The Science Love Song

The Science Love Song

I’ll be the spark if you’ll be the flame Start a reaction that can’t be contained Balance your pH by sharing my base I’ll be your star if you’ll be my space ‘Cause there is no distance that I wouldn’t go Through space-time and wormholes my matter would flow, to the edge of the universe I’ll be your G if you will be C or I can be A if you will be T If there’s a mutation I’ll fix every base Working as your zinc finger nuclease Just like an atom Don’t rip us apart Unless you want a big BOOM! In my heart We can take it fast, or really slow But we can’t know, with certainty, where we’ll go If at first we don’t succeed, we’ll try two more times So our failure’s a statistically significant try Like an equation, it all works out If we balance the sides there’s no need to doubt This is your science love song A place to start our chemical bond A research endeavour We can write the conclusion together Just like the moview I’d steal your heart But then you’d die… so I won’t do that If we broke up, I’d be no more I’d give up H20 for H2SO4 Take away gravity, I’d still fall for you Share my last electron in a covalent bond for two ‘Cause you’re like that angle, Acute and you’re smart Your labcoat and goggles go straight to my heart Except that’s a lie, cause the heart doesn’t feel When it comes to love the brain seals the deal This is your science love song A place to start our chemical bond A research endeavour We can write the conclusion -conclusion together With twenty annotations and bibliography ‘Cause you matter to me Hey thanks for watching If you liked the song be sure to check it our on iTunes and Bandcamp You can also follow us on Instagram and Twitter with the links in the description below And make sure that you subscribe to AsapScience for more weekly science videos. We’ll see you next week [Whispers] Peace!

100 thoughts on “The Science Love Song

  1. Молодцы! Поёте лучше многих современных "певцов", да и в словах есть смысл:)

  2. *cries in nerd*

  3. To who ever the hell I marry (Or my cousin because I love her so much and this song never specifies romantic feelings and f you) we shall sing this song one day. It's cuter then Dear Theodosia or If I Could Tell Her.

  4. Sending this to my crush to see what she thinks about it I'll edit what she says

  5. Oxytocin!!!

  6. Now I have a favourite love song 😄❤❤❤❤

  7. This is so cute

  8. "Just like the movies i would steal ur heart…..but then you would die so i wont do that"
    "Except thats a lie coz the heart doesnt feel
    When it comes to love the brain seals the deal"
    Lol they are my fav lines. Love u asapscience

  9. If literally be head over heels for someone that sang me this

    As where always head over heels

  10. Whenever I may ask a bestfriend (female I'm female) out I'm gonna say I'll be the missing star to your universe

  11. This is disliked by those who failed their science test?!?!

  12. I wanted it to be longer

  13. This song shall be played at my non-existent wedding-

  14. It touched my heart, but I know it's a lie cause heart don't feel.

  15. I guess you could say there’s some chemistry between two people singing this to each other… hehe

  16. You should put this on spotify, for real.

  17. You guys boosted me to keep on loving science

  18. Take away gravity I’ll still fall for you ♥️

  19. I so loved this! If it weren't that you guys are so great as science gurus, I'd say your calling could be that of singers. You have beautiful voices! 😍

  20. The People Who Disliked This Maybe Hates Science Or Probably Suck At Science….

  21. 1:59 i laugh a lot!!

  22. Just need a original song !

  23. Great song and you're both great singers. Thank you for teaching me some new Chemistry formula.

  24. I'm in love

  25. Why are there so much dislike this was really good

  26. THIS

  27. I sent this to my crush who loves science more than anything

  28. I watched this before I watched that they came out but I could already see their love 💜

  29. Nice.

  30. 2:35 is my fav part

  31. I feel like you were the type of people to do people’s homework for money in high school…

  32. I haven’t heard this since 5th grade (I’m a freshman in hs now) omg I forgot how much I loved this song. And now I understand a decent bit of the topics too.

  33. this is so sweet… their voices are so amazing and i also UGH THIS IS SO GOOD

  34. The one with H20 and H2SO4 was like reality. People leave someone important to choose over someone toxic and harmful.

  35. Wow I was just listening to ‘highway to hell’
    How did I get here?
    Okay I’m gonna go listen to ‘hurricane’ by Bob Dylan
    Slow claps for me to say are you are weirdo? (yes I am)

  36. Confess to ur science crush

  37. nice song

  38. for song

  39. Lovely

  40. I love this video 😍😍 that's very informative .thanks

  41. Wow😍 i really love the song

  42. I’m glad my science teacher showed this to me, now I can stare at my friends’ faces as they cringe.

  43. I, remember this song when it came out I think it’s so educational to sing this with kids and to teach them the meaning with science.

  44. Oooh i wanna have my med school love right now

  45. 0.75 speed = cuter <3

  46. This is so perfect! I love science! Thank you ❤️

  47. I’m crying

  48. This needs more views

  49. This is the best song for your nerd crushes.

  50. Lol your right #gokulmuthu

  51. My teacher said
    “Love is Sacrifice”

  52. I sang this to my crush infront of everybody who was also in class. Everyone was speechless.

  53. Can we just appreciate how Mitch is so talented? He sings amazingly, he can play the piano and he's good at science

  54. I can see Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory singing this.

  55. So its basically

  56. really love this song

  57. btw the way, this video is the only reason i remembered H2So4 in my chemistry test so thanks

  58. Found this again after years, I love how you swap who sings high and low in the song

  59. He is a great pianist..
    I really love it

  60. I SHIP IT😍

  61. 2:04 "I'd give up H2O for H2SO4"😭

  62. Like seriously!?!? The video was uploaded 5 years ago and am here at 2019!? Hats off and the YouTube Algorithm!!N what a great song!!

    Btw anyone else in 2k19? I know am not alone!😉

  63. I love u guys 😍

  64. The fact that I will actually use some of these lyrics as pickup lines shows how nerdy I am 🤦🏼

  65. 1:59 SAME BRO



  68. Wait wasn’t love a chemical from the brain

  69. Man, I love superfruit.

  70. How do we do to like twice?

  71. U guyzz are kinda cool…!!!

  72. are they a couple?

  73. This is so lovely!!!!

  74. Just the right kind of stuff – saying it the way it really is. ❤️

  75. U guys sing great😍😍

  76. crying
    It’s so beautiful

  77. Bff: Whats your type?

    Me: Its hard to explain

  78. 2019 anyone

  79. This song came out when I was in 8th grade and I understood about 30% of the science references. Now that I’m a senior in high school, I can understand all the references and this song is so sweet 😭

  80. Some would say they they started with a Big Bang

    Others would say they have real chemistry

    But one would say to the other “you must be made of flerovium and thallium cause you are a FITI

    Then the other would reply with “well you must be made of hydrogen, oxygen and thallium cause your a HOTI

    Sorry all the good joke argon and I’m stuck with some boron ones I made up lmao

    I’ll see myself out 😂😩🤪

  81. Love the songs, you guys are great singers and it helps me remember facts through these random rhymes

  82. The moment when you love music but your parents force to learn science 😆😉

  83. I need this on Spotify.

  84. The moment when you decide to make a cover for this song and you remember that you can't sing like these guys😕

  85. you guys so so nice! but the one in green seems to be singing through his nose at some points. Not hating, it sounds so great

  86. Wow, I like this song so much. Guys you are great.
    My favorite part is 2:01 (H20 for H2SO4) 😂😂

  87. omg pewdiepie can sing?!

  88. Wow, amazing
    Very good

  89. My heart… or brain

  90. better than twilight

  91. Your voices are beautiful😍💓

  92. I always pictured Leonard singing this song to Penny ❤💗

  93. Fabulous sir! Very nice, awesome means i don't have words.Your effort is above class.Awesome👍

  94. I sent this to my gf, and she freaked out (positive)😍

  95. I want my boyfriend to sing this to me . If I ever had one. I

  96. why am i crying

  97. They should be singers not scientist

  98. I love the lyrics 😍:take away gravity i still fall for you
    Share my last electron in a covalent bond for two

  99. Comment Section :
    All the nerdies loving this song and also accepting that they'll die alone 😂😂😂

    Includes me too

  100. I love thissss♥️♥️♥️♥️

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