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  1. After this video, I immediately bought the book. I waited for the book to ship and I was as excited as a little girl waiting for a puppy to come home.
    I finished the book in 3 days and my god, it was one of THE BEST thing I've ever read my entire life.
    Thank you, Zealous Creative. I'm really looking forward to similar future project.

  2. Сос смыслом

  3. One of the epic video of life, As the maker learns dedicatedly and makes his creation by many efforts within his short life, After this he passes happly his earned knowledge to the next generation….

    We r thankful to those who made this world inhabitable by their dedication….

  4. I want one

  5. Cute bunnies

  6. Чудовищный и уёбищьный мультик с божественной мелодией

  7. This is weird but i like it

  8. So it's a cycle? he makes her, she makes him? it's an endless loop of making each other.

  9. I’m learning about this movie thing at school…🤘

  10. This short-film does a great job at showing how love is supposed to work in a relationship. One does all they can to create the love in the other, they share a special moment together, and the process starts all over again. If they aren’t constantly trying to create that love, time runs out and the relationship dies.

  11. Крипово

  12. Эта хуета будет сниться мне по ночам

  13. This is mostly absolutely and amazing. 🥰

  14. Oh my god))))cool

  15. Am I the only one who thinks these characters are cute?

  16. Que verga es esto

  17. NDEAH terrible fenix, clave

  18. I watche dit first, 3 months ago, have watched it 20 times since then, and will watch it probably with my grandchildren in 50 years. Thats for sure…. 😀 MASTERPIECE!

  19. Y aquí fue, donde nació mi amor por el violin <3

  20. Esto es arte. ¿Algún latino por aquí?

  21. Moral: essence of time & being not selfish..
    Time will not leave anyone in one state except if time itself again..
    None are stronger or weaker in front of time, but time will teach both. the lesson learnt at same time..

  22. i always picture this as like a father daughter situation and he builds her with such care even though his time is limited and then at the end he’s run out of time and he says goodbye because he’s taught her all he knew

  23. La melodía es increíble….. simplemente fantástica 😌


  25. こう言うの嫌いやわー、低評価

  26. Deus

  27. 🖤🖤🖤

  28. هذه هي حياتنا

  29. Zaman işliyor.. bence mesaj “ben sana yaşam verdim ben sana sevgiyi öğrettim ama sen gittin” 🤷🏻‍♀️ kızın sondaki tepkisi “ben şimdi napcam lan” 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  30. Oh thank u 🧸🥰🍀

  31. Грустно

  32. Так, хочется смотреть, ещё и ещё. Шикарный мульмик.

  33. Voy a estar como el conejo me la voy a fabricar loro!!!

  34. This may sound weird but im studying the language that is in the book in the beginning. You can find the alphabet in behind the scenes

  35. We are here to make stuff but most of us spend most of our short lives just consuming stuff others have made. Tangible things, media, etc. Go out there and make something.

  36. Amazing work, thank you.

  37. a small plot with great meaning … Infinitely sad, but thanks anyway! Hello from Ukraine!

  38. Awesome 'Maker Team'

  39. Русские смотрят этого КОЛОБКА?

  40. Soy el comentario en español que estás buscando 😉

  41. I remember seeing this years ago and crying when the bunny hugged the other bunny that he created. This video is absolutely beautiful and the story and animation are magnificent. I hope that this video touched others just as much as it touched me.

  42. Stop motion will always bee creepy.

  43. The maker Stradivari

  44. My complements to the chief. It was a masterful piece with a tale that marks us all with the same or different message to the one watching. This story is very true and raw to the point in my mind I see the tale of everyone's life very short and what we know now must be passed on to another generation till the end of time itself even when its just as small and short as the previous generations. There is an underlining dark side tho. If the next generation does not up hold of passing on knowledge or experience then all will fail quite drastically.

  45. C'est juste un pure chef-d'oeuvre qui matérialise bien l'animation ❤❤

  46. A person's need to belong is what drives one to make his/her creations in their likeness. The creation can here signify many things here: his counterpart, his friend, his lover or even his own child or even a student. Regardless, it is the feeling to MAKE something beautiful, to make someone feel as he does that drives him on to fill his creation with life and once his purpose is complete, he embraces in the joy of holding his creation, years of hard work, feeling finally complete. He finally left a piece of him with her. His purpose served, he found his home. And, then vanishes away. And he throws the turn to his creation now.

  47. this is sad.
    also makes you wonder how many times it had happened before the first in this video.
    and who made the very first doll.
    and if it'll ever end.

  48. 😢😢

  49. I love the music, love the story and love the animation. This is really niceee <3

  50. -" في يوم ما ستزوركم افعالكم فلا تتفاجئوا منها."
    " One day your actions will visit you, don't be surprised:"

  51. I just watched this and was immediately hooked, I will definitely put the book on my reading list!

  52. レクイエムにしかきこえない

  53. That’s the best cartoon metaphor I’ve seen

  54. なるほど、だから最初のシーンはどこか不安そうな悲しそうな顔だったのか…….

  55. really sad life cycle.

  56. J 'm scared

  57. Como creo que soy el único hispano es momento de decir

  58. hi greetings zealous creative: 3I just want to tell you that I am impressed with this short film and I wish there were more animations related to the maker

  59. i like maker yus mastas

  60. He made her, but only music could bring her to life

  61. Wait a minute, so at the beginning, did the previous doll Just disappear? Because it was the same as how when his creation became alive in the end, he disappeared and the doll he made was in the same exact pose and the time restarted like beginning.

    So was that legit his whole life we just saw before he got sent away?

  62. Хз о чем идет речь но очень интересно

  63. I’ve been wondering where this video was! We did it as a topic for our school but despite that it’s still pretty cool to think about

  64. It's as disturbing as it is intriguing

  65. Best like to dislike ratio ever.

  66. I've discovered this animation when it was first released but… here I am today, 7 years later, still coming back to it. I love it SO MUCH!!! From concept, to execution, the story, the design and of course, the music… absolutely BRILLIANT!!! I'd LOVE to collaborate with you guys someday on the music side of your projects. 🖤🎶

  67. Hi- this is for the maker of The Maker. I love this in the way that people of past centuries must have loved their favourite great novel that made them feel connected to something awesome in the true sense and great unlike what or who they could connect to in their current lives. I have loved this short film for years- somehow I went down an internet rabbit hole of stop animation shorts back when I had no idea what any of that was and I stumbled upon my previous favourite youtube thing prior to this which was Kiwi! That was the first thing that stopped me in my tracks and made me obsessively watch over and over because it always made me feel something. The Maker is 10x that, it's like Kiwi! on steroids. I relate to it in every sense- I'm ex-military and have seen so much shit in so many countries I have a hard time NOT feeling detached, I'm a hobbyist artist and particularly love textile arts and love hand sewing anything and for years took embroidery workshops from artists I admired during the decade I lived in England, I've had an extraordinary existence like the character in your film who is handed a book and has no idea how to make the most of it but feels pressured to try…. and then love, when encountered, is so strong it's worth everything and so fleeting sometimes, the nature of war and deployments and then later of loss and unexpected bereavemment…. there are so many parallels this film has had to me and meant to me over the years that I have loved it that I just hope you aren't too big to not read your youtube comments now and know that there is a person out there who continues to watch this as a fan many years on as their favourite thing ever on the internet and it means and shows something different every time. This is art at its highest form. I have pondered happily for years whether the guy and girl in this scenario reincarnated as the same bunnies every time or whether it was someone new every time (monogamy vs polyamory versions of romance? lol) I did not know there was a book till an ad thing popped up so I ordered it today. I was slightly chagrined to read from the blurb that it doesn't even seem to be romantic in the way a maker passes off their charge to the next maker. It's still deeply meaningful in that context which I appreciate being broken out of my biased interpretation and considering another viewpoint, but damn, I felt a romantic connection looking into those sacks of cloth and clay. I love that you can watch this short film and your views on life are reflected back on you. I'm obviously a hopeless romantic despite feeling like it's a bit hopeless, and I see that in this film. I've enjoyed reading others' comments. I enjoy yours most of all. My point is, THANK YOU for your work, and for making this, and I made an account today just to say this to you because it was about time and I ordered the book and I love that I still know and love my own interpretations of your work first before now encountering the book link that I've now ordered.

    Thank you. I've never commented or bothered to make a youtube account ever till today, at 38 yrs old watching youtube shit since it got started. Thank you for being a continuing source of inspiration to me. This film has meant many things to me for many years. I truly love it. Angie

  68. This is a very inefficient reproductive strategy.

  69. I'm crying!!!! Help!!!

  70. Excelent job men!

  71. This short film reminds me of humans life,we have a really short time and we need to do our best,so we will find someone who will love us and be happy about what we done in our life time.I saw this a few years ago and i still come back,i really appreciate and love your work,keep it up! 💓 (sorry for my bad english)

  72. I watched this way back when I was kid

  73. Ive just found my old magnum opus book and I had to watch this again 😭

  74. wath an amazing stop motin

  75. I ordered the Magnum Opus and I'm waiting for it to arrive im so exited

  76. When see it i want cry

  77. Esos dientes muy y grandeza conejo

  78. Those teeth looks so derp, they just kill me 😂

    But this was really good! 👍

  79. Ah, YouTube recommendations are finally working! Epic.

  80. Most of you don’t get the point here, These creatures/doll actually symbolize humans, Humans main goal in life is reproduction and giving birth to stay ahead of extinction, That’s exactly what’s shown here, The SandClock represents the lifespan a certain Human, The book handed by the previous Creature/Doll symbolizes knowledge given by the previous generations such as, Parents, Teachers etc…, The creature/doll reading the book throughout his first few minutes symbolizes a kid educating his self and gaining knowledge into his self in the first year of his life, So he could be able to pass it to the upcoming generations, After the Creature/doll had enough education and knowledge, He’s ready to make use of it, So he starts making his new doll (Creature) the same thing goes to humans, When the youth is ready, and had gained enough knowledge in life, He’s now ready enough to start a family and produce his own kids, Coming back to the creatures in the video, You’d be able to see that the new doll (Creature) didn’t come to life immediately after the Previous creator (Creature) created it, No he had to play The Volin melody which symbolizes parents raising there child properly so it would be easier for the parents to pass on the knowledge to the child, After the Creator played the Melody the new doll is ready to be handed the book, Which means that after the Human child is raised well enough, He’s ready to receive the knowledge from his parents and ready to continue on the cycle just like in the short film here, And ofcourse the time has come for the previous creator and he just disappears as parents do, (R.I.P to all loving parents who passed away….) and then the SandClock flips and is ready for a new cycle… 🙂

  81. What a life

  82. Es hermoso.

  83. Number of people who agree you’re breathtaking

  84. 2:51

  85. 綿が髭になるの可愛い

  86. I saw this video years ago and I found the mf

  87. I think I get it

  88. 😭

  89. i always come back to this and yet it still never fails to amaze me

  90. My lazy ass would end my species if I was in this situation

  91. Mi maestra me recomendó este pedazo historia Like si a ti también

  92. 임플란트 광고

  93. it made me cry

  94. Oliii 🐽

  95. Que tristeeeeeee

  96. Pathetic

  97. Sans

  98. このウサギのぬいぐるみ(?)欲しいんだけど通販とかで売ってないのかなぁ…😭

  99. Me as a kid: Ah so creepy….

    Me now: This is intense . Just imagine being one of these and you REALLY dont know what to do and you run out of time

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