this is not challenged a lot of people have requested I try so I'm gonna go I don't mean to sound cocky but I'm pretty confident if there's not challenge I can take to the extreme I'm gonna do that and if there's any I'm good at it's doing smooth being small wait that's not what I mean good allies and gentlemen welcome to draw with Jasso i'm jazz' and today i'm going to try the teeny-weeny art challenge which is a challenge and term coined by casey golden and youtuber who did this challenge with her OC it looked like so much fun and a lot of people have asked that I give it a go and I thought you know what this is definitely one I want to try so I'm gonna get in on that today basically how it works is I have here a normal piece of paper and if you measure the piece of paper you can see on the short length it's about 21 centimeters and on the long length it's about 29 point something or 30 centimeters so the weight of the teeny-weenie our challenge works is you create an illustration first on this normal piece of paper and then next on a piece of paper half the size so the next stage in the teeny-weeny art challenge would be this piece of paper and the process continues so that's the second illustration and then the third illustration as you might guess is on a piece of paper half that size the fourth is on a piece of paper half of that size the fifth is on a piece of paper half that size and so on and so forth the first piece of paper is gonna be level one so I'm just gonna take this original piece of paper and write the number one in the top right corner there you go number one we're just gonna mark all of these ahead of time just so you can see if I time-lapse this where I'm up to so the next piece of paper is level two level three you can see we're up to level five now and already this is gonna be quite the challenge now I'm confident that at level five I should be doing pretty all right but I think level six is where things are gonna start to get really interesting so interesting in fact that I actually can't draw a circle around the number anymore I'm at level seven and I'm just gonna do a little seven and we have level eight oh my goodness level nine that's so small I can't even position them now the question is can I even make it to level ten I'm good I'm gonna write oh look I can't even hold of silk there you go there's ten so you've got one through ten here and just for funsies we're gonna have an 11 this is 12 they can use that that's just 12 except the paper comes up with my finger when I lift my finger my heart racing that's intense look at that sorry I'm going to create an illustration on page number 1 and try and get as higher level as I can I predict I'm gonna get to level 8 that's my prediction but I'm curious on your prediction I'll leave a poll in the card you vote on where you think I'll get up to and it looked like a reasonable picture so I'm gonna stack these pieces of paper on one another put them off to my side and I'll get to them one by one but we're gonna start off with paper and level 1 so as you'd expect it started off by not really being much of a challenge I just did some construction lines and drew a picture of my avatar Jazza character in a very happy pose folded a subscribe of my mental state in beginning this exercise it would be sort of akin to if you've ever done the fitness beep test where essentially you run up and back in time with beeps that get incrementally faster you tend to start off by thinking here this ain't so bad and then about three or four laps in you start to think okay this is this is getting hard this is good oh my god there's a kick stop slow down yeah I guess what I'm trying to say is I started off feeling pretty good about it it was working in piece number four where things started to feel like they were changing a little bit it wasn't yet a challenge but my drawing process was slowly adapting I was sketching much lighter so I didn't build up too much darkness and thickness too quickly which I started to notice what's happening easier and easier and I also started to change the pen sizes I was working with previously I was working with a point to fine liner and a Sharpie outline but from level four I started work with eight point one fine liner and 8.5 for the outlines it was level six that things started to officially become challenging specifically when it came to drawing the facial expression keeping the proportions really clean and cohesive across the various illustrations and making a character illustration that was overall appealing you can see the face starts to bear a little unintentional asymmetry which is one of the benefits of going around with a thicker outline at the end you can sort of shift things around a little bit to repair a bit of that but as you can see with the misshapen eyes and a few other a symmetrical aspects of the character this I knew was bound to be where the biggest challenge would come into play for the rest of the teeny-tiny art pieces on top of that that's something I realized that you may have started notice now is as we get smaller and my camera moves in closer you get a nice HD view of my fingernail biting habits I apologize for that it's a habit I'm trying to quit and I've had all of my life as far as I can remember and have occasionally is successfully quit and also they had many relapses so yes we're talking about my personal character flaws and and addictions now it's got intimate but also for people who feel like leaving wonderfully kind comment about how thick and stumpy my fingers are it's not my fault it's genetics my dad's a builder my granddad was a builder my great granddad was a builder so I've build his hands big builders sausage fingers damn it look at me at level 8 and still rocking it even though I have big sausage fingers I guess that shows you can still live your dreams and then accomplish things you set your mind to even if the hand you try and do it with is stumpy and chubby it's not the size that counts it's how you use it so now we've arrived to level 9 and this is where things get pretty difficult specifically so tricky and hard to draw on that I can't even hold the paper still with my fingers or hand anymore I have to use a pair of tweezers by this stage all of my line work is drawn with a point zero three fineliner and as I mentioned before maintaining the proportions and having some sort of readable facial expression and consistency in the proportions and design is the most difficult thing to maintain but we're not done here oh no I've I've graduated to level 10 and while things remain extremely difficult and getting less aesthetically pleasing I'm a stubborn guy and I'm gonna push through as far as I can no just cuz I'm stubborn doesn't mean I'm successful I'll own that so I'm gonna put another poll in the cards and I'm just gonna let you guys vote to say where you think I successfully completed the challenge up to because as you can see I'm working here on level 11 and then I finish off of course at level 12 but that doesn't mean that you know level 12 was a success so let me know how I did go vote in the cards if you think my level 12 is a success let me know but if you've thought I only succeeded back – I don't know level 9 and let your vote speak for what you think but as you can see working on these pieces were so difficult even just keeping the paper still at times it would just bounce around and jump out of my hand or out of the tweezers because the piece was so small and hard to work with so to keep that in mind when you have some sympathy for me so ladies and gentlemen we have arrived to the conclusion of the teeny-weeny art challenge I've enjoyed doing this it was definitely a challenge so let's go through all of these pieces and put them next to each other and see how we did so this is piece number one on a regular a four piece of copy blending card number two's still pretty easy and to be honest for a character this simple was probably the most straightforward and enjoyable to be honest number one almost felt like I had too much room and then it didn't feel as meeting and proportioned as number two did something I realized after drawing the avatar at level two was that the expression was a little bit different and I thought it might actually be a bit of fun if the expression changed in every piece sort of I guess expressing how I felt about whatever level I was at so level three still pretty happy with it not too much of a challenge but you know obviously not as easygoing as exciting as another one in two and then we move on to number four things are getting somewhat more challenging but we're still doing all right so I'm going to move all of these fellas across over here just so we have room for the rest of the pieces next we have number five this is where things did genuinely start to become a bit more of a challenge number six getting a bit more difficult you can see in comparison to my hand or let's say a Copic marker if I put this in here for scale I started to get a little bit difficult to color in in particular because the brush tip is quite large compared to the piece of paper that I was drawing on and it only gets more exciting from there because number seven is where I started to really sort of struggle a bit well I thought that was hard that was nothing compared to eight and Beyond so much so that I did struggle to hold the paper still and even now have to move it around with a pair of tweezers to properly place and move them around so number eight you could see that my avatar is also putting in quite a bit of effort in this piece but that wasn't the end because we did graduate to level nine and that was even more intense level nine was the last layer that I had a thicker outline around the whole character because from that point onward that would have just added too much mess at level 10 when the whole thing was drawn with a point zero three fineliner and holding the whole thing still was difficult but I wasn't about to give up because I got through two more levels at level 11 oh my goodness I can't even put these things down without them flicking and falling all over the place and then last but not least level 12 I think going beyond level twelve would have resulted in just a little black stick figure silhouette looking thing keep in mind I still colored in level twelve and and look at me look at the tip compared to the piece of paper this was a lot of fun and definitely a real challenge and of course I'm going to give credit once again to KC golden for coming up with this challenge I put a link in the description to her video if you enjoyed this video and you enjoy various sized based challenges you'll enjoy the opposite of this challenge so you can check out that video with the link in the card and in the description where I only used three Copic wide markers on an a.1 piece of paper to make something cool and epic otherwise make sure to leave a like for this video and subscribe to draw with jazz or if you want to have more fun with art three times a week thank you so much for watching ladies and gentlemen and until next time I'll see you later make sure to subscribe to my channel to see more of my videos and while you're at it check out my shop where I sell ebooks brushes photo references video courses and more there's another video you might enjoy from my channel over there and you can also check out my behind-the-scenes daily vlog channel daily Jazza that's it for now and until next time I'll see you later


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