to do your energy lines for each person, and then start measuring
the head, the shoulder, and the pelvis wherever you can see it. (instrumental music) – Why you staring right at me? It’s gonna reflect in the drawing, Miles. – Don’t, don’t change
on me now, your hands. Now you’re doing like a little
claw, you’re gonna keep that? You’re changing, no, no, no,
no, don’t you fucking dare. Your arms flipped, change ’em. No, no, no, no, no, no. – [Keith] I already drew your arms! – No, no, no. (time ticking) Are there any misconceptions
that new students have coming into one of your classes? – [Rebecca Voiceover]
They’re very judgemental against themselves or
have a lot of expectations on themselves to create
this incredible piece that they have in their head. – (sighs) I drew the grape boy
too far from the banana man. – Oh, Sam, your tip is
getting cut off, I’m so sorry. – You guys have improved so much. – [Eugene] The foreshortening is, I think, the most difficult thing. – [Rebecca] It’s really difficult. – [Eugene] Like for
example, any of their thighs when they’re seated, coming
at me, it’s like thicker in the back, pointier in the
front, but it’s also shorter on the page, so that’s something that I’m kinda struggling with. – If the thing closest to you is the knee, and measuring that compared
to another measurement on him, so if that knee might be
the same size as his head, being really specific about that will help with foreshortening. – [Man Voice] This is
the five minute warning. – Five, whoa! Nick! – [Eugene] A little bit
more, a little bit more. – [Keith] Seven. – 10, 12, five is just fine. (laughs) Not gonna get much better with more time. – [Zach] Well, I have five minutes to draw all of Will. (chuckles) – [Rebecca] Art is such
a vulnerable thing, you’re really putting yourself out there. You learn from the
stuff that you do wrong. Sometimes when you’re
drawing, I don’t think you should erase some of the lines that are the ones you’ve corrected over, cause then you see the
change and how you developed. (Zach laughs) – This is the first time I’ve looked at what I have been drawing. (mumbles) – [Man Voice] You guys have one minute. – [Rebecca] A good thing also
to do is to look at your piece at the end and find one
thing that you love about it. It’s really important so that that encourages you to keep going. – Pencils down! – There’s never enough time! – You know what, I had a lot of fun. – We have so many amazing
fans who create fanart and we often find it through social media. I love to see some of our fans
recreate their own version of our employees after this. – Yeah.
– Open that up to y’all. – Challenge. – [Eugene] If you want to
show us your interpretation of our staff as fruit, email
us at [email protected] and we’ll post them on our social media that’ll probably look better than ours. – Okay, the first one. (sounds of amazement) Beautiful! – [Zach] Wow, great job! – [Rebecca] You guys see yourself? – [Zach] I can tell
that Sam’s a banana man and Will looks like one
of the great thinkers of the last century. – [Rebecca] That’s right, yeah, for sure. – [Zach] I like this space
that you put them in as well, I can feel their presence. Bring yourself up over there,
I think you did a great job. – I think you got the
proportions really well actually. – [Rebecca] Yeah, these legs, so good. The angles that you got.
– They’re proportion well with one another for sure. – What’s your favorite part? – I, you know, I spend
a lot of time on Will. I think I like Miles’s eyes the best. – Yay, Ned!
(claps) – Fabric is tough, it’s so tough. – Yeah, that was really hard, but I actually learned a
lot even just in one day. Good drawing should have
movement, should have energy, like it’s about being technical, but it’s also about having life. – I think I captured your essences. – Wow!
– And a ba-bum! (laughs) – Wow!
– I look awesome! – [Rebecca] So good! – [Zach] I’m actually pretty
goddamn down with this! – [Eugene] Whatever’s
happening with Miles. – He kept looking like. (chuckles) He looked like a lizard
man to me and its face, the mask was kinda pulling his face back, so I wanna to make him look like a freak. Sam was, you know, a little quaint minx and I wanted to capture that. – Yeah, your emotion
in each one is so good, you really captured an expression, which is really hard to do. – [Zach] I’m really happy with it. – [Rebecca] Good, that’s
amazing, you should be! – Yeah, I’m gonna be hanging this up, probably over my bed, so when
I wake up and Maggie wakes up, this the first thing she sees. (sounds of amazement) – [Rebecca] Okay, what’s
your favorite part? – [Keith] I feel like I got
the posture on Sam pretty well, his body’s pretty well proportioned, it was very complicated. I also had to dodge Zach’s
head to do it every time, so I didn’t have a good sightline, so I was pretty proud of,
with this banana look. I think Miles’s face is pretty okay. – They’re nice and svelte as well. I think my guys are, all my
drawings lean very chunky, whereas yours are nice and sleek. – [Rebecca] I also love
the leg hair. (laughs) You got that in there.
– It was something that spoke to me.
– So good! I wasn’t just disappointed
as I thought I would be, ’cause I thought I’ll be totally shitty and I was way better than Ned. (chuckles) (sounds of amazement)
– Ooh, la, la, right? – [Zach] Will’s a little elf. (giggles) – [Rebecca] So good, I love
that little hand, so good! – [Keith] Oh, I didn’t
even see that on your tab. – [Zach] Oh, didn’t see it either. – We look like a group
of friends from Narnia. – [Rebecca] You do. You all seem very friendly. – [Keith] You really do look
like fruit that came alive. – [Rebecca] What’s you’re favorite part? – I don’t know, I’m bothered
by trying to nail these legs, ’cause they’re coming towards
you, so it’s very hard to, and that’s what I found
the most difficult was how to make those proportions look right. – It’s a big challenge.
– [Eugene] Yeah. – Your faces are very good. I totally would be able
to tell who these are. Sam kinda looks like a lady, but– – [Rebecca] So pretty. (laughs) – [Zach] But I don’t hate it. – [Keith] But Sam has kinda
nice, delicate features, especially when you can’t see his hair or exactly where his jawline is. (laughs) – I think I actually nail the
way he’s actually sitting, – Yes,
– with the shoulders. – That arm too.
– Yeah. – Yeah, that’s really good, I really love this foot
arch for some reason. I keep going over to it, it’s
so good, but I don’t know why. – I learned a lot today as
someone who’s never taken a formal art class, it
was really awesome to see that there’s some basics
that really transform what you’re drawing. The energy lines, the
perspective, the measurements, really help an image really come to life. – Seeing these compared
to your guys’s first 10-minute sketch, incredible, you guys. Yay!
(applause) So good! – [Zach] What do you
think is the importance of especially younger kids
having an artistic outlet? – I think it’s paramount, it makes you comfortable
with making mistakes. And art is beautiful, it’s expression, it’s a part of everyone’s lives. This building was designed by someone, the TV you watch is made by artist. – Beautiful.
– We’re all art. – Yes, you are! You’re a creation. – Wow.
– Wow. Hey everybody, my comedy
group, Lewberger, is competing in the finals of NBC’s Bring the Funny this Tuesday 10/9 central. Be sure to watch and vote
for us if you love us. Okay, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks. – Thanks, oh! (upbeat music) – In fact, I feel like my
dick is the one you guys have seen the most. – Yeah, I’ve seen yours a ton. – Not like full-frontal,
not like drawn it. – Yeah, never drawn each other’s dicks. – I see it peripherally. – Thank god we’re not drawing
mine, it would take so long. (boing)

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  94. That's the pants Ned wore in his week of fashion fears 😂

  95. I really like Zach's outfit

  96. Try guys try marching band

  97. 📲*00212.679.620.248* *whatapps*📲
    شــبــاب🙋‍♂️ لاحـظـت كــثــيــر كــومــنــتــات عـن تــكــبــيــر الــقــضــيــب وضـعـف الانــتــصــاب وســرعــة الـقـذف
    ولا يـهـمـك😉 تــواصــلــو مـع الــدكــتــور👨‍⚕️ الــلــي نــصــحــنــي بــوصــفــة اسـتـعـمـلـتـهـا كــم أسـبـوع وحــصــلــت عـلـى نـتـايـج مـذهـلـة🤩🥳
    الــلــي عــايــز الــدكــتــور👨‍⚕️ يــتــواصــل مـعـه الـواتـس اب 00212.679.620.248 *whatapps*📲

  98. Wait Zach has cuffed jeans 👖 is he ………….


  99. Just how old is mah baby

  100. I can tell Eugenes having fun! 😂

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