‘The Keys To A Lasting Marriage’ Ep. 12 Official Clip | Our Cartoon President | SHOWTIME

‘The Keys To A Lasting Marriage’ Ep. 12 Official Clip | Our Cartoon President | SHOWTIME

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hillary, Bill, glad
you found the place. They give you any
trouble at the door? ‘Cause I told them to give
you trouble at the door. It was a little hard
to get in with all the subpoenas piled up. Yeah, whenever Mueller
knocks we just pretend we’re a bunch of dogs in here. [KNOCKING]
– Ruff! Ruff! I am the dog! Let’s get this
over with so Hillary can get back to pretending
like she still lives here. The key to a Washington
marriage is blindly ignoring each other’s flaws. Me for example, I look past
Hillary’s thirst for the blood of a virgin megadonor. Aw. And I look past his criminally
poor impulse control. I should be in jail. That seems pretty
good, right honey? And what do I get out of it? You get to suckle at the
teat of power for decades. And some day, you too
could lose the presidency to a dangerous and demonstrably
unqualified candidate. Time to go shotgun a
bottle of Cabernet. [MUSIC PLAYING]

81 thoughts on “‘The Keys To A Lasting Marriage’ Ep. 12 Official Clip | Our Cartoon President | SHOWTIME

  1. Words to live by

  2. This cartoon is totally amazing!!!❤☻😍🇺🇸

  3. I can’t wait to see them add Mueller to the show.

    The president who was thrown out for having sex with interns, raping girls in his youth and lying to people by looking them dead in the eyes and then (every liberals wet dream) was actually impeached!
    Hmmm that wasn't mentioned looks like that never happened guess we will move on!

  5. When I saw the thumbnail, I immediately clicked

  6. clinton bought the dncs debt to make sure sanders didnt win.

  7. One thing is for sure, Melania sure likes to suck.

  8. "i should be in jail''
    -Clinton, Bill.

  9. Is there any corporation not owned by liberals,it's ironic the side that controls literally everything calls Trump a dictator when all he does is play golf lol

  10. Love this show. Need a little laughter in the face of the treasonous behavior of the Russian bought POTUS

  11. Matching 357s

  12. Let's be honest…Hillary wouldn't have made it up the stairs.

  13. When they talked about Rudy Giuliani and Sean Hannity arguing over a black doctor I died that’s so Hannity

  14. Glad I watched this. Nobody used these jokes before. Fresh as Melania's p…

  15. Notice the profile of Trump used in the logo of this show. Hilarious how Trump and Hillary have the exact same body type.

  16. Monica lewinsky is the key to a successful marriage

  17. Really Sexist

  18. Bad Clinton impressions kind of ruin that.

  19. Scumbag Clinton

  20. Just not funny

  21. The voice for Bill Clinton sucks. He doesn’t sound anything like Clinton. Mnuchin is the show’s best character.

  22. I think Bill just groped me with his eyes.

  23. This looks funny but don't leave the Obombers out of this.

  24. I'm a simple man. I see Hillary in the thumbnail. I click

  25. People found this funny? 🤔

  26. Hilary is the one who needs to be in jail.

  27. Eh, wasn't very funny

  28. "Time to go shotgun a bottle of Cabernet~!"

  29. It's crazy how the creators of this show simply joke about Hillary being a blood drinking psychopath and Bill being a sex predator. Only in America I guess.

  30. I love this cartoon.its keeping me sane for the next few years.

  31. The couple that steals together, stays together.

  32. 85% of all third marriages end in divorce. Especially if the spouse is a well known cheater to the rest of the world.

  33. Poetic.

  34. Literally been saying thus the entire time, just not as funny..but it woild make sense…
    #barkbark #imthedog #trumphasNoDOG

  35. Is that actually Hillary & Bill?!

  36. At least this one was fair bashing on both sides.

  37. Great slam on both families.

  38. This is stupid

  39. What did we get ourselves into, with trump 🤦🏽‍♂️

  40. pc masterpiece

  41. I think Ivanka is Putin's daughter

  42. Thank you. Bill and Hill, so corrupt.

  43. All of them except Melanie should be in jail, just sayin.

  44. #ImNotKiddingMaddi

  45. Roasting Hillary and Trump? I love it

  46. I so despise trump that even watching an ironic cartoon of him is difficult.

  47. ❤❤❤❤❤

  48. This show is awful

  49. This show gave me cancer

  50. Stopped watching Cartoon President…the real thing is not funny anymore…

  51. A newspaper cartoon in series animated form!

  52. Ms trump doesn’t look Like that!

  53. jhjkykuyui

  54. Mueller knocks…."Stephen Miller woof woof i'm a dog"
    Assuming that is what Stephen Miller's job is an attack dog….. pointless attack dog.
    Burn's: "Release the hounds."

  55. Accurate

  56. Melania can't run for president. She's not a natural born citizen.

  57. Have money… that’s the key.

  58. This show is about as funny as eating rocks.


  60. Ruff ruff i am the dog!

  61. Even as a cartoon Bill looks too thin

  62. Well that just got real.

  63. iraqi dinar bail for forrest clark

  64. Please please please put this show on Netflix or Amazon Prime! Give it a larger audience!!!! It's too good and hilariously spot on!!

  65. seriously is this Alex Jones fan fiction?

  66. MAGA = Melania Against GOP Abuses.

  67. "It was a little hard to get in the door with all the subpoenas piled up." 😂🤣😄😅😋

  68. Technically Melania cant run for president cause she is not US born citizen. Jokes without logic are dumb

  69. …time to go shot gun🎵a bottle of cabernet~

  70. Oh look a group of dead eye people.

  71. Judas

  72. Mueller by the door 🤣

  73. Spot on!

  74. So if i understood Hillary right she said you might find yourself one day loosing to an unqualified candidate? He had all he needed for America. And its paying off in pay hikes, lower taxes, job creations, and on and on. So if he is unqualified i will vote for that again in 2020

  75. A marriage made in hell

  76. 0:39 I should be in jail

  77. Is that Laurie Metcalf voicing Hilary?

  78. Bill Clinton sounds like an impending fatal allergy attack.

  79. "WOOF! WOOF! I am the dog!"

  80. Anyone noticed attention to detail in background animation?

  81. Cartoon Melania looks as hot as real Melania, Cartoon Hillary looks as fat and scary as real Hillary

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