The Bumble Nums Make Sneaky Snap Pea Casserole | Ninja Cartoon

The Bumble Nums Make Sneaky Snap Pea Casserole | Ninja Cartoon

(xylophone music) (upbeat theme song music) – [Announcer] The Bumble Nums. Tonight the Bumble Nums are going to make sneaky snap pea casserole. But what’s the secret ingredient? Eight sneaky snap peas. (peaceful music)
(owl hoots) The Bumble Nums are on a secret mission to find eight sneaky
snap peas in the garden. Are you ready, Grumble? – Yum! – [Announcer] How about you, Humble? – Yah. – [Announcer] And you, Stumble? Stumble! (whooshes) (thuds) – Yum! (flute slides) (whirrs) – [Announcer] The sneaky snap
peas are hiding, Bumble Nums. – [All] Yum! – [Announcer] Go find them! – [All] Yum. (boings) (bass drum beats) – [Announcer] One, two. (blasts) (suspenseful music) Three, four. (whirrs) – Yum. (energetic music) (whooshes) (whooshes) (flute slides) (whirrs) (blade crashes) – [Announcer] Five, six, seven. You just need one more sneaky snap pea. (suspenseful music) (whooshes) (scuffles) (thuds) – Yum? – [Both] Yum, yum. – [Announcer] Eight. You snagged all the sneaky
snap peas, Bumble Nums. Let’s get these sneaky snap
peas back to the kitchen. – [All] Yum! (playful music) (flute slides) (flute sound) (playful music)
(running footsteps) (whirrs) – [Announcer] You made it, Bumble Nums. Do you have all eight sneaky snap peas? (harpsichord music) Snappy! (laughs) Now that we have the secret ingredient to make our sneaky snap pea casserole, it’s time for the cooking countdown! (energetic music) 10. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two. One! Bumble Nums, you’ve done it again. (chewing) Now take a bite of your
sneaky snap pea casserole. – Yum, yum. – Yum, yum, yum, yum. – Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum. – [Announcer] How does
it taste, Bumble Nums? – [All] Yum! (suspenseful music) (blasts) (theme song music) (baby laughs)

24 thoughts on “The Bumble Nums Make Sneaky Snap Pea Casserole | Ninja Cartoon

  1. Thank God a new episode! I couldn't stand watching HUNDRED TIMES the same episodes anymore.

  2. My 2 year old loves the Bumble Nums! It's his favorite along with Carl's Carwash. Thank you for the enjoyment and good memories that you bring us Super Simple Songs =)

  3. Now I know what to do with all the snap peas we have!

  4. It's like the Sneaky Snap Peas are playing "Spot the Sneak".

  5. So cute♡♡♡♡♡

  6. Ninja

  7. This is my brothers favorite video yet

  8. Plij

  9. You

  10. szdRssz

  11. ive been waiting for a new bumble nums ep.! thank u for fulling mah wish!

  12. Free

  13. M wqqqqi

  14. The Bumble Nums Is Best

  15. Can you make Ooey-Gooey honey Cake?
    Or Sour-Power lemonade?

  16. Oort boogie slimey stuff is cool yucky snap bees are yucks

  17. H

  18. We need these naruto runners at Area 51

  19. Hyped

  20. My son absolutely loves the this show

  21. Let’s make it in Spanish!

  22. Ugg

  23. My baby brother loves it ❤️

  24. Nice. Cartoon

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