The extended project in action – Creative Media Production & Technology

The extended project in action – Creative Media Production & Technology

What’s important about the UAL is the
freedom and the responsibilities passed back on the course leaders and the tutors within a media course to design something and lead the students towards them
developing themselves as opposed to being told what they needed to do. The amount of freedom we have even within each unit is pretty incredible and my
final project is a hyperlapse film on the city of Cambridge so it basically explores the whole city in a modern hyperlapse style. I used a load of visuals with ambient audio as well as
a soundtrack made by a level 3, year 2 student who I’ve worked with in previous films. I’m in the final stages of mastering the audio. For my final major project I’m making a documentary about the Rwandan genocide that happened 20 years ago. I have got various interviews with some survivors so I’m just editing them together. With the brief for our final project, we
basically just got given this brief to produce anything that is our own content
of what we’ve learned in the past two years and bring it all together and
through those two years I’ve enjoyed making documentaries, so I thought I’d
continue with a documentary theme and then add that in with the genocide idea as well. With our separate units they do allow us to improve as we steadily go along. It’s about making mistakes throughout the programme, throughout the year. Yes it’s quantified in a final major project, but leading up
to that they’re just obtaining the skills, they’re experimenting, they’re
trying, so what is very important is that they learn from those mistakes and don’t
repeat them. That’s the creative process and that’s how you develop and
progress. The way that we’ve placed everything together, we’ve used
practical and theoretical skills and we’ve placed them all together. I think it intrigues a lot more people and it allows you to prove that you are learning. Whilst learning, experimenting,
pushing your own boundaries, they’re also gaining an adherence to what
industry would require from them. Within year 2, when the students arrive after
having a very relaxed summer, in September we kick off with a 48-hour
film challenge. There was a crew, there were
seven groups or fourteen students and they would go off and do the production within 48 hours so that was really interesting because performing arts and music are also under
UAL and there was such an atmosphere and such a buzz and it got stressful and
some personalities didn’t quite gel but that’s an important thing for the
students to learn because out on production in the workplace post-production you’ve got to work as a team and it’s not about whether you get on
with that person, it’s about the objective, which is the production at the end of
the day. My next step is university, studying visual effects at Hertfordshire. I guess I see myself in five years’ time graduating university and looking for employment within Soho, within London and to work within the big post-production
houses. My next aim hopefully is going to Ravensbourne university or Lincoln
university to study digital film. I do aim to continue documentaries
hopefully, but I just want to see where things take me really. Creative arts is
an important part of education and it’s an important industry and hopefully you
know the qualification is actually sort of meeting those needs. The needs of the
students and the needs of the sector but first and foremost it gives the
the lecturers and the centres the tools to actually improve their delivery,
improve their attendance, improve their attention and that data is
coming through to us quite clearly, of that’s actually making a difference. We can tailor whatever our ideas are and pass it on to
the students so it is flexible, it’s not rigid, it’s not set in stone so you can
come up with a project idea which you think will be really beneficial. What
the benefit of that is, is we don’t stand still as a course, we’re continuously
evolving, coming up, bringing up new ideas.

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  1. Yeah they never taught me that at my college and I'm doing level 2 media which the whole course is designed by UAL. This video is very delusional. Also my cousin is doing level 3 course and he thinks it sucks as well. Thank you for making my whole time at college boring, not fun, and i'm not learning anything. I very much appreciate your company ruining my education.

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