46 thoughts on “THE DISASTER ARTIST

  1. It’s like The Producers but the opposite

  2. tOmMy WiSeAu

  3. James Franco is such a good fucking actor. He plays so many comedic roles that you don’t get to see his skills often but he truly is amazing. So glad his acting skills got recognized in this. I love the Franco brothers and Rogen so much, just chill artistic guys

  4. 00:00 – 00:55 🤣🤣🤣

  5. sugoi desu ne

  6. This is just cringe

  7. 1:43 peweds is losing it lisin closely

  8. I just looked up “Big Shark” and was amazed.

  9. “Hi doggy”

  10. Maybe felix is vampire

  11. A N Y W A Y H O W S Y O U R S E X
    L I F E?

  12. I have to see both of these movies now

  13. Just saw the movie. It was honestly so good.

  14. Se inscrevam no canal do winderson Nunes, please!!! 🇧🇷

  15. 1:24 anyone know what that clip is called lol

  16. pewds is illuminati? :ao

  17. He is polish

  18. I did nuuut

  19. Serious book recommendation for you Felix: House of Leaves.

    I would absolutely love to know that’s in your arsenal. It’s…. it’s just….
    * sigh *
    You have to check it out, Felix. You would love it.

  20. Pewdiepie parece Marco Antonio Solis

  21. Wow. A movie about a book about a movie about a book.

  22. Steady gettin Indian ads on Pewds vids. Hhhhmmmm?

  23. yOU aRE tEARING mE aPART

  24. I am more interested in the book than I am the movie. I get tired of Hollywood personalities pretty easily, always thinking that what they do is something unique and wonderful.

  25. I did NAAWWWWT

  26. I saw disaster artist while in a flight but I liked it

  27. Basically what Pewds wants to say is he desperately wanted to be a part of THE ROOM XD

  28. I did not hit her
    It's not true
    It's bullshit
    I did not hit her
    I did not..

  29. I love how invested you are in this movie xD!

  30. Best video I’ve ever seen from you. I just went through a lot of changes in my life. There’s a saying from a show called True Detectice. Rust says “time is a flat circle.”

    Everything comes full circle & hopefully we all get closure in life. I really liked this video Pewds

  31. Has a clockwork orange poster…..sick bloke

  32. Movie 👏 Review 👏


  34. Im an artist but pewdiepie is a

    Disaster artist

  35. Yea i cried when luke found out his father was doc. vater….

  36. I think Felix genuinely likes the room and has watched it so many times that he has come to a point where he thinks it a genuinely good movie

  37. One of the cast (Robyn Paris) did a mockumentary about what happened to everyone after The Room and all the cast (except Tommy and Greg) were in it. It was great and funny.

  38. 😂😂😂

  39. oopsies you made a movie how nice 1:33

  40. Did you know?
    Tommy owned a jeans shop.

  41. Greg was actually the one who told Tommy he should make a movie


  43. He hates avengers but loves the room. Must be weird being billion millionaire

  44. Konten-konten yang tidak cocok untuk anak dibawah umur . . .

  45. A WISEAU FILM starring Tommy Wiseau, written by Tommy Wiseau, music (very nice piano) by Tommy Wiseau ..
    LIsa is beautiful, . Oh ..Hello Mark. SO BAD it like watching the Televised Cuban executions video. WHAM Ladies and gentlemen BLOOD at NOON! brought to you by Che Guevara

  46. Why does everyone say vice versa wrong

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