The Degenerate Drawing Jianghu Season1-Episode 53 【The official version】

The Degenerate Drawing Jianghu Season1-Episode 53 【The official version】

This is the palace. Why are you so quiet? air of gloominess Not even a patrol Feeding Zhu Youxi will not ambush with us. Zhu Youwei is a sinister and cunning person But he is arrogant Very confident about your strength Should not do this kind of villain Black lacquered enamel is also invisible It seems like no one inside. He is Zhu Wen Ok What happened here? Sister, look at you. Who are these two? The man is Zhu Wenwen, the second son of Zhu Wen. The woman is Zhu Youxi’s wife, Zhang. died Oh, it’s disgusting. How long has he died? More than six hours Dignified Emperor Zhu Wenliang It’s so unclear to die here. What exactly is going on An assassin catches an assassin Bad, we are fooled. Isn’t it a bunch of soldiers? Teacher, let’s kill Cher The skill of the Emperor Zhu Youxi is the big heaven You can be careful You are the son of Zhaozong Li Wei, Li Xingyun. And you are the son of Zhu Wen, the son of the thief Zhu Wen. 嘿嘿嘿 Li Xingyun You dare to sneak into the palace to stab my father I want to break you down. Revenge for his old man You freak wants to plant a blame Are you still tender? No guessing Your head It’s your rebellious and unfilial animal. Let’s take it off. I have seen you in your tricks. Hahahaha See through and see through Who told me that this seat is enough for the old ghost? But I don’t want to carry the crime of my uncle’s father. So you thought of me. Yes, everyone in the world knows You hate our father and son hate to die If I declare to the world You assassinated my beloved wife. You assassinated my dear brother. You assassinated my beloved father The people all over the world will not Have any doubts what about you Then change It’s because the rescue is late Had to kill me to vent my anger Loyalty loyalty to revenge for the father Then logically boarded the throne What a perfect plan? correct So now, you are already the emperor of the beam. Hahahaha I am not in the mood to hear you being here. Hurry up and release Ji Ruxue Humph How can you qualify to talk to me about conditions? Wen Hao took off his Longquan sword Warm you Don’t move If you dare to move me, I will scratch the face of this female doll. Under the guise of the mission Acquire Longquan to deliver to Emperor Um, it’s really hard for you. Wen Wei Ok, wow you. How dare you betray bad people? Betrayal Hahahaha You thought I didn’t know his true identity. You thought he would go allegiance to that. Bad person who was dismissed thirty years ago Tell you As early as ten years ago Wen Hao took the initiative to return to me. Understand that he actively approached me All from your inspiration But one thing I always can’t understand Since Wen Yu has already returned to Xuan Ming Then why should he provoke? Impermanence and arrogance This is all from my inspiration I thought that black and white is impermanent. After the small heaven master Can kill you and win the Longquan sword But things have evolved to later After all, the scorpion I didn’t expect you to actually turn around. Kill black and white impermanence But fortunately Wen Yu is by this matter Also achieved your trust in these idiots So he can bring you here. Finally, I got Longquan Sword for me. Shangguan Yunxiao, you and me teamed up to deal with Zhu Youzhen Otherwise, the skill of his big heaven We simply can’t win What are you doing nebula Are you saying that we fight side by side? Well I finally waited for you to say this. What do you say by me? You don’t have to say nebula I understand all your heart. As long as you can fight with you Even if you let me go to the Jade Emperor I have no words in Shangguan Yunxiao. Others? Fast speed There are such masters in the middle heaven. but You are still too slow Humph In the eyes of a big master The middle and the small stars are no different. Arrogant Then, how can you try my martial arts in this small heaven? Don’t you are not an opponent Li Gongzi Teacher Even the sissy girl in the middle Are not my opponents Your little waste will dare to come up and die. This is the legend Can Huayang needle method that can eliminate internal forces? interesting Interesting is still behind But with your skill I don’t think it’s possible to meet me. How to use this skill? Based on your ability Also, I’m arrogant in the face of blasphemy. what Hahahaha What Li Tang royal family descendants But there is no one in life. Poor insects I don’t even know if I was sold by myself. It’s really a joke Now you or you guys Who still has what? Don’t say I won’t give you a chance. If you have any, just let it out. Don’t leave regrets before you die. Ah hahahaha Ha ha Do you think that you are in the mystery Is it only a bad person who is undercover? what You listened well. I am the emperor of Taizong Emperor Li Shimin. Li Xingyun, son of Zhaozong Emperor Li Wei Datang bad people give me a stand out Hi Long live Long live Long live Chen and other unscrupulous people see His Highness Bad people see the laying down See under the high Look at the current situation You really became a lonely man. you Do you think that a bunch of miscellaneous soldiers can make a comeback? You think that I will be afraid of the skill of my big heaven. These rabble You are in my eyes It’s not worth mentioning But the bad guys Actually, I have done it in my mystery. So many years of small movements And I have been kept in the dark This is really irritating. Meng Po Kill all of these people for me. Emperor of the Ming Dynasty, please forgive me. what did you say Meng Po, you are also a bad person.

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