The Sketch Artist

The Sketch Artist

100 thoughts on “The Sketch Artist

  1. Love it when she puts her feet on his face.

  2. 😀😁👍👍👍

  3. ammmm

  4. My di** is getting hard

  5. I wish I could just kiss and lick her feet and suck her toes

  6. is that poppy🤔

  7. is that poppy🤔

  8. Wow yoy it

  9. You know what they say sexy from head to toe

  10. And now stand up

  11. Why didn't I think of this???

  12. Ooooh, lovely!!!

  13. What are you doing man?

  14. Girl is so pretty……

  15. Very nice video

  16. I love the woman I want to kiss her in the lips

  17. I like It When put There feet on boy

  18. 😍😍😘😘

  19. Can you make a video about this, its too short video

  20. me job

  21. I want to tickle these feet

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  23. Porfa admelo ami

  24. Azdım fetişçiler kdjdksks

  25. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    | 👣/|

  26. Все бы такими были…

  27. weird

  28. I would marry her and we would have 5000000 kids

  29. It takes extraordinary talent to be able to draw with your eyes covered like that! This is amazing!!

  30. WTF

  31. En mi también andade yo te los beso

  32. This is cute and ridiculously funny at the same time

  33. Jk

  34. She is so pretty I would marry her but I already have a crush my somebody maybe she'll be my back up

  35. Poor man

  36. WOW. The BEST Channel on YOUTUBE !!!

    Could you please ask the man to give a foot massage to the baby girl and girl smother his face with her feet ? This girl is the best girl on the channel !!!!!! I am a taller girlfriend with bigger feet than my bf and he loves to compare his smaller feet and play footsie with me sole to sole rubbing our feet. All girls with big feet can comment on our channel's videos to be a foot model.

  37. Whats her name ?! Where can we follow her

  38. 냄새 먿고싶고 나도 저렇게 돼고싶다

  39. very lovely girl

  40. I will

  41. Hết Tro

  42. نيالو😢

  43. Indeed Sexy!

  44. Eu daria umas havaianas para ela

  45. Wish the quality was slightly better but she has lovely pale feet.

  46. That girl is sexy

  47. I wish to

  48. Jk

  49. I love her

  50. I wil just ask her smell her put her feet my face lick dem suk dem in public

  51. She seems so accommodating & then content with her feet planted square on his face 👅👣😘

  52. Small business

  53. I wish that was my face

  54. Linda

  55. I would like to be me, be under your feet
    Can I?

  56. At 2:21 How can he see when her feet cover his eyes ???

  57. What was the point of this video????? To get a girl to plant her feet on his face as she continued reading her book? What was the point of this just be up front dumbass…. a lot of females will say yes

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  59. i wouldnt be sketching if i had those beautiful feet on my face i would be sucking her toes instead

  60. I am licking feet dog girl

  61. nice

  62. Haha i like thid

  63. What was the point of this fat guy? Yeah right stupid asshole pays this female to do this video. Try doing it for real no female would do this they would question it no doubt about it.

  64. No one would fall for this in real life

  65. Imagine the smell ❤️

  66. 310 idioti

  67. What's the girl's name?

  68. what that kinda creepy?

  69. Poor women

  70. ayakkabılarının içini ve ayaklarını koklamak için neler vermezdim.

  71. So sweet!

  72. Wtf I’m the weird side of YouTube again shit

  73. I wish I was him


  75. I hope someone does that to me

  76. The feet are so beautiful

  77. Irespect u Mam

  78. تفوو

  79. Ye Mam bhot beautiful inke feet b bhot beautiful…..

  80. That girl is extremely pale.

  81. That’s my nigga
    I’m black so I’m aloud

  82. My gf said she’ll do this and she said she’ll sit on my face for 50 minutes 😍😍and it’s tomorrow that it’ll happen

  83. Me entering area 51 0:08

    Me leaving area 51 2:37

  84. Me:I like you feet
    Girl :my feet in your face 7 kick in the balls whit strength and my feet in you face
    1kick au
    2 aaa
    3oo I like feet
    4 aaee
    5 ooo
    6 o yes
    7 I like you your feet and you tits

  85. Do that to me please

  86. That’s my nigga

  87. Staged

  88. ياريت لو كنت مكانه

  89. اذا في ملكه سوريه جاده ترد عالتعليق

  90. i wana be that guy

  91. يا ريت لو كنت مكانه

  92. What a lucky man.I wanna to be in his place.I can pay up to 500 U.S.Dollars for that.

  93. I really want to be in his place i would give 10k for that

  94. I love her feet

  95. I'd love to lick her feet!!!

  96. Her feet I'll 😘 kiss it sex on it ❤❤❤

  97. I kiss her feet

  98. Lovely vid


  100. Lol damn!!!

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