The Neuroscience of Creativity

The Neuroscience of Creativity

This little guy is a nematode worm – it’s
transparent, about 1mm in length and one of the simplest animals with a nervous system. And his name is Steve. Steve does something quite curious… he doesn’t
just follow food scents. He also explores his environment – thoroughly. As if he wants to know what else is out there. This worm shows a basic form of curiosity. And Steve does this even though he only has
383 brain cells or neurons… compared to the 86 billion neurons in your human brain. Your brain is also curious, it’s constantly
looking for the next new thing. But unlike a worm, our desire for novelty
has led us to innovate and create. Our high levels of creativity are thanks to
the unique makeup of our restless brains. So what exactly makes your brain so creative? Well, this mass of 86 billion neurons is organised
in a pretty special way. Roughly speaking, one group of neurons sense
the environment, and another group react to it. In most animal brains, there’s a hard-wired
path from the sensing neurons to acting neurons. In your human brain though, there are lots
of paths connecting the two. Way more than what we need to perform vital
tasks. So these surplus neurons form tangled networks
that generate random, spontaneous thoughts. And researchers are starting to pinpoint how
these random thoughts become creative ideas. In a 2016 study, researchers found that creativity
seems to depend on the cooperation of two competing brain networks: one that generates
spontaneous thoughts and the executive control center of the brain that governs everything
else. To produce new ideas, we start with a pool
of random, free-flowing thoughts – those worthy of further exploration are then approved
by executive control. And then, when researchers asked people to
plan an artwork, cooperation between these two networks went up. And the effect was stronger in professional
artists. Virtually all other research points to a similar
conclusion: That no one area of your brain is responsible for creative thought. Rather, many interacting processes by large-scale
brain networks work together to give birth to a great idea. And a new theory suggests these brain networks
seem to be doing three things: They bend what we see, break what we expect and finally,
they blend things with…other things. Your restless brain is full of great ideas
– just waiting to be realised. This is the first of a three part series on
creativity. Next up, can you become more creative? If we all have this amazing machinery in our
brains, why are some people more creative than others?

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    it is funny how creativity on a physical level. A lot of random connections between a lot of different parts.
    And creativity being really random. And combining different stuff. Like different words (which would probably be in like the same region. Being regular language for example) combining them randomly as something being creative.
    But also seeing and inventing connections between 2 seemingly unrelated things.

    It is funny how the end product seemingly takes resemblance to the physical source, the randomly wired brain.

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  14. One minute to ask, "What exactly makes your brain so creative?" and then two minutes to basically say, "Nobody really knows… a bunch of parts of your brain do things randomly and work together and then you have ideas." Neat.

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  26. I attended a great presentation on nematode brains in college, "How to make a really simple nervous system, really, really complex."

    He was looking at the hormones that influence the firing or suppression of those 383 neurons.

    It escalated quickly…
    hormones that lower the threshold voltage to fire,
    hormones that increase the threshold voltage,
    hormones that suppress other hormones (both of the above types),
    hormones that HALT nerve impulses already in progress, both at the axon and at the synapse…

    All of which somehow coordinate to allow just the 2(?) longitudinal muscles and 2(?) muscular nerves to provide all the the 3D environmental propulsion.

    If even a small portion of these varied hormones have a human equivalent, it suggests it will be impossible to fully model a human brain's function. So fascinating!

  27. Creativity is a hard concept for me to grasp. Some people can just create something amazing right after being handed a blank canvas, whereas I deeply struggle with creative works. I won't lie, smoking some bud helps me with creative writing though.

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