The Studebaker Museum

The Studebaker Museum

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  1. The narrator is incorrect Studebaker did build and sell the 1958 Packard Hawk all of which were supercharged.

  2. …this is a wonderful tribute by a joint effort of the studebaker Owners' Clubs nationwide…and the citizens and Mayor's office in Terra Haute to honor a legendary
    local business..
    Mayor Pete and his husband have hosted events here..imagine that!!🧐🙂🤓🚗‼💯

  3. Since you released this on my birthday I will admit to being a Ford guy but I simply love Studebakers. What is not to love. I thought their pick up trucks were way ahead of everyone in styling. The starliner? is so cool. I am watching a guy fix one up to driveable condition as I write.

  4. trust me cars are a man thing not a female thing females wont make up dresses purse etc etc this female does not look a bit interest in these cars

  5. They did make Packard Hawks

  6. the 1940s Studebaker had to make vehicles and materials for the allied war effort as well as aircraft engines as they made the R-1820 cyclone 9 licenced by Curtiss Wright a 9 cylinder air-cooled radial engine that powered the B-17 and other allied aircraft during the war.

  7. Packaed predictors fins were the only thing ignored by the big 3?
    Sir, with all due respect, you don't KNOW YOUR PLYMOUTHS WELL,DO you?
    1) Plymouth TOTALLY ROBBED THE TAIL FIN TAIL LIGHT DESIGN FROM THE PREDICTOR- (of course you did mention the obvious- ie:
    Front hidden headlight assembly robbed by chevy for the 64 stingray)-
    2) The roofline/rear window robbed by FORD for the '57 thunderbird — again my dear man, lets go back to the rear lines,/TAILIGHTS /fins of the magnificent PREDICTOR-
    they were used on the Packard Caribbean of course which DOES NOT COUNT AS FAR AS STEALING STUDEBAKER THUNDER- but-
    3) again robbed by ford for the beautiful gorgeous ' 50's Lincoln-

  8. "Avan-tay"?

  9. I am a "Studebaker people" 🙂 We had one when I was very young;
    my grandfather worked at a dealer in Bartlesville, OK.

  10. U didn't show the Super Rare 48-53 Rear engine stude With Porsche . Then again they tried it in a 59 Lark

  11. A Must see Murphy museum in Oxnard California. Tell David Niel Jimmy B sent ya

  12. Granatelie Avanti I believe was Teal .Not gold.

  13. They Were German. . Mercury was their Compition. Out if Canada

  14. kool , thanx…very well done Doc…keep 'em comin

  15. If you find the Studebaker plant on bing Maps or google earth, you will see the trees at the old test track, Bendix woods, still spell out Studebaker. They were really a cool car company.

  16. I have a 1955 studebaker champion

  17. Wonderful tour of Studebaker. An important part left out, being a Salt Lake boy, was Ab Jenkins affiliation with Studebaker and Packard. He used to race them cross country and throughout the West until highway and city traffic made it too dangerous for Ab to feel safe. I remember my father receiving an invitation to test drive the Avanti. Funny how it worked out, his next car was also a Ghia design Karmann Ghia. Neighbor across the street gave his son a Studebaker Hawk which he crashed at 120 mph on the belt loop around Des Moines. My cousin Dave (guy that bought a railroad station to live in) has a fully restored Packard. His son gave him a restored Studebaker Starlight Coupe as a birthday present. Son Jay Blunk was PR agent for Chicago Cubs for many years, has since moved onto Chicago hockey.

  18. These were/are – divine styled vehicles! They went on to define Mid-Century/Atomic Era!

  19. 10:59 why did you not mention the roofline was stolen by ford for the THUNDERBIRD

  20. Did y
    Ou know that the ads for the commander starlite would have people looking out the rear window giving the impression they were flying forward on a rocket
    Yes chrysler had their start of the CAB FORWARD BUT studebaker had the REVERSE FORWARD look

  21. Did anyone mention that they helped SAVE the soviet union WITH IN WW2 with their lovely TRUCKS

  22. 2:32 my grandfather would go to peoples houses and do surgery right on their kitchen TABLE- um that would make him a CARPENTER… and not a doctor, sir- stop lyyyyyyyinn' lol

  23. Dude keep hands on wheel please youre making us all nervous

  24. 4:21 Horse drawn belly dump waggon. These were used a lot back in the day.

  25. my dad had a golgen hawk and silver hawk /paxton super chargers/also a stude daytona that looked like a lark. had a champion and commander and a pick up/timeless.

  26. At 10:13, looks like Chevrolet took the "point" out of that front end and gave it to the 60's Corvettes…
    At 10:38, I see the roofline of Mercury MontClair?
    Didn't show the trucks, love them..

  27. This is such a good mini doc

  28. Well, the concept may never have been produced…but I can vouch for the Packard Hawk, I learned to drive on one. 
    Dad loved Stude, 3, 1953's, 2 Champions and a Commander V/8, 57 Golden Hawk and eventually The PH.
    Any one of which I would love to have now.
    And one more thing…giving Italy all the wonderful 53 design credits, what about RL.
    studebaker loewy coupe

  29. how'd i get here….also love it!

  30. I enjoyed this video. Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

  31. Hi, I'm from brazil. And I have a question. I found a 4 door studebaker. What is the market value? but needs fixings.

    thank you.

  32. they sure had some damn nice looking cars.

  33. Brings back memories of my childhood. My dad had 2 in succession. The second was a Commander, 2-tone blue.

  34. Packard purchased Studebaker. Not Studebaker purchasing Packard. Both companies were in financial trouble.

  35. Some of the most striking beautiful cars ever made.

  36. A rat problem in the yard? RAT FINK at 12:18.

  37. Thanks for making this video. On your next trip to Northern Indiana check out the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum. I visited the Studebaker Museum in 2012 and it was nice to see it again. I will check out your other videos.

  38. Do concept cars actually run?

  39. I live in England but i have been fortunate enough to have visited the Studebaker museum, a wonderful place, i also owned a right hand drive Studebaker President, i have been very lucky Alan Brown P.S.don't ask me what happened to the President you would cry.

  40. I enjoyed the video beautiful cars thanks

  41. OK !!! here is the thing even being young guy of new era, mere 27, i lost my heart to 32 coupe express, 50 commander starlight coupe !!! i read somewhere just now that coupe express didnt sold well so its fairly rare!! thats very sad…i have few more questions about studebaker , but sadly its hard to explain words without pics..
    Thank you very much for sharing such gem history with us..those foking overrated lambos and other 5hit led beautiful history to dust…luckily i am not blind…may i see you on fb sir?

  42. 6:38, that I am.

  43. I use to live in Elwood In realy close to south bend. I wish i would have known about this place.

  44. I enjoyed this video a lot. My father was a big Studebaker supporter. My own first car was a Studebaker a 1960 Lark to be exact. As you pointed out in the video the Studebaker Company as most interesting History.


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