Takashi Murakami on Jellyfish Eyes, Nuclear Monsters, and Artistic Influences

Takashi Murakami on Jellyfish Eyes, Nuclear Monsters, and Artistic Influences

38 thoughts on “Takashi Murakami on Jellyfish Eyes, Nuclear Monsters, and Artistic Influences

  1. The song at 3:03 is Last Night Good Night with hatsune miku

  2. this guy made kanye west graduation album's art cover



  5. O.G.

  6. awesome audio. I love cranking my speakers, youtube window, AND motherboard volume up!

  7. From Kanye's album art and LV patterns to weird-ass cartoons… Murakami is someone everyone in the art community should know. Thanks VICE, always shakin it down proper.

  8. Absolutely beautiful. His art work is soo unique. One of a kind.

  9. less time filming the artist and more time filming the art please. this has always been a problem with you guys. It might be a creative choice but the art itself is sometimes better than the explanation.

  10. what exactly is your contribution sir? Stop bitching about free content. Your whole Youtube page sucks balls

  11. whoa and wow!!very hard to explain what he does..

  12. COOL

  13. 3:45 The children are moving around in the temple, in the school?

  14. OK Takashi Murakami you're artist number 7952 that has used my style & ideas for you own fame . . . soon Karma will catch up to you unless you get me a creative art job!

  15. Ohh , very cool channel. Its good for me find this kind of stuff because you can learn about this artists. Regards


  16. Added to MakerFlix (dot) com!!!

  17. 'In a temple and a school' is what it sounds like more. At least it makes sense more to me that way.

  18. four at a time 🙂


  20. I've always LOVED "his" Art. Yet I don't consider it his Art because other people make it for him.

  21. this guy knows.

  22. really interesting !

  23. Jellyfish Eyes coming to Blu-ray thanks to the Criterion Collection. (December 8th 2015)

  24. I've had the pleasure to see his work in person on multiple occasions and I've always loved his art.

  25. what is the song that starts at the 1 min 35 sec mark?
    does anyone know??


  27. The pictures in this video don't do him justice. His work is so much more vibrant and tactile. This was a sweet little presentation, though. 🙂

  28. just so you know , the strenght you might see in other countries is illusion….the only strength we find is through our God our creator and through Love the rest is ego and power games which only lead to distruction. Love is more powerful then bullying capitalist lies. Individuality which is seen in usa media and western media is also quite fake if you go deep into it. Because people are much more conditionned then they show….the japanese just show the truth because they are not as calculating. They are the types that are gestural and have lost confidence in their true spirit£……but my friend the true nation is the nation of GOD, the God of Abraham, the God of Noah, the God of David, The God Jesus Christ talked about. I like your art work it s deep philosophical voyage.lllllllllllll

  29. Just seen his exposition at Fondation Louis Vuitton Paris. This is the modern art that makes me happy.

  30. Gente eu estudei coisa de desse japonês murakami

  31. Nuke Japan again

  32. maniacal art indeed

  33. Wow hes still young before he blew up

  34. Beautiful personality

  35. 1:42 i thought it was a small replica

  36. mediocrity…snooze

  37. About Billie…

  38. Good collaboration with Billie, ur awesome.

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