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  2. Yeet

  3. thanks so much for these free lessons James! unfortunately, i am very stupid and only take in the knowledge instead of practicing my craft along with your videos thus defeating the purpose of why i watch your channel in the first place… HA

  4. Great video! I'm trying to improve my own art on my channel with your help!

  5. Thank you! Extremely informative

  6. Thank you sir

  7. love ya

  8. Yeet

  9. WAAAAAW, free content

  10. I LOVE U DUDE <3 U'R SO FRAKING AWESOME, i'm learning so mutch with ur videos

  11. your form is amazing. Pleasure to watch

  12. Just in time for Inktober

  13. I bought the gum road tutorials and have to say they’re more than worth the money I paid. Only $15 I think.
    The paid tutorials (gumroad) and the free content James puts on YouTube is incredibly helpful. They benefit beginners and working artists like myself. Being self taught these tutorials have helped fill in the spots that I missed while getting to where I am now. Highly recommend them to all of you no matter your current skill level.

  14. Man, this video came just in time. I've been practicing drawing textures on top of objects according to lessons from Draw a Box and Peter Han, and I was just about read to hurl my pen out the window. Thanks James.

  15. Its really helpful to get a tutorial for line rendering materials like glass or metal, most other texture tutorials emphasis observation but neglect to elaborate on the form of the texture itself . Thanks James!

  16. These video is really helpful.

  17. I'm super happy you're on youtube man and are being featured in other channels like Proko. Thanks again for constantly growing!

  18. This is one of the best videos I've ever watched, thank you so much for sharing!

  19. Thank you so much for this! Your tutorials are very helpful!

  20. Where has your channel been all my life? Subbed.

  21. Sooo good! Thanks a lot

  22. A bit off topic but could you do a video on how to draw guns? I just can NOT comprehend the level of detail with them. Does perspective play a huge role in them since they're practically box shaped? Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

  23. :O Textures part was amazing

  24. Thanks a lot for your great video! The cube exercise is very useful, will try it when practicng light and texture.

  25. Thank you, this is so useful!

  26. Extremely helpful!

  27. When you get a new graphic card just to play minecraft.

  28. This is great stuff. Will you be doing a full tutorial on this on your gumroad, including more materials like rocks/mountains? Also, could you do a tutorial (gumroad) on Proportions. That's the biggest struggle as a beginning artist. Thank you so much.

  29. Thank you James, this is perfect!

  30. Amazing. A more in depth gumroad tutorial on this subject would be awesome! I'm curious to see you do other materials and textures like shrubs, rocks and mountains.

  31. Thanks! 😽

  32. God timing for Inktober ^^

  33. Nice video! can you do one on arm's, forearms, or hands?

  34. Very clever technique, I'll comment here if I try it out! Thanks.

  35. This came in perfect timing for me, as I'm struggling with texture lately, thanks for your work!

  36. thanks James

  37. ill definitely be watching this a couple hundred times lmao

  38. Super helpful video on breaking studies down in this way. Clean delivery too. Thank you

  39. James, this is incredible! Thank you so much! I have not found anyone who puts out good tutorials on texture. Keep up the great work!

  40. Very useful video! Thanks a lot for the tutorial 🙂

  41. Great tutorial(s)! =)

  42. I wonder if you made a video about how to tranform from a black and white to color. My piece value was okay in b/w, but i losed the value once i put color on it.

  43. Thank's a lot for your vidéo !

  44. You are like Will Weston in the making with your teaching skills.

  45. thankyou for making this, the breakdown was something that helped me a lot

  46. Hey James

    Can you make a video on how to study and improve? So tired of drawing for 2-3 hours and feeling nothing really substancial got caught in my brain.

    Thanks for all the content

  47. love the free shared knowledge… valuable lesson

  48. This tutorial was really usefull, but I still have trouble with how shapes transform at different angles…Do you have any other sources or tutorials that specificly tackle that subject? I'm afraid I'm not able to purcharse your gumroad tutorials but I would like to be able to practise more with your youtube ones!

  49. This is pretty great!

  50. Amazing tutorial. Thank you!

  51. So good video love it. More plz

  52. dude your a master

  53. Nice work! Looking forward to see more 🙂

  54. Hey James thank you for the information. Do you reference scott robertson in some of your videos?

  55. That iguana meat cube was mildly disturbing but the video itself was awesomely helpful and insightful! I'm looking forward to more of these kinds of videos!

  56. 好学习谢谢

  57. James, you're a saint and a scholar

  58. wow, that's a great video!

  59. Hey, James, a friend of mine likes your videos a lot, but she doesn't speak english. Could you allow us to submit subtitles in other languages so your international viewers can undertand your videos?

  60. Me ha encantado. Gracias.

  61. Really cool stuff in this one! I wonder whats the music in the background ?

  62. Very helpful. Thanks a lot, James!

  63. this was muy gangster

  64. may i have aal of your tutorials in one website? it seems gumroad is not complete, and i have to have another account in patreon too, yes? i need to know where is all your courses i dont want to miss anything.

  65. This was great! Please keep up the great lessons

  66. Obrigado a vc BR que traduziu esse vídeo e nao deixou nem o seu nome pra ganhar algum mérito….. thanks!!

  67. What is your class name on skillshare? Unable to find it :/

  68. hi james you r really have something special your ability and your age dose not match that is mean you r not just very gifted but also very hard worker i am very very very impressed

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