Team USA’s Revolutionary Robot Artistic Swimming Routine | Water Figures

Team USA’s Revolutionary Robot Artistic Swimming Routine | Water Figures

I think it’s great because everything is set up like the World Champs, so it’s perfect for us as a training and also to handle the pressure. They come from a period that USA was not quite there and now everybody is watching USA, everybody is excited about what we are doing and they feel it. We really want to show that we are not just doing another synchro program, synchro routine, we really want to bring some art to the sport. For us, the first entrance is the first impression, and we want people to see that we are doing things differently than usual. This is Jimmy, he is our team mascot. He has a gold medal and then in his backpack, we have all our corrections, stuff and our goals, so we take him everywhere. They are so ready that they are going to kill everyone here. The pressure is definitely there, this is the best of the best. We are in this together. Success is about attitude, they want to see happiness, they want to see people who is fighting for it. Brave, brave, brave. Show who you are, here. Best country in the world in everything. In synchro also. I know you got it, I know it. And if not at least, be proud of yourself. USA! USA! USA! No fear. It’s so nice to see an opportunity for your dream to come true, and we are so willing and hungry for it. I was a little bit nervous. I couldn’t believe it. It was a very solid swim after only four months of choreographing, a crazy routine. Very new, very original. I have received a lot of good feedback. Everybody is amazed with our routines. I think it is very original, it’s very Andrea. They have a chance to be at Tokyo 2020. Andrea is a very experienced swimmer and coach, she knows what it takes to fight until the last moment to be there. Her energy is going to help them to reach that goal. I’ve seen very original movements, very well worked with the music. Somebody movements and the choreography were very typical of Andrea. I really liked it. When I see them swim I think of Andrea. I can really imagine Andrea moving like that. Her choreography is something I think some people maybe thought of, but nobody had the guts to really put it in the competitive routines. I think the coach will never be completely satisfied. I’m happy with their attitude, the performance, I’m not happy with the physical conditioning that they showed. I know as a coach my expectations are constantly really high so it’s difficult to please me. But I think we have done a great step in this competition in Barcelona. I mean, why not? We know that we are not going to be the number one in the world, at least right now. So why not bring something new? Why not do something different? Why not make everybody in the pool stop and want to watch? We’re going to break all rules in this sport and one day we are going to change it.

16 thoughts on “Team USA’s Revolutionary Robot Artistic Swimming Routine | Water Figures

  1. Good luck in Tokyo 2020 Olympic Summer Games team USA!

  2. "Best country in the world. In Synchro also." That's an overstatement.

  3. Wanna see Russia and USA so bad

  4. Would've great to see the routine whole.

  5. And i can't even swim

  6. Artistic synchronized swimming

  7. Awsome

  8. where can I watch the 100free semi final (Universiade swim)? your website says that it is there in day 5 but when you click it, the replay starts from the women's 100 fly.

  9. What an introduction… And this channel can't even load Russia's Full Gold Performance from OG-2008. I had to laugh.

  10. Coach doesn't sound very American

  11. Artistry in sport will always be a Russian domain.

  12. Their routine is sooo cool, good luck team USA!!

  13. Stop

  14. Ahahaahah….still no chance for Team Russia…


  16. Any idea of where can I find the whole routine, please?? Thank you!!

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