The Time Zack Morris Told His Girlfriend’s Little Sister To Hook Up With Him Twice

The Time Zack Morris Told His Girlfriend’s Little Sister To Hook Up With Him Twice

♫ Zack Morris Is Trash ♫ – Zack’s reading Making Money magazine. He says the greedy monsters
in here are just like him: big ideas for big money. Zack sees he can get a 900 number, a small idea, and charge two bucks a call, small money, he just needs a gimmick. Jessie’s reading letters written to a Dear Donna advice column. Lisa always gives the same
sound advice as Dear Donna. Zack hears his friend
has a natural ability to help others and gets a great idea to exploit her gift for cash. Kelly shows up with her
little sister Nicki. Zack asks how the cutest
pitcher in 7th grade is, then unnecessarily puts
his arm around her. Then says she’s not just
cute, she’s smart too. And adds, – I love this kid. – Zack’s gratuitous affection
sends her impressionable young mind to a fantastical
Hip Hop Cinderella story where Zack has the flow of a
drain clogged with rat pubes. – Before I go, won’t you try on a shoe because you never know it might be you! – Screech wonders how
much they’re going to make with this Teen Line. Zack breaks out his tiniest calculator and announces they’re filthy rich, despite the fact that that screen can only display a maximum of five digits. Lisa interrupts Zack’s
premature immature celebration. Zack tells her about
the Teen Line and Lisa, who has learned from working
with Zack in the past, immediately wants to know about the money. Zack chides her for thinking about dollars at a time when helping peers should be top of mind. Lisa tells Zack to cut the bullshit and give her half of everything. Zack says fine, but no more giving aid for free and don’t say nothing
about Teen Line to nobody. The Teen Line is going OK. Zack, I mean- “Nitro”. – Teen Line, this is Nitro. – Is giving Lisa’s advice wrapped in his very dumb accent. – How about you writeyour little lady a love poem. – Kelly’s sister calls and says she really likes a guy but he’s taken. Nitro asks how he feels about her. Nicki says the guy said he loves her. Zack hears nothing
familiar about this story he’s a central character
in and tells Nicki to go for it with the guy
who has a girlfriend because. – All’s fair in true love and war – Which isn’t even the
right quote, but whatever. Nicki arrives the next day, looking like an online
predator sting operation, and tells Zack she wants
to be his girlfriend. Zack sees no issue with
the fact that she’s 13, but mentions Kelly as
a potential obstacle. Nicki regurgitates Zack’s inaccurate quote about romance and he finally connects these very large dots. – Teen line. – Zack says Nicki must’ve
received advice from a moron, accurate, and tells her to beat it
before Kelly shows up. Nicki says she’ll go, but not before she gets a goodbye kiss. Zack shoves her tiny ass in a locker. Kelly says Nicki has her first crush! But she won’t say who it is. Zack says he’s probably a great guy while imprisoning a young girl
in a small dark metal box. Nicki says she won’t leave
until Zack gives her a kiss, so instead of walking away
from this 90 pound child, Zack kisses her and
embraces her where everyone in school can see. Screech says Teen Line is a hit because Lisa solved everyone’s problems! No problems means no calls so Zack fires
Lisa for doing her job. Then tries to get out of paying her, which he only begrudgingly agrees to do under the threat of blackmail as Lisa is forced to stoop to his level. Zack gets the bright idea
to start giving bad advice, so students will be unhappy,
then call in for more advice, creating an infinite loop
of income mined from misery. His first victim? Telling his friend Slater to break up with his other friend Jessie. Jessie’s in the middle
of explaining to Kelly that Zack is really kissing
her little sister at school when Slater walks in to break up with her. Jessie runs off to cry
and Zack yells at her to call Teen Line then scans the room for more lives to ruin. He sees the recipient of that jock’s poem and tells her it’s plagiarized. Another happy future bites the dust. Kelly calls Teen Line and
says she thinks her boyfriend is dating her kid sister! But instead of coming
clean, Zack calls Lisa, the person he wrongfully terminated, to beg for advice in this
glaringly simple dilemma. Lisa shrewdly demands the rest
of Zack’s depression dough, then says be honest with Kelly
and let Nicki off gently. Fuckin’ duh. Zack thinks he’s talking to
Nicki, because phones are hard, and tells Kelly it sounds like this dude is into her sister and she
should be with someone else! Click bitch. Then drops his lame accent to tell Nicki – I’m the one running the Teen Line and you’re the only Kapowski I care about. But don’t tell your sister, I should let her down gently. – Don’t worry Zack, I won’t tell Kelly. – Whoops, bitch. Meanwhile, in art class,
everybody is fighting because Zack instigated a school wide gender war with his malicious
and predatory 900 number. Belding brings this hormone
hurricane to his office where they all realize
they got conflicting advice from Teen Line. Belding deduces Zack and Screech, the only unscathed students in the room, are culpable for this
debacle and tells them they have until tomorrow to make it right. Zack wants Lisa to fix his many messes, starting with the young girl he’s told to hook up with him twice. Lisa says he needs to
convince Nicki he’s gross, should be easy enough, which gives Zack another great idea. Then Lisa starts undoing Zack’s
long trail of misguidance, student by student, wasting valuable time and energy these youths should
be spending on anything else in the prime of their lives. Lisa sees Kelly’s depressed
after being told off over the phone by a man with a bad accent and tells her to come
to The Max and hide out in that booth in a very
inconspicuous outfit. Zack arranges a date with
Nicki where he performs a nerd minstrel show. He introduces Nicki to
his pet spider Leonard. She’s into it. He acts like a messy dork and she’s down. He invites her to the insect rodeo, and she already has front row seats because Kapowski women are apparently the most amazing women on earth. Zack comes clean that he’s
actually in love with Kelly. Nicki realizes Zack did
all this to push her away and shames him for being a dork, a real dork, because he couldn’t tell a 13 year old girl the truth. And a mentally battered
Kelly picks up the scraps Nicki was smart enough to leave behind. And Nicki, heartbroken her older sister has been brainwashed by this bozo, is never seen again because she probably fucking killed herself. Let’s review. Zack Morris saw his friend’s
ability to help others as a way to get rich quick. And after leading his
girlfriend’s little sister on, told her to hook up with
a guy who has girlfriend which is bad already but even worse because he was talking about himself, then when she acted on his advice, he shoved her in a locker
to keep it a secret from her sister, then became
physically intimate with her in public leading her on more, then fired the only good
thing about his teen line, and started giving deliberately bad advice to make the whole school miserable for his financial gain, Then told his girlfriend to get lost and told her little sister to hook up with him, again. then used the person he
fired to clean up his mess, and still didn’t have the
minuscule amount of decency and courage required to be honest with a 13 year old girl until it was his absolute last resort. Zack Morris is trash. ♫ Zack Morris Is Trash ♫

100 thoughts on “The Time Zack Morris Told His Girlfriend’s Little Sister To Hook Up With Him Twice

  1. Is this worse than the time Zack Morris tricked his friends into joining the Army? Zack Morris is Trash!

  2. β€œThe flow of a drain clogged with rat pubes πŸ€β€ geeze πŸ˜‚

  3. 2:45 – Zack just discovered the philosophy of the Democrat Party!

  4. I think me and Zack have a lot in common.

  5. Bedt part is the end when the narrator says " Zack Morris issss trashhh "


  7. kelly fing kapowski

  8. Nikki is actually older than Screech

  9. That's pretty creepy

  10. This isn't even him being trash he's just being a dumbass here

  11. Zack Morris is trash…and so are the SBTB writers who kept his character VOID of values.

  12. How about Kelly AND Nikki…at the same time.

  13. that girl got sent some mixed signals

  14. Its messed up to think about how much television shows, movies, and the media completely influences adult, an especially children's brains. What terrible examples the powers that be set for our kids.

  15. Fact: Zach Morris raps better than half of so called rappers today

  16. Keep it in the family.

  17. 1:01 'premature immature celebration…" LOL

  18. Fucking Duh!!! Lol

  19. Kelly is the most beautiful girl i've ever seen.

  20. Part of mk ultra subliminal program in the 90s. Isn't it obvious?

  21. Whoops bitch

  22. Zack shoves her tiny ass in a locker πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  23. Bruh she looks like liza rowe

  24. Zack's has some bars

  25. All the years I watch Saved by the Bell I never realized how big of a dumpster pirate Zack Morris was.

  26. Zach shoves her tiny ass in a locker πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  27. And here you have the subtleties of television 'programming.'
    The idolized star influencing young boys to be a scum bag and young girls willfully accepting it because that's what the guys they want do.

  28. That rap sequence is the cringiest thing I have ever seen

  29. This was far from the worst thing Zack has done.

    Because he's a sociopath.

  30. Kelly has her own landline…

  31. Zack Morris is a pervert

  32. This shit is hilarious

  33. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  34. Hes like the worst kind of fuckboy lmao

  35. 5yrs later Zack got Kelly pregnant and cheated on her with her then 18yr old sister. Zack Morris really is trash lol

  36. Is this Laura Mooney the girl from Twilight Zone The Movie???? I'M ALL TRYING TO GET HER AUTOGRAPH AS I JUST WANT HER TO SIGN ON THE POSTER, 80, the age she chose to be too play kick the can. Thanks for any help. Semper Fidelis. Captain T, U.S.M.C.

  37. Zack had a Cardboard Cut out of her sister! Zack Morris is Creepy TRASH!

  38. instead of walking away from this 90 pound child

  39. I didn't like the style of clothing in the 90s the neon colors and the baggy balloon pants … I remember the overhauls with the one strap unbuckled hair parted to the side chip and pepper sweaters…Doc Martin's and deck shoes these child stars really messed up their future in Hollywood..they would get little extra parts here and there.. they tried to revamp them with the saved by the Bell movie .. The term saved by the Bell is a reference to the way they would rig up a coffin Bell and someone would take shifts for the first week to make sure the bell didn't ring and if it did they would start digging you up and get you out of the grave..but yes it was rigged up inside the casket and was fastened to the cross and they would wait for the coffin Bell to ring

  40. This show is like Brooklyn 99 if they weren’t politically correct

  41. Saved by the Bell's working title could have been – "Patrick Bateman – the Teenage Years"

  42. He sounds like basically almost every stupid, selfish, immature guy you will meet in high school…and college. And after college. sigh =[

  43. GIVE ME A BREAK! Zack was trying to let her down easy the first time. It was obviously an accident the second time when on the phone!! He mixed up the two phones and thought it was Kelly when he said not to tell her sister and that's obvious.

  44. Agreed that Zack was a jerk to do what he did, but he did NOT intentionally lead Nicky on. It's obvious he's not interested in her and she is the one only fantasizing about him.

  45. 5:35 HE SWITCHED THE PHONES ON ACCIDENT! That is why he wanted to later find a way to repel Nicky.

  46. I need you to be my lawyer.

  47. i mean this is a parody channel but even SBTB is pushing it with this "zach with a 13 y/o" business

  48. Zach is a badass

  49. The moral of SBTB is that the Zacks of the world can do whatever they want, because life is based on looks, and as long as they have good looks, Hollywood with hire them as leading men and teach them to pretend to be champions of social justice. (Ever heard about George Clooneys evil "pranks" on his costars?). Yes Zack is evil, and he will grow up to pretend to care about climate change, LGBT rights, and feminism while raking in millions. Grade school Zack was just practice.

  50. Lisa is the smartest one here–seeing through the bullshit and demanding a share from the start, even if it means the only way out safely is blackmailing a sociopath.

  51. Lisa and Slater are just THE BEST people… er, sometimes.
    Honestly, the little sister problem only happened because he gave a girl the wrong message accidentally. It's his fault from that point because he acted like such a damn coward.

  52. ZackMorris is trash …but Slater is a fckn moron

  53. Are we going to ignore that Lisa was complicit, didn’t get any type of punishment, AND kept all the money?

  54. "Zack says Nikki must've gotten advice from a moron. Accurate." YO πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  55. Shit! Why did i like this show! This is going to be used against me when i run for president in 20 years

  56. How did we all, we so many of us, not see this back then? How did fans of the show not feel disgusted with Zach?

  57. We did learn how adults operate through Zach. I think it helped?

  58. "Nikki arrives the next day, looking like an online predator sting operation" 🀣🀣🀣🀣

  59. Zack Morris is Trash! 🎡

  60. You know it really says something about a human being when Zach makes the zany cartoon con-artist schemes of the Eds from 'Ed Edd and Eddy' seem downright sweet and innocently charming by comparison.

  61. Or the time he lied about being part native american so he could get an A on his history project.

  62. Cuz she probably. Fucking. Killed herself.

  63. πŸ˜‚ how many people has Zack killed?

  64. β€œA nerd minstrel show” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­

  65. YouTube is fucking trash. I just watched this video. It auto plays another then auto plays this again.

  66. Looks like Zack tricked 421 of his cellies to downvote this video.

  67. Funny, but think about the truly disturbing part. The writers who came up with all these ideas.

  68. The fact that this guy was a kid role model explains a lot of why Trump got elected.

  69. So many deaths by Zach

  70. Kelly is a full meal why would the little snackster or Kelly be at all interested in Zack? Slater is the real man.

  71. If there were actually an idiot like Zack society would be obligated to kill his stupid ass.

  72. Fβ€’β€’kin duh

  73. Good god the intricate details these script writers had back then.

  74. She Probably Fucking Killed herself

  75. "Having a flow of a drain clogged with rat pubes" that's quite creative

  76. "Welps bitch" πŸ˜‚

  77. Click Bitch…. Whoops, Bitch! Hahahahaha, DEAD!

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  79. Zack has the flow of a drain clogged with eat pubes. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  80. LMBO πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸΎ

  81. LMBO πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸΎ

  82. LMBO πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸΎ

  83. NOT justifying what zack did but your missing the entire point, HE'S A FUCKING TEENAGER lol in HIGHSCHOOL, he hasn't matured or grown in wisdom, most people, esp. in todays society, don't mature until they are well into their 30's, now 50-100 years ago, 15 year olds were considered full grown adults who worked and had wisdom

  84. That’s the most fun gender war I’ve ever seen, lol.

    And I’m taking that phrase, β€œWhoops, Bitch”

  85. It’s funny that the narrator mentioned the fact that Zack, after figuring out the teen hotline profits on a calculator that only displays a maximum of five digits, excitedly shouted β€œWe’re rich!”, because the cast of β€œSaved By the Bell” only made $3,500 per episode. I thought they were rich, too.

  86. Whoops bitch!

  87. Jesus, this one is extra bad, which is saying a lot.


  89. This guys funny as fuck

  90. Notice the Pyramid symbolism in his bedroom?

  91. Next Episode: Zach Morris Invents the pyramid scheme.

  92. Ha

  93. The suicide count keeps

  94. man, zack morris is trash

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  97. Too many boomers in the writing room

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  99. Whoops, bitch.

  100. Wow, that's a bad accent

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