Tapping Into the Source of Creativity

Tapping Into the Source of Creativity

5 thoughts on “Tapping Into the Source of Creativity

  1. Hi there … Can this video be reloaded? Rinpoche's voice slows drastically at the 2:25 mark. Thanks very much,

  2. Can't hear him!

  3. Love to hear more yet the sounds stops half way through

  4. Unique and perfect require no adverbs as unique/perfect stand alone as the ultimate.

  5. This is a personal favorite topic and my new favorite Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche webcast. (He's really funny here too! I missed it live and happy to have the recording.) Today, I'm especially glad for the final question regarding a seemingly insurmountable institutional or corporate barrier. Also, I had no problem with the sound – it did drop off briefly in the beginning but wasn't a great distraction (maybe because I was warned by the comments or maybe it has been fixed).

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