The Secret Lives of Public Servants – Episode 1: The Radical Artist

The Secret Lives of Public Servants – Episode 1: The Radical Artist

The truth of the matter is, (music) My name is Marc Adornato. I moonlight as a contemporary social-political artist in Ottawa. So basically I work for the
public service. Unfortunately I can’t reveal a whole lot
of information about what I do because there’s a conflict of interest policy
that says that I can’t really say who I work for or where I work or what I really
do at work. (music) Kind of came as a natural evolution to
start making artwork about politics and stuff that’s happening in the world and
then as the years I guess maybe because I’m in Ottawa a lot of the jobs here are
government-related or they’re political- related in some way, so it just kind of
turned out to be that I got a job which would then inform me about the politics,
which is a kind of cool angle and then I’d go home and make my artwork that’s
also politically-related (music) (saw cutting) (electronic beeping) So this piece is a piece I made out of
junk called the electric communist detector (electronic beeping, continued) It essentially detects communists. (electronic beeping, continued) Basically the paintings I submitted to the RBC painting competition. RBC’s mascot, his name is Arby, actually, just found out that his job is being exported to India, so he gives the finger to RBC then proceeds to light up a Molotov
cocktail and throw it at the bank which he then burns down and you see here with
the bank burning and then he is then subsequently tasered by the RCMP to
death. I think it’s important that even public service people public employees
outside of work can can speak freely about what they believe in and you know
that kind of stuff (music) The reality is it’s really tough to
become financially independent off just being an artist. So that’s where, you know,
the job that I have is paying the bills and pays me to to be able to buy tools
for my workshops and stuff like this. “Gonna open the floor up for this piece with fifty dollars.” “Do we have fifty dollars?” “We have fifty dollars, all the money going to the Ottawa Riverkeeper.” “We have fifty dollars right here? Do we have fifty-five?” “Fifty-five, right there. Do we have sixty, sixty. We have sixty-five…” I really actually enjoy enjoy both my job and I enjoy doing the art work. So I’ve really got kind of lucky like that I can have fun doing
both things. Whoo! (chuckles) it’s hard to figure out what people do sometimes, as public servants
outside of work, because we do we live very bizzare lives I think. I mean everybody’s I guess sometimes got a really strong passion that they’re
almost crazy about and I would put myself in that category. (music) We go to work and we’re like this family that all works together and we know our jobs and
our titles and what we do there at work and we kind of assume that that’s it,
that everyone goes home at the end of the day and they’re parents or guarding
family members that are taken care of or they’re just chilling out, you know? (music) This should be like an interesting
program. (chuckles)

7 thoughts on “The Secret Lives of Public Servants – Episode 1: The Radical Artist

  1. Love it! Can’t wait to see the next episode. Shoutout to Trevor Clayton on the awesome music 🙂

  2. Super! Awesome episode. Love the music Trevor!

  3. So cool! Excited to see the rest of the series!

  4. So excited about this series!

  5. Love this guy!

  6. Awesome – great story-telling, camera work, sound, music and editing. Bravo. Cool work Marc Adornato

  7. It's kind of pointless to say he can't reveal what his job is. There's a public registry for this.

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