The Secrets to Drawing: The Best Complete Online Drawing Course Reviewed

The Secrets to Drawing: The Best Complete Online Drawing Course Reviewed

Hi Kevin Kramer here of drawing and
and I have a warning. If you’re still trying to learn how to draw from picture based art
books and sped up videos on youtube learning to draw will always be a struggle. In this video I’m going to show you a complete,
easy to follow, online, video art course that will not only fill in the missing steps from
your art books and youtube videos but provide the complete step by step processes, concepts
and materials to draw anything you want. Whether you are just getting started or a seasoned
artist this course has got something for you. Welcome to “The Secrets to Drawing Video Course.”
, developed by National board certified Art teacher and creator of the virtual instructor,
Matt Fussel. After starting the virtual instructor for his students, Matt recognized the need
for a quality comprehensive drawing course that followed a logical sequence to upon each
new skill and to give the student a complete concept of drawing. And I have to say it rocks. What I love about this course is its high
quality video not just static images. Once you sign up thru the secure check out
page you simply login into the members portal and get get started. You have immediate access
to all of the tutorials starting with the basics of using line. Each video will build
up your understanding and skills going deeper into using shape, building form and value,
using space and then continue to more advanced topics like different drawing techniques,
perspective and composition. Each video ends with a summary and learning points to make
sure you retain and fully understand each concept being taught before moving on. It’s
like having a personal instructor right there in your home. Try finding that on you tube. There is no guesswork with Matt. He knows
exactly how to explain and demonstrate even the most complex concept in a way that even
got me excited about the possibilities. it is easy and fun and that’s important when
your trying to learn something new. But that’s not all. Like I said this course
is packed. Not only does it cover all of the pencil and graphite techniques you need it
also teaches you how to use color covering theory and how to use color pencils, pastels
and more so you can take your black and white drawings to the next level. It also covers
the basics of drawing portraits, how to draw from real life and drawing from photos. And
if you do enjoy learning for static images each video also has an ebook to follow along
with so you never get off track. YES I truly believe Secrets to Drawing is
the best drawing course there is ,online or off, for gaining a complete understanding
of drawing from start to finish.not just because of it’s 5hrs of high quality videos that you
can download and view at anytime but that each video is packed with easy to follow instruction
layed out like you were taking personal art classes and at a price that can’t be beat.
And that saying lot because like you I’ve tried them all and bought hundreds of dollars
on instruction books. Secrets to Drawing truly is the most comprehensive
online drawing course and at just 30$ its a steal. but if that wasn’t enough if you sign up thru
the link below I’m going to throw in 2 of my own trainings courses worth over 34$ for
free. You’ll get my Perfect Proportions Video training course which will give you a variety
of methods to get exact proportions for your next drawing and cover each method’s strengths
and weaknesses. The second is My Prefect Perspectives training course. This will give you the skills
to take your drawings out of the 2d world and launch them into 3 dimensions in minutes. Click button right now. Sign up and get started
drawing your next masterpiece.

7 thoughts on “The Secrets to Drawing: The Best Complete Online Drawing Course Reviewed

  1. Seems good c:

  2. It's definitely one of the most comprehensive courses for drawing out there. My Bonus offer ends today. Take advantage while you can. It's over $180 in value! The bonuses are a great supplement and will help fill in any gaps from the main course plus show you more ways to implement what you learn from Matt's course.

  3. i buy this today : ), thanks man! 

  4. :The 30 dollars (i think its a little more now) isn't just for The Secrets of Drawing Course its for an entire year of lessons, there are several courses besides the drawing course, there are courses on watercolor, colored pencil, oil painting, acrylic painting and so much more. |

    Each week Matt has a live lesson on a medium and he goes into detail showing everything even when he goofs up. There is also what he calls the members minute where he will answer a members question and also critique a piece of artwork of one of the members/students. it is well worth the money!

    There is a lot more that i haven't even mentioned in this post but trust me when I say this is the best deal in town!!! OH all those weekly lessons he does? he has an archive of all of them you can go back to the very first one, watch it download it learn from past classes it really is awesome and so is Matt!

    And while you are here check out Matt's channel

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  6. What is the suggested age group for this. I have a 10 year old that loves to draw and I am looking for a class.

  7. Nice video, you may also want to checkout the review of The Secrets To Drawing on my blog here at gohonestreviews. com/the-secrets-to-drawing-review/ Thanks, Bertie.

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