The Perfume of Memories Story | Cartoons about Animation

The Perfume of Memories Story | Cartoons about Animation

This is the sword of Sass. Long time no see. How are you. Sir. Sass. Perhaps Sass is older than we thought. Where are the other Kwamis? Well… Plagg is in the woods near your castle. There is Trixx. And I can find Longg. I found some and I don’t know the others. Well, this time you are the target. I made perfume with an Akuma Good bye. What happened? Where am I? I can’t cure him with my power. Wake up Adrien. Wake up! Hmm… Alright lads. In order to fight the Akuma, we must enter into Adrien’s subconscious. How do we get in? Plagg has that ability. I’ll bring Plagg. Once upon a time there was a guardian protecting the Miracle Box. He was a warm man. His wife was a wizard. She loved his husband and son Adrien a lot. But greed began to spring up in his heart. His mind became more and more wicked. Finally he decided to experiment with three Miraculouses. He even experimented with his son. Honey, What are you doing? I was just taking care of Adrien. There must be something evil in his heart. I don’t wanna go!! Hawk Moth is scared! I brought Plagg.

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