The Tenors – How Great Thou Art (Official Video)

The Tenors – How Great Thou Art (Official Video)

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  1. Yes, this is a beautiful song and one of my favorites of all time.  I was surprised that you kept Remi's beautiful harmonies on the "new version".   His voice really helps round out the delicious, beautiful harmony near the end of the song.   Tenors, you cannot cover up HIS voice, or dismiss his voice, or claim it isn't there.  It is there and may God have mercy on all of you if you do not contact Remi and settle with him financially.

  2. Why do I hear Remi on this song? Please stop using his vocals on your songs or at least give him credit where it is due. Better yet, give him what is due to him for the ten years he was with you. I hope you will do some real soul searching and do the right thing by him. If you will give him what is rightfully his, you will have a great weight lifted off your shoulders. You can’t feel good about yourselves knowing that Remi is being cheated out of what is due to him. Come on guys…MAN UP! You’ll sleep better at night. Set a good example for your families and your fans.

  3. Hoe kunnen jullie!!! Dieven van Remi's stem!!Van zijn stem en succes profiteren,zonder hem ook een cent te betalen!!
    Remi moest zeker uit de groep omdat hij populairder is dan jullie.Echt vals zijn jullie. Dit is schending van Remi's rechten.Eens zal het gerechtigd worden!!Dan kunnen jullie je mooie "rijke leventje met al jullie kapsones " vergeten.
    Remi is de beste!! 💪

  4. Hey that’s Remi singing those vocals???

  5. Make things right with REMI !! I can't believe you guy's are so dishonest !!

  6. You three need to come clean you didn't make it where you are today without remi. You have proved that by using his vocals more than once. Remi had work hard for those ten years STOP cheating him give him what he has earned. Give credit where it is due seriously.

  7. It's very simple, do the right thing and pay Remi. So disappointed in the 3 of you.

  8. Such a disgrace to be singing a song about God when you 3 can't even do it with pure hearts.How dare you claim it as your vocals when Remigio Pereira is still in there too?Man up & pay him what is rightfully his &then try to sing things on your own.Otherwise,to me it sounds like you are still the 4 Tenors.

  9. Pay Remi what you owe him or don't use his voice! How dare you???

  10. Wow! Using Remigio's vocals once again!!!

  11. I love how you use Remi's vocals. It adds depth that you do not have without him.

  12. Sorry Tenors, little hard for me to get beyond you killing a live, bound chicken for sport, and suddenly singing praises to God. Fail.

  13. How sad you continue to use Remigio Pereira's vocals! If you really do sing from the heart and have faith in the words you sing you should make peace and do what is right….settle what is rightfully due to your previous band member and friend! A time is coming soon when we will all be judged on how we treat each other. How great is fame? Is it worth your souls? Ask yourselves these questions and do what is right 🕊

  14. I guess I can understand your using Remi's voice because without out him you are nothing more than an average boy band and his voice does help cover up Clifton's screech! Why don't you man up and pay Remi his share of his corporation??? Kill any more chickens For fun Fraser??

  15. I do love this song, it is beautiful. BUT having said that, if you've made the decision to move on without Remi, why are his vocals clearly audible in this song???? I've made some comments in the past that IMHO the success of The Tenors just won't happen without him. In choosing to publish this song which contains his vocals you've pretty much made my point for me. Sheesh!

  16. You guys are hypocrites! How can you even begin to sing about God

  17. #Godisgreatthetenorsarenot

  18. Listening to this song, and truly not only hearing Remi's rich and harmonies vocals, but I also realize this is not a "new song" because you are repeating your vocals from your UNDER ONE SKY PBS Tour video of "How Great Thou Art". Admit both scenarios are true and accurate. See link.

    Going back with my long history with you, I remember the lyrics from one of the songs that you performed and still perform today….the song "Lead With Your Heart"…and now, the lyrics are more powerful than ever before.

    "You have been, the truest friend that anyone could have.
    And the love you always give I want you to get back.
    You've been knocked down, and found, that everyone is what they show you.
    What is true will always be revealed."

    The truth….will always be revealed. You guys need to start living the words you preach and not continue to live in a world of ego, greed and hatred. I had always held you in high regard in the past,, but you have so disappointed me with your current "solution" in dealing with this scenario. Sadly…Money is your God…nothing more – nothing less…and that is heartbreaking for the world to see.

    Be the men your mothers and fathers raised you to be…honest, loving and compassionate gentlemen that treat family as one loving group (even if you do not always agree with their decision) and give what is rightly due to Remigio. Let everyone move on with their lives…in equality, truthfulness, harmony, peace and

  19. I can't help but notice I hear Remi's voice on this track. I sure hope you're meeting you contractual obligations to him, royalties, past and present. Praising the lord…? How great thou are? Guess you're no doubt singing about PAYDAY! Stop avoiding the issue,…trying to starve him out so to speak, delays etc. Do what's right!

  20. Remi's vocals stand out from all the rest! Much deeper and louder…, do you think people aren't noticing this! Do what's right guys. The fans have ears, and common sense.

  21. Come on guys…. Be a stand up group. Give Remi what is due him! Your attitudes are not those of a true Christian 🙁

  22. I bet the first thing the crowd will ask is…where's Remi?? why not tell them what you did, bet they'll be making a quick exit out of town!

  23. Do You Think This is A Godly Thing to Do Tenors ? Using Remi's Vocals For Your Own Profit ? You all need to Look inside your hearts & do the right Thing !

  24. ok now you kicked him out of the group, you should finish your business, stop using his voice and pay him what you owe him and move on ….this is quite foolish …and it looks like you are using him as a crutch ….maybe you can do with out him maybe you

  25. love the song and of course The Tenors

  26. I cannot love this rendition any more than I already do!! Your three voices blend wonderfully and create such special magic together. I look forward to, once again, having the pleasure of hearing you perform this live.

  27. The Tenors without Remigio are not the same anymore. I love the voice of Remigio and I would love to sing again with The Tenors but I know that it is impossible. You have to be honest and compensate all your arrears and only move on. Remigio should be paid for so many years of working together.

  28. I find the barrage of comments below strange. If Remi is indeed not receiving funds that he is legitimately entitled to, (that is, he didn't forfeit his entitlement through breach of a Code of Conduct or some other Agreement), and/or his voice is being pirated, this could easily be resolved by a lawyer. The laws and regulations in the Music industry, especially around Copyright, are so tight he wouldn't even need a good one or have to go to court. Instead, he has a group of followers trying to harass the boys into paying him off so you'll stop. That sounds more like revenge than justice. Another thing that I find very strange is that in 2016, amidst the tragedy and controversy of the police killings of black men in the US, and politicians responding to the “Black Lives Matter” movement with the dismissive statement “All Lives Matter”, he would choose a venue in the US to insert that very controversial statement into our national anthem and hold up a sign saying the same… and expect a good outcome. I just don't understand how someone could be so foolish. I wonder how Oprah, who was instrumental in launching their career in the US, felt when she learned what Remi had done. Betrayed, perhaps? Or Barrack Obama who had them perform at the White House. Disappointed? Or Yolanda Adams, Donnie McClurkin, Smokey Robinson, etc, etc. Remi pulled the rug out from under their feet and they landed hard. The other 3 received threats as well and it wasn't even their statement. There are consequences for bad behaviour, both personal and financial. The fact that the other 3 didn't sue him shows they were willing to forgive him, BUT, forgiving his behaviour doesn't mean excusing his behaviour.

  29. You should know the words before you sing a song. You are crooked and evil and what you are doing to Remi is illegal. But without his voice, you are absolutely nothing.

  30. The a capella version by Home Free is much better than this. For everyone who doesn't like this version because of The Tenors "doing the dodgy," go support Home Free and check out their version instead – it's beautiful.

  31. How great thou aren’t, how great thou aren’t. Shameless liars and thieves.

  32. And I praise God that they are Canadian

  33. declining fan base….they'll be on the FIZZEL OUT CONCERT CIRCUIT..NOW PLAYING….The TINHEADS vancouvers downtown eastside…the concert in PIDGEON PARK


  34. Who else misses Remi and wants him back??

  35. God is great because He is loving and forgiving. Something you guys are not. You should be ashamed of yourselves for not standing by a friend. We ALL do or say things that are misunderstood and taken the wrong way. Your treatment of Remi was horrendous.

  36. Just to let everyone know Remi's new solo album VOX INAUDITO will be released shortly. There is a preview available on "Remigio Pereira The Voice of a Tenor " with a sample of some of the songs on the album

  37. To all of you who are yappin' at the guys regarding Remi, they all receive royalties from the record label — Remi, too and he always will. If ya'll think that Remi's not getting his royalties, you're blaming the wrong people. It is the record label — Universal — whom you should be pointing the finger at and not our beloved Tenors. Universal is the one who pays Remi and each Tenor the royalties. So, if there's any problem with royalties, that is between Remi and Universal.

  38. Was never a fan of this song…but man! you guys rip out our hearts with the beauty and passion of your voices. (but I too wish you were still 4)

  39. Hey fellas, we love what you are doing in Bulembu. In the words of Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu “Universal education is not only a moral imperative but an economic necessity, to pave the way towards making many more nations self-sufficient and self-sustaining.” You're doing your part.


  41. Katy….Katy Patrick, where are you? Katy…..Katy…Kaaaaaattttyyyyyyy! KATY!

  42. For those of you who are still bashing our beloved Tenors and yappin' about the whole Remi situation: If you don't like The Tenors, then why are you all even listening to, and watching, their videos and posting on here??

    And, although it sounds as if Remi's vocals are on here, toward the end, there's no certainty that it is him!! There is an instrument that can certainly make the sounds of human vocals, and nobody would know the difference. It's called a synthesizer.

  43. Remi's solo career is off and running and doing great. let these guys sing about money and glory. How Great Thou Art, talking about they're bank balances. There characters is what is flatlined, not to mention the sound of the group now.

  44. Gemeinsam Sind wir stark

  45. Sound like you raise me up josh groban and o holy night

  46. The group has not been the same without Remi. I threw out their most recent Christmas Album after finding it was just not the same and really unbalanced without him. Without his vocals, the group is not the same. He made a mistake. He is human but without him, the group is not the same. His voice and his spirit are missed

  47. I stumbled onto this video to hear a song I love, and found a lot of mean-spirited and nasty comments. I am really sad that the four aren't together, and I'm saddened more that the fanbase has divided to this point. But things have happened, we cannot undo what's been done. I've learned to deal with my disappointment, and will look forward to future releases from The Tenors and Remigio. I will wish each of them the best in their future endeavours, and hope to benefit from each of their beautiful music.

    Both sides feel wronged. Both sides feel betrayed. Both sides are working through their issues. Every side has a story. Sometimes one side is completely nuts, but I don't think we can fairly say that of The Tenors or Remigio, so we'll just have to trust that they are each doing the best and doing what they believe is right.

    Fairness is incredibly subjective, but the law is not, and if the parties can't come to an agreement, the law will set them straight. If you disagree with the results, then it's a disagreement you have with the law, and you'll have to take it up with the legislature, not with The Tenors or Remigio. They may settle out of courts, but settlements are reached based on each sides' legal strengths, so it is still a legal issue.

    Let's only comment on this music. It is beautiful. I keep playing it over and over again on Spotify. Thank you for turning a song I sang as a child into something I love listening to as an adult.

  48. Absolutely amazing! One of my favourite songs sung beautifully!

  49. How can you possibly watch this without crying?

  50. IT is VERY SAD they way the 3 of you turned on REMI!!!!!!!!!!! HE is doing GREAT NOW SOLO. What happened to FORGIVENESS YOU ALL SING ABOUT? HE DESERVES BETTER than the way HE has been TREATED. YOU ALL have been TOGETHER 10 YEARS and KNOW he is a GOOD MAN ,We all make MISTAKES and should be FORGIVEN.. REMI !!!!!!!! is a MAN of LOVE and PEACE. and although he did not talk this over with you before he SANG the CANADIAN THEME which he should have!!!!!! You still 3 TREATED him UNFAIRLY . If PEOPLE do not UNDERSTAND that!!!!!! then maybe you 3 should HELP!!!!!! them UNDERSTAND.

  51. Seriously, just close the comment section so the rest of us can just enjoy the song.

  52. Is this in South Africa? That’s where my map takes me?

  53. This was so beautiful bringing Christ to that part of the world @ showing such kindness to the children. It reminded me of a time when I went to Guatamala to do mission work at a Baptist you camp. It made me extremely greatful for all of my blessings. Your song How Great Thow Art is so beautiful. May God bless you in every thing that you do.

  54. Then Sings My Soul
    My Saviour God To Thee
    How Great Thou Art

  55. I think the comments are clear lads, it's Christmas, time of forgiveness and good to all men! Remi has tried to apologise but you continue to deny him forgiveness!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Not as good as Elvis version but its ok i guess.

  57. Why do you people who claim to be christians talk such trash about men here doing work for Christ. I do not know what went on with Remi but this is not the time or place to be so ugly about it. Jesus loves the little children of the world. The Tenors are there with the children. Pick another time to do what you think you have to do .Not when they are doing mission work and not when they are singing Christian songs that would give comfort to dying people and their families.

  58. I would have kicked him out too for disrespecting my beloved countries National Anthem,
    Contrary to what a lot of people are saying he was actually my least favorite voice :/
    There are iust some things that you dont do

  59. really????..going out side your country and not help your veterans at least before you go out side????? this is very sad and very sad vid and shows how sad you are in your beleafe system.. wow i expect better and im not Canadian…wow.

  60. This is awesome!

  61. I don't know what a Remi is, but these internet personalities are majorly PO'd. 😱

  62. Social justice claptrap. This video had nothing to do with the song.

  63. Beautiful, beautiful song!!!!!!!

  64. Can you record michael jackson you are not alone or heal the world.

    Loreen – euphoria

    R kelly i believe i can fly or whitney houston i look to you.

  65. Those harmonies at the end, especially at 4:11! Oh that is part work and listening to each other. <3

  66. I love this group The Tenors….what an amazing group of young talented men with such beautiful voices…God bless you all…Love this song…uplifting to the soul…God is great

  67. I love this song

  68. so this was one of my mom's favorite spiritual songs. we lost her in 2016, i could hear her accompanying you all while listening. thank you so much. brought some happy tears.

  69. Mamá siempre me destroza esta canción te la canté cuando estabas en terapia ..amabas esta canción y el coro la canto cuando de este mundo partiste …mami donde estés te abrazo Alma a Alma se que dios te tiene en su gloria…mami te amo mi hermosa abuela ……😔😔😔😔

  70. This was my dad's favorite song and he was in a men's singing group at his church and this was one of the songs they sang my dad had a great voice but he is greatly missed as our family lost him to cancer back in early 2000 my kids were young at the time and my youngest though he was just sleeping and that he was going to wake up .he died on Father's day

  71. wow

  72. Amazingly beautiful 🥰🥰!

  73. Beautiful, purely wonderful…… thank you so very much!
    Our funeral songs through all my family….. you do it so much justice. Purely wonderful. Thank you.

  74. From a sacrilegious wretch like me, what a wonderful piece of work. It touched me deeply. Thank you.

  75. Pueden existir miles de culturas diferentes pero raza solo hay una que es la RAZA HUMANA y eso es lo que no nos hace diferentes a nadie. Gran experiencia positiva para ambas partes. Precioso si fue de corazón y no por negocio o interés económico. Saludos desde España !!

  76. You all have God given BEAUTIFUL voices! Please make more music! God confirmed a prayer through one of your songs! Thank you and God bless! 💖😊🙏🏼✨

  77. That little kid laughing Holding the soccer ball, was so cute. These guys voices, and this is one of my most favorite hymns of all time

  78. This is just to awesome for words , may God richly bless you for your songs & your caring hearts

  79. When I play the piano, this song fills my heart with awe of HOW GREAT IS MY GOD. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Glory to God!!!

  80. I love your voices. I played your song "Angels calling" at my 94 your old mother's memorial this spring. She was the last of her generation in her family.

  81. you guys are absolutely amazing, this song made me praiseg God. Thank you

  82. WOW just WOW

  83. How absolutely Beautiful. Thank you for sharing this beautiful video and Thank God for theses Talented men and their beautiful voices. God Bless 🙏🏽🕊♥️🌹♥️

  84. Sing, your Soul !

  85. I must admit, i have never seen this video until tonight…what a beautiful song sung by such talented souls. And this video, what a gorgeous with such wonderful people. This must've been a joy to put together! Well…it did make me smile 🙂

  86. How beautiful to remember for all new and old friends, and all of humanity in Christ. Thank you so….

  87. Nossos irmãos africanos precisam de tudo. Mas o principal é o carinho de um olhar. Eis-me aqui. ❤️

  88. I love you all. thank your for your gifts…. all of you.

  89. Been a fan ever since. Great stuff


  91. Beautiful Just Beautiful. Been listening everyday since I heard them sing this the first. 🙏🙏

  92. Still watching…and it continues to bring me to me tears. BEAUTIFUL!!!

  93. Such a beautiful of my favorites! These guys sing in beautiful harmony!

  94. AMEN ❤

  95. those smiles are worth everything

  96. Mubbleu correct name

  97. I have heard and sung this song many times over the years….but this is the very first time it brought me to tears. These young men bring it to life,they sing with their hearts! Beautiful!

  98. OMG

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