Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer, better known as “Milwaukee
Monster”, was a serial killer that killed 17 men between 1978 and 1991. Dahmer was born on May 21st 1960 in Milwaukee,
state of Wisconsin, US. His father, Lionel Dahmer, and his mother
Joyce Flint, were caring parents that gave him a happy childhood. This was why, years later, lots of people
wondered “how come a boy from a normal family became an authentic monster? Dahmer’s killer instincts were soon revealed. When he was 10, Dahmer started hunting and
torturing small animals, cleaning their bones and collecting them in formol bottles. However, at school, he was able to hide his
darkest instincts and passed unnoticed as a normal boy, joking around with his classmates. When he was around adults, he was an educated,
calm boy, with great SOCIAL ABILITIES, so they never SUSPECTED HIS mischief. When Dahmer turned into a teenager, the idylic
home created by his parents started to fall apart: they got a divorce, and soon after
his father married again and left home. Dahmer’s mom got sick and started being
more and more absent. Dahmer started having recurring thoughts,
and started to FANTASIZE about killing human beings. He knew those thoughts were evil, but since
he couldn’t silence them, he started drinking alcohol. He became a lonely and shy man who barely
talked to any of his classmates. With his father in a different state and his
mother absent, Dahmer found the opportunity to make his fantasies real. A few weeks after graduating, when he was
18, Dahmer went for a ride in his car. He found a hitchhiker, Steve Hicks, and offered
to give him a ride. He took him home, and once there, hit him
in the head with a weight bar and choked him. Dahmer got scared. He took the corpse to his basement and thought
about how he’d get rid of it. The next day, with a HUNTER’S KNIFE, opened
his guts and cut the body in pieces. He put them inside TRASH BAGS, placed them
in the back of his car and decided to take them to a dumping site. It was 3 in the morning, and Dahmer was driving
on a DESERT road. Suddenly, he went by 2 police men. They stopped him and testes his blood alcohol
level. One of the officers lighted the back of the
car and asked him what was inside the bags. It’s trash – he answered – there are
no dumping sites near my place. They stink, and since I couldn’t sleep,
I wanted to get rid of them. The policemen noticed the bad smell coming
from the bags, and so believed Dahmer and let him go. He was very close to being discovered. He drove back home and the following morning
put the bags inside a waste pipe. His MODUS OPERANDI kept improving, until he
reached a very practical pattern: he chose his victim, invited him home, then choke him
and quarter the body. He also started taking pictures of the corpses
and practicing cannibalism, drinking his victims’ blood and eating the rest of his Cslaughters. Since nobody SUSPECTED OF HIM, Dahmer SE CONFIO
and started killing more frequently, until, in 1989, he had his first ENCOUNTER with justice. He was SENTENCED to a year in prison – after
that year, he rented a place in Milwaukee planning on killing again. But in July 1991, one of his victim scaped
from Dahmer’s apartment and went to the police. When the policemen entered there, they found
a really grotesque scene: more than a hundred pictures of bodies in different phases of
dismemberment. In the kitchen, they found several heads inside
the fridge, next to Mummified organs in metal jars. Dahmer didnt FIGHT the authoriTES: in fact,
he collaborated, confessing and narrating the assassination of a total of 17 men during
13 years. He DECLARED HIMSELF guilty but crazy, so he’d
be sent to a special jail. However, he was DECLARED CONSCIUS OF HIS ACTIONS,
so he went to a normal prison. He was sentenced to a 15 life sentences at
the Columbia Correctional Institute. 3 years after his entry, he was involved in
a fight – he ended up dead after being hit on his head with a weight – the same object
Dahmer had used in his first murder. Ironic, huh?

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  68. there are some inaccuracies but:
    – dahmer mainly lured his victims from gay bars until he was banned ( mostly african american men )
    – he lived with his grandmother until she kicked him out for bringing multiple men home and when he put those garbage bags in her basement, she complained about the smell but never investigated
    – along with drugging and cutting up people he also practice necrophilia ( that was his ritual: lure them, drug them, strangle them/knock them upside their head, perform oral sex, cut them up, take pics, savor a part of them in a jar, and then throw their remainings in a garbage can )
    – the boy didn’t run to the police, the police found him running in the street after being beat up severely
    – they let dahmer go because he told them that they were gay lovers and the cops believed him
    – he went to jail on a child molestation case
    – when he tried to drug a 32 year old … he escaped ( with handcuffs ) and once again the police found him … he said that he was drugged by a “weird dude” and so the police went to dahmer’s apartment to ask for the keys .. then the officer seen polaroids all around of dismembered body parts, etc… then found the body of one of dahmer’s other victim ( i don’t remember if he did anything to him or not – dismembering wise ) then found body parts ( in jars ) in his fridge

    warning :
    ^ that last note may or may not be correct because in a website it says that but i believe in the documentary they said smelt something weird but dahmer claimed it was bad meat and i think that’s when they discovered it but i’m not sure … sorry but i’ll rewatch it and get it situated later

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  87. His family wasn't healthy at all. His parents fought a lot, had financial problems and then the divorce, which led to many scenes. Also he had alchohol addiction and sometimes did drugs.

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  90. 1. his mom had lots of drug and alcohol addictions

    2. he didn’t start with wanting to necessarily kill people, he wanted to know about their insides and he always fantasized about a hiker he normally seen

    3. he performed necrophilia

    4. he struggled with his sexuality

    5. he’d bring these dismembered body parts with his everywhere, even to work

    6. he’d watch the exorcist to get him in the mood

    7. he did lobotomies as well

    8. he was arrested after two kids claimed he was masturbating in front of him

    9. one time a kid flagged down the police (he was underaged) and women had claimed that he was bleeding from his behind (but the police told them to mind their business and don’t claim something as domestic violence if it really isn’t) … but dahmer just said he was 19 and very drunk and always acts a little weird when he’s drunk and in fact is his gay lover … and then proceeded to show them the pictures he took earlier of the two (and the little boy alone) and the police just laughed and told them to have a nice night (and it was mentioned that one of the police officers just took a peak in the bedroom but never really investigated it) and then killed him

    10. when dahmer was caught, the little boy flagged down a police officer, naked, saying that a strange man pulled a knife out on him and handcuffed him … so the police tried to remove the handcuffs on their own so they just went to dahmer’s apartment … and dahmer pointed to where the keys were (his bedroom) … but that’s where the photos of the previous dismembered figures were and so he was arrested immediately … and then they found severed body parts in the fridge, etc…

    11. the court wanted to try dahmer as a mental patient but dahmer said no and in his interview even cleared up that nothing was wrong with him, he was completely aware and just did it for satisfying and dominance

    12. he was killed with a barbell by an inmate while cleaning because he was saying “weird and gay things”

  91. When you live close to Jeffrey I drive past his house ever day I get a feeling like I might be related to him but I know I'm not but I feel safe when I drive by his house….. Is that weird

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