The SECRETS to Finding Your Artistic Style ❤

The SECRETS to Finding Your Artistic Style ❤

11 thoughts on “The SECRETS to Finding Your Artistic Style ❤

  1. Lots of good advice in this tutorial. Thanks Karen.

  2. This was very helpful. Thank you! 😁✨

  3. Great video, Karen! Short but very sweet!!

  4. Shes beautiful😍! Great tips, thank you. I don't think I've quite found my style yet but I'm not too worried, it'll show up sometime lol. Love your art style though!❤

  5. I like the watercolors too…but you helped me discover I love to sketch with graphite. That is what I have been exploring lately through drawing faces.

  6. Awesome as always ♥️

  7. Ester Gillies website?

  8. Great video. Great tips. Love your drawings. When will your new book be available? I cant find it on amazon.

  9. Amazing tips! Thank you! When does your new book come out? I searched for it but couldn’t find it. I’m so excited to buy it!

  10. Love it!

  11. Awesome video as always; my style is whatever I feel this moment – I can go from semi realistic (whimsical), fashion Illustration, Illustration, etc (no hyper realism – that doesn't not interest me, although many people love it – and more power to them), to completely abstract – abstract expressionism and abstract Impressionism – and that switch can happen within a day . I love Mixed-Media because it means, at least for me — NO LIMIT AS WHAT I USE to CREATE. I challenge myself sometimes to use certain media – like Karen said it is a way to grow as an artist ; complacency doesn't work well in art world 😄! Study Art History — really that's where the ideas are. Study different skills; study supplies – how they are made, what they are made of, how do they react with each other, how many different ways can you use a certain medium; Karen thank you very much to touch this topic – because not necessarily one has to be "stuck" with only one way of doing things; awaiting your book (I got all others – they are truly fabulous) ! 😄🙌🎨💖

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